Canada votes to affirm Emergency Powers

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  1. Don't worry, everyone knows governments only use newly granted powers for as little time as absolutely possible before rolling things back. /s

  2. This is a preventive measure, similar to the cage around the Capitol. They know things will get really messy soon because we -the people- will no longer accept the tyranny. Inflation, Supply Chain crisis, Goverment think the manufactured Covid crisis for 2 years is bad? We are only getting started. They are preparing for the worst.

  3. Well, it looks like your country is undergoing what is known in the investing world as a "buy-out," where greedy parasites leverage their wealth to buy up controlling stake in a company, bleed it dry, sabotage it, and then head for the door.

  4. Under threat of snap elections, a majority of the parliament voted to affirm Trudeau's Emergency Powers with include such powers as:

  5. The emergency provisions of the Constitution can be promulgated by the Cabinet on the advice of the Prime Minister. But the execution of the act has to be approved by the Parliament with a simple majority within 30 days from the day of promulgation without which the emergency act cease to work. Now that the promulgation of the act is passed by the parliament, it would probably go on for six months if the Parliament does not convene again to revoke it before its automatic expiry in 6 months.

  6. Real politics is very very boring. Canada’s capital is not its separate jurisdiction. It is located in the province of Ontario which has the administrative headquarters in Toronto. That means that all the police in the capital is under provincial control, not federal. The province did not rush with cleaning up the protesting camps and the federal government buildings were under siege. For the Federal government to do any police control in the province, there have to be emergency policies in place. The federal government can’t just intervene in provinces at will. On top of that, the Ontario police is still under heavy scrutiny from the 2010 G20 protest retaliations when they were brutal to the protestors and had to pay lots of damages (that was under conservative ruling). Also, the prime minister is ruling under a minority with the help of the NDP which (at this point) has to agree with Trudeau or a vote of non confidence will be called and election will take place and they will lose everything. Protests still happen in many Canadian cities almost every weekend. People can protest freely, they just can’t setup camp anywhere for weeks.

  7. Makes me wonder what the fuck will be tried here before the midterms because of how fucked the dems know they are.

  8. Uhm B.C lady here. I’m gonna wait to see if this happens in America first. My only hope is your red states but a state can turn blue quickly. In a very short time there could be nowhere to go. This is a major problem

  9. That already went in affect when they got us addicted to social media and then cancel you because of their TOS. It also went into affect when certain search engines dominate what you see.

  10. I think the WEF has realized they can do whatever they want in Canada and get away with it....rug pull might not even be needed thanks to the herd of Canadian sheep who will continue to vote for Trudeau regardless how tyrannical he gets or how bad the economy or housing crisis gets.

  11. Two years ago, when we were told this was 15 days to flatten the curve, I couldn't believe we had people stupid enough to think we'd see meaningful differences in 15 days, and I thought everyone would realize how stupid they were a month later.

  12. This is such a bad day for the Constitutional Republic around the world. There are checks and Balances given by the Constitution to stop the Executive from becoming tyrannical. But the Legislative fails to do it despite having the power to do so. The reason for promulgation of emergency act by the Canadian Government would go down in the history as the most awkward reason to do so. Emergency act in my country cannot be used until there is an external threat or aggression. But where was the threat in Canada? Those truckers have the right to pretest and assemble peacefully. What we are seeing in Canada is purely unconstitutional and the people of Canada should make sure this overarching use of power by the current government is reflected on the next parliamentary election.

  13. I wonder how this will all be written in the history books.. if that’s even a thing anymore. Will people look back and just read the CBC articles. Peaceful protesters portrayed as aggressive terrorists… this is pure evil

  14. And not a peep about this on the regular reddit subs. The news cycle is inundated by Russia/Ukraine news.

  15. Here it comes. Protect your $$$ the same tactics that were proven effective today in Chinanada are heading south. Keep your money close. They have proven effective to the north in deep western territory and if they deem your funds donated yesterday illegal today you will be broke tomorrow. Touch your money.

  16. I keep stacking, and plan to do that with tax refunds.. but where I’m located, NO ONE is taking cash. It’s almost as if I would have to deposit cash daily just to spend it.

  17. Palpatine: “It is with great reluctance that I have agreed to this calling. I love democracy. I love the Republic. Once this crisis has abated, I will lay down the powers you have given me.”

  18. I find it odd that the libs in parliament were worried about "outside influence" using GoFundMe to support "government subversion" but aren't worried about WEF doing the same thing.

  19. They just cut off her mic . . . but they can probably do anything under the state of emergency . . . maybe the conservatives should be summarily incarcerated for 6 months . . . it is an authority duly ratified by the majority.

  20. I was hoping she'd get it through but she spoke using Point of Order, which it was not. Using Robert's Rules of Order, this needs to be brought up during New Business so it'll have to wait until their next meeting on Monday.

  21. I'll probably be called a racist transphobe, but this is truly a dark day for western civilization. Are we really gonna fall? How can we be so stupid? This calls for a meeting at the inn, not dispatching the troops

  22. Honest question. The leader of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh, his brother donated like $12,000 to the truckers. Does that mean that he will get his accounts frozen too? I bet all the money in my accounts that won't happen.

  23. Theirs gotta be a reason why the Canadians are so hypnotized and brainwashed no way in hell would this happen other wise

  24. Canadians are not hypnotized at all, this is not representative governance. There was no popular referendum or polling on the declaration of emergency powers.

  25. Everyone's too nice to be selfish. " I wanna be a hero, I gotta protect everyone else". When your stereotype is being nice, and the elites preying on them being gullible, it's easy to brainwash them all

  26. I am seriously considering this offer. I've also heard Mexico is accepting Canadian refugees. Never thought I'd put those 2 words together.

  27. The nation did not vote. Canadians did not vote. The politicians in power did. They represent themselves not everyone.

  28. I'm shocked it went through, especially since the "scary emergency" was apparently the trucks and street party going on in Ottawa. Well, they got rid of the trucks, didn't they? I don't understand what the emergency is.

  29. I think the key word here is cheapest. If some high ranking gov official owned stock in a company that made mRNA particles it would make him lots of money for everyone to get a shot. And getting these shots means you will get more shots. I think the real emergency is the coup taking place in parliament.

  30. All those sell outs, can't even grow a conscious. Our freedoms take another toll my fellow Canadians. May God have mercy on us.

  31. You gotta love how 99% of he "YEA" votes are done electronically, while the "NAY" are in person. They avoid public debates as much as possible. These are the people in power.

  32. I mean its easy when Klaus brags about having more than 60% of the canadian cabinet with their WEF Young Global Leaders group.

  33. The freedom convey has earned a lot of respect. They stayed peaceful the whole time Trudy picked them apart. The problem though this war don’t care about people it’s meant to destroy all of our ways of life. It’s all chips in. The only way to make them see is with blood IMO. And all of us common people will take most if the pain and suffering. It will be coming to us in US but will not go like Trudy got it.

  34. The Freedom Convoy left everything on the field. If the rest of Canada can't see the tyranny they laid bare at their own expense, then so be it . . . your blood be on your own hands.

  35. If they dont reverse the act in a month as stated, it will be time for round 2. And I reckon it will be a little less peaceful

  36. Like Schwab said, over half of the cabinet of Canada, Germany, France and Argentina are compromised. Countries that are captured by a foreign group, meaning World Economic Forum, among many other cosmopolitan international mafias. Klaus literally said it word for word live, and if you repeat his words you get taken down for disinformation. Then you post the video itself, and they just take it down once more and says ”Nope, he did not say that. Disinformation” Aaand then you’re banned. The truth does not matter anymore. Instead, what the UN, WEF, the central banks and the international oligarchy says BECOMES the truth, even if it’s a pack of manipulative lies. They do not give a shit if you show them video, they just tell you to sit down, shut your mouth and obey.

  37. The toolset in the Emergency Act can let him do exactly that. There is nothing to stop this other than the whims of Justin Trudeau. What is worse, he could conscript Canadians to hold you down and vaxx you against your will.

  38. When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw. Nelson Mandela

  39. Hey the united states' voted in Biden after the strongest economy it's had in over 50 years , never underestimate a person's ability to vote against their own best interests.

  40. So does it mean that if I you’re in Canada and post anything online that you supports the truck convoy, there is likely chance that they will take away your assets? Am I understanding it properly?

  41. I'm honestly starting to wonder if I'm really as crazy as all the crazy people are saying I am. That's a really crazy thought to think that maybe I have been seeing this whole thing wrong the entire time.

  42. the only real "emergency" those corrupt criminal scumbags are experiencing is that their population, or at least a good sum of it, started to wake up and smell their scam... that is for such criminal a real emergency, they will try to oppress their citizens and use any totalitarian trick in the book to retain their illegal powers.

  43. Klaus Schwab owns all those politicians. He literally bragged about it. Having a few people that carry out the agenda of one man is not a Democracy. Canada has been infiltrated by foreigners that have taken over their government and declared war against Canadians.

  44. Funnily enough. The thunderous applause was whenever a nay was done. When this was passed, the boos and jeers were obvious lol.

  45. So... the protests have been "very small and unnoticeable" and made by a "very small minority" or where they extremely effective and are casuing a national emergency? Which one is it? 🤔

  46. So, I'm no political expert or anything... but at this point, I have to ask myself how much Canada as a whole lined themselves up for this sort of thing.

  47. Well we all know where this is headed. More protests, but if Australia showed anything is that they will no doubt resort to sonic weapons and microwaves to deal with their own citizens.

  48. Hong Kong had nearly 1 in 7 of the population protesting . . . yet China back government just steam rolled them. There is not much hope left in me for grass-roots solution.

  49. They voted to save their own positions in government. They are not for the people. Pure cowardice

  50. Canada didn't vote for anything...The tyrannical government voted for tyranny lol..Both Trudeau - Lib and Singh - NDP and of course their lackeys, who becasue of an open ballot not secret, voted for this..Even though we have a minority government, both Libs and NDP make up the majority and they have banned together. Just an FYI both Trudeau and Singh are alumni from Klaus Schwab's Young Global Leader

  51. That’s because dumbasses think they will be treated like kings for being okay with tyranny till the realize tyranny don’t give a fuck who ushered it in and it’s going to wreck the place.

  52. No. 2 party’s that are one and the same (liberal and NDP) have voted and won. There will be a great reset in Canadian politics next time around I can guarantee it.

  53. Didn’t I read today that they cleared all the truck and arrested everyone? The blockade or whatever is over and now they affirm this?

  54. Is it possible for the senate to actually reverse this and not approve it? It seems they are just a rubber stamp house. I found myself looking up the Canadian senate and I’m planning on reaching out to members to ask them to vote against this

  55. Well, yesterday somebody said that something big is gonna happen on February 22nd. And now, here it is....

  56. I guess they're continuing the oppression of seat belts, universal insurance, laws against intentionally assaulting each other and the many other vaccines that require boosters and aren't 100% preventative. Selective truth, selective reality

  57. Coming to america soon. I’ve become a nihilist during this pandamic.. I used to think people were generally smart and good natured and I still do believe that to an extent atleast on a local level.. but at the same time I don’t trust the population of any country. We are so easily swayed with propaganda on both sides of the political spectrum that we will quickly vote for the guy that isn’t on the other team and support the laws he passes cause it hurts the libs or conservatives. We are so brainwashed and so easily led around like a horse chasing a carrot that I’m starting to question if free will even exists for most of the population because they are doing whatever they are told.

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