You guys can feel reality unraveling too, right?

  1. I feel like time is passing faster than I’ve ever experienced it, but I’m also getting older so maybe it’s that, lol

  2. Johann hari writes about this in his latest book. Compare the information mediums and amounts people were consuming 50 years ago to now.

  3. The reason why time is feeling like it's moving faster is because the planets consciousness is being elevated from 3D, third dimension, to 4d/5d reality. Because time is an illusion, we are experiencing it moving "faster" when, in reality, there is no such thing as time. Time is not something that moves from left to right. Think of time more like a stack of papers, where every sheet of paper is a moment in time, but it's all (past, present and future) existing/happening at the same time. Each moment is a separate sheet of paper but all stacked together, happening in one cohesive moment. The more denser the reality, 3D, the more we experience time as something that moved from left to right. Because our planetary consciousness is increasing to a 4D/5D reality, we are perceiving "time" has moving faster when really all that is happening is that the illusion of time is being slowly removed.

  4. The older you get, the faster time perceives to pass. When you are 10 years old, 5 years is half your experience, which seems like a really long time. At 40, 5 years is 1/8 your experience.

  5. The theory is that time in your fractions of your life to that point. So, a summer as a kid could be 1/50th of your life by that point. When you’re 50, a summer could be 1/500th or whatever (not good with numbers). So, time seems to be speeding up as you age.

  6. Wow I just made a comment about that as well?! I thought it was an age thing as I’m in my late thirties but it’s hard to say

  7. As you get older time passes by faster. This is because the longer you are alive, the less time of your life is consumed by one year.

  8. I’ve been experiencing weird shit lately. I’ll think about something super specific that has nothing to do with anything going on and minutes (sometimes seconds) later someone will start talking about it or I’ll read it on a sign, a book or it’s mentioned on tv. Almost as if it’s scripted somehow. Could just be a weird coincidence, but it only used to happen occasionally and now it’s happening multiple times a day

  9. Yes, I will be on a post or thinking about it or another user, and I will get a notti or DM for it like a a minuet or even a few seconds later. yes 3-4 times a day, almost every other day. This is what was pushing me to make this post.

  10. it's probably because whatever factor originally caused you start thinking about something was also experienced by another person.

  11. Omfgggggg this has BEEN happening to me! I would think of someone random and haven’t spoken to in months or say their name out loud then BOOM they’re calling my phone or hours later I’ll run into them in the store or they’d text me randomly! Or I’d be thinking of something so odd then all of sudden it’s smack dead in my face seconds later! Or I’d be thinking about my dad hard and he’d call me and say the same exact thing! Or now this one may be a bit odd but this one still continues on even through death. When I was a child when I’d be sleep I could feel my mother getting closer to my room to wake me up for school. I didn’t hear or see her I could FEEL her so I’d jump up before she comes in the room. So my mother ended up passing when I was 12yo (25 now) and I still have that exact same feeling some nights which is scary but comforting too. It’s as if a looming presence is near me some nights but I don’t feel afraid I feel safe

  12. This has been happening to me too. Also I'll read an article or post and remember it, and then a few months later read the same news but it just happened... it might be a repost thing or maybe I'm losing it eep

  13. Honestly I felt a ton of synchronicites happen during 2020. Like so much so that I was convinced the purpose of the lockdowns and isolating people was to combat people having massive spiritual awakenings as a collective. But then in 2021the synchronicites just went full stop, nothing felt right, everything felt like purgatory. Then in very recent times the synchronicites seem like they are coming back :)

  14. The sim started showing itself in 2021. Now it has gotten even worse. Speaking of alt motives behind the lockdowns, I had a theory that the lockdowns were put in place to stop people from seeing all the glitches in the sim like buggy NPCs or messed up landscapes. Maybe the masks were to make making NPCs more believable(i.e not walking around with a half rendered face.)

  15. The v was what was used to stop the evolution of the mind and body in response to increased cosmic radiation we are being exposed to. Covid is what it is called when the body tries to adapt to this new and increasing cosmic energy level.

  16. I agree. 2020 made me start to pay more attention to the synchronicities, but 2021 was so bombarding with them it felt like I was the focus of a dark comedy series.

  17. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me I think part of this "feeling" is related to not having a clear path forward into the future. Just kind of feels like we're waiting for whenever they decide to pull the gulag trigger on the dissenters that are left, and move on with the Great Reset new world order. I mean they literally said on the news the other night that "restrictions are either over, or will be soon, and now we go into a phase where the government will reinstate these mandates as necessary." Meaning, once it's "over" we just wait a little while til they decide to tell everyone "stop what you're doing!!!" again. How anyone can have any hope of a stable life or personal success in this climate is beyond me.

  18. Yeah this is really interesting. Ive been reading all the comments and just decided to comment on yours, but I watched this 4 hour long documentary about the CIA studying techniques for mind control. Minds of Men if anyone wants to watch it. Most techniques they used that they considered successful resulted in neurosis of the people being controlled. (And this is long before any mass formation psychosis was talked about). So I was thinking that this pandemic and stuff leading up to it is their attempt at mass mind control, which is causing mass neurosis. And those that are not getting fully controlled still have a bit of the anxiety, and cognitive dissonance and this may be what we're experiencing. But yeah idk.

  19. Fuck that noise. Since waking up, I've butted heads with my friends on multiple occasions. It sucks because I care for and respect them, but I value truth. If I know better, I have to act accordingly, even if it sucks sometimes. But being true to myself and my values helps keep my conscience clean. Hang in there friendo, more and more people are waking up by the minute.

  20. It’s so crazy that one side can see one thing and the other side can see something totally different. That makes me worry that we are being gaslit so bad that NONE of us can discern reality very well anymore. I’m not sure but I’ve felt like something very bad is brewing under the surface for awhile now and that feeling is growing more intense as time goes by.

  21. We're approaching the Pluto return on 2/22/22 that may be knocking many of us sideways, and that energy has already begun with the veil being very thin. We really need to be protecting ourselves. Rome fell on a Pluto return and America was born on one.

  22. i feel like i’m losing a grip on reality more and more as every day goes on. it kind of feels like i’m going crazy but this experience just doesn’t feel real anymore

  23. I had been working the last year as a gas station manager since everything just went to shit for me. It’s an easy job with consistent and livable pay. I like to just take it easy, so it fit my lifestyle. I recently decided to better myself (again) and got a job working from home. It was going well, but then 2 weeks ago an ice storm took out my power and internet. Needless to say I lost my job because in the bureaucracy we live in, the power company who’s line ripped my meter off the wall won’t fix the meter.

  24. I don’t see shtf just popping off and everyone goes crazy. It think societies collapse slowly. Crime inches up every year. Infrastructure slowly fails, a bridge collapse here, electric grid goes down there. Life expectancy slowly declines. Human throughout history have responded well during disasters. They help their neighbors because for once everyone is suffering and equal. Looting is what they show on the news but that is mostly hungry people trying to get food. Some will loot but there’s always a few assholes.

  25. You are not going crazy and are finally understanding reality. The crazy ones are the sheep still asleep in their dreams.

  26. Yup. Seeing the same times on digital clocks every day. Sides have been taken , in my family, regarding the ya know… medical situation in the country right now….. Parents have disowned their children…. Mockery and ghosting by fully grown and educated adults who pride themselves on being “kind”. Nothing makes sense. Loosing jobs. Loosing money. Food so expensive. Fear of what is to come. Hard to sleep and a vibrating anxiety out of control medicine won’t touch the uncomfort from this we need to ride it out. Been sobbing even while writing in my I Am journal and my gratefulness journal. Old wounds are coming to the surface …. Acknowledge them. Time is going so fast, too fast. Canada…just, the stomping on that lady. Universal consciousness is real and people are hurting. It hurts and it sucks.

  27. Just wanna throw it out there that I too have found God recently and I feel it more now than I ever have. I don't think the end of the world is coming, but I do think times are about to be dark. This is also a really good video to expand on what the other guy mentioned, just to be able to help visualize things.

  28. I felt it just today. I was driving down the road, and felt light headed; a thought passed through my head, "You're not really here."

  29. Creepy. It happened to me today while driving today too. I keep thinking I died and left my old timeline and came to this weird one where nothing makes sense.

  30. But you are really here, you are the observer that witness this whole experience. The subjective you doesn't "exist". So I think you had some spiritual insight. You do exist and you matter, just remember that.

  31. Yo I just got instant chills when I read the your not really here part i had this same thought yesterday it randomly popped in my head when I was thinking about life and how my future might play out then again i tend to dismiss these things cause they just freak me out in General and I can't tell anyone about them IRL for obvious reasons

  32. Not going to lie I had something similar happen to me. All the sudden got really light headed and the thought that something was off all the sudden. Been having weird experiences waking up in the morning when my tv was on without programs and when I would blink I would see a checkered pattern only in the screen. Haven't been sleeping right this past week, waking up to weird ass smells, distortions that look like a mirror bending but still see through everything. All this only happened when waking up.

  33. I’ve said this for a while now, but since 2009-2010 I have felt a shift in the way the world “is”. Like up until that point things felt pretty consistent, and then shortly after Obama was elected the vibe began to change, and it has never been right since.

  34. Well, it was more 2021 then 2020 for me, but yes, you are not crazy as far as I know. And now that I think about it, yes, 2009-2010 there was a big energy change. That being said, the side effects started hitting me around 2014. Oh about the Obama thing, I remember some tv show made Satan look like Obama. Rubbing it in our faces maybe.

  35. i was not that politically interested back then so i could not say, but to me the most clear shift happened when Trump had announced running and started getting good polls, and all media in lockstep starting propaganda efforts against him like in some banana republic. This was also when internet giants started their unprecedented narrative control, reddit changed in months to become unrecognizable. It was also the first time i saw my local media shift from it's normal "neutral" appearance to spewing tabloid level unverified shit against him.

  36. For what it's worth... today is Pluto's return... Last time it was here was 1776 when they signed the Declaration of Independence. I think the planets have something to do with it. If so, then it makes since why everything has been so unnormal. Just a thought...

  37. I think the truth is coming to light my friend. Things that are considered conspiracies are quickly making their way in to the zeitgeist, and the powers that be are having to answer for these anomalies.

  38. Yes. I feel like we have hit a dead end and society cannot keep progressing the way it is without destroying itself. People have become so depraved, so greedy, so disconnected from reality and from any higher thought. It doesn't even feel real anymore.

  39. Side effects of the digital age. Hyper individualization, altered and disconnected communication, and the internets effect on human instincts/motivations. Hence why it's degrading us and those that allow it to do so get caught in loops that I can see but they cannot.

  40. If by destroying itself you mean transforming into something different, you are right. Western world is in the final phase of transforming itself from freedom and individuality to totalitarian servitude akin to "the east" we used to fight against.

  41. I've been noticing new construction and new buildings that seemed to have just popped up overnite. I guess they were there for some time but I wasn't noticing them. Preoccupied or concentrating on something else or somehow not seeing what was there. Not a glitch in the matrix, but its like I wasn't noticing new things.

  42. Yes. More posts like this, please. I have the distinct feeling lately I am dead/have died. It comes and goes but certainly know to what your talking about. Almost like I've seen this before or something.

  43. I’m only in my 20s but I seriously couldn’t imagine being 16 right now. Keep your head up and stay aligned with your truth and values. School is ripping that to shreds right now (at least in America).

  44. This happened to me a few times and i thought i was losing my mind. I then thought maybe they activated 5g and this is a side effect. Who knows.

  45. I've been having extremely odd coincidences happening to me on a weekly basis for the last 5 or 6 years of my life. Ever since I went far down the rabbit hole. I'm not crazy. You're not crazy. It really does feel like a simulation at this point. Like my life is on some set track that reality won't let me deviate from. It's definitely interesting..

  46. I think you can deviate from the track, its just a matter of changing your habits and not always following the same routines. Whats even worse is that even if you do deviate from the track and live a wild and spontaneous life, is that still part of the planned track?

  47. We are approaching the exit of the time warp we entered in 2012. I hope reason is on the other side. If not… Valhalla.

  48. Funny you mention that, ever since the blue spiral in Norway happened everything has been getting more and more fucked up. It really picked up pace in 2014, and now it is surreal 🙃🤔😲💩

  49. When I was a kid, I was confused - why would anyone want to be battling every day? Then I realized it's a gamer dream, team deathmatch and then snacks.

  50. Bro, real talk 2012 was def the beginning of some weird shift in reality for me. Please tell me thats ending.

  51. I heard recently that a giant solar flare came out of the sun on the opposite side to us. If it had hit us, on earth, it would’ve been worst than the Carrington event.

  52. What we're seeing and experiencing is the beginning of a great spiritual battle. This has been (and will continue to be) spiritual and psychological warfare. Whenever "the mark of the beast" is introduced, people will be making a conscious decision to reject God and follow the antichrist and whatever beast system the antichrist represents. I think that beast system talked about in the Book of Revelation is what we're starting to see right now. Eventually, maybe not too far off in the distant future, there will be a man with great charisma, who may even perform miracles, and will seduce the masses into believing he will restore peace, order, and prosperity after a period of great chaos. I think the "new religion" will be based around "the science" and possibly coupled with some crazy extraterrestrial belief system. Whatever it may be, I think people will be forced to make a decision and blatantly reject God to follow this "new religion/antichrist/beast system". This is my theory. I obviously do not know the specific details of how this will all play out. I am trying to trust in Jesus and surrender to Christ each day. My opinion is that the so called, "Great Reset" may in fact be what the Book of Revelation refers to as, "The Great Tribulation".

  53. I woke up at like 2 am the other night and I felt this weird tickle in my head and then it was like this memory “downloaded” into my brain, it was of this trail in the woods next to a lake that led to a great spot for cliff jumping. It felt so damn familiar, the whole journey there, even like an over head view of it.

  54. Was it a dream? Not trying to be an ass, but I've had dreams like that. I've also had moments of deja Vu that I remember were in a dream before.

  55. Yes for sure.... one of my friends equated it to us being on the edge of a black hole. We wouldn’t know it but it would be stretching time and reality

  56. I mean I think we are also just witnessing mass radicalization of our neighbors in a way we haven’t seen before. The more a person believes ridiculous ideas to be true the more easily they will accept even more ridiculous ideas. If you are not captured by this these people will seem crazy. It’s similar to not understanding why a suicide bomber would strap a bomb to himself

  57. I believe it's the constant fear porn. Turn on the TV and there's no escape. News is still pumping the same nonsense they've been pumping for 2 years straight. That right there makes it feel like a time loop. Have seen an uptick in q nonsense. Just unplug and enjoy life, even if it's just for a day.

  58. Welcome to your ego death. It's a process, so give it time. All becomes clearer in time where the veils of societal conditionning are pulled away in the wind of change.

  59. I've been feeling off for a while. Not sure exactly what it is or why. But shit just feels off. Idk maybe it's all the shit we are constantly bombarded with.

  60. It’s happening. The great awakening. The world is changing, shifting. I believe “elite” will fail eventually with all their evil plans, but right now the war is happening between dark and light forces. Regarding synchronicities, For me synchronicities happening almost every day for the last year and a half.

  61. It’s because we aren’t meant for this world. As a Christian i know that heaven is where the real reality lies.

  62. Hell is where many are but lie to themselves about it. Go to a bar filled with millennials and you'll see it. It's not a pretty sight.

  63. There’s too much useless and malicious information. We’re all at war and it’s being taught over the internet. Not many people realize it and they are manipulated by it.

  64. It is the gaslighting and mind control being turned up to 11 as the elites lose their grip on the globalist plans. Hold the line. If you pray, pray.

  65. Oh but I know some who reject love and don't do good or believe in god and it looks like they are having a great time. I have to retort your theory

  66. So one of the things that happens to me in dreams that's often a good indicator that I'm definitely dreaming is that I have trouble using my cell phone. I can't push the buttons on the touchscreen correctly.

  67. Bruh it was so weird. Outside the other day with my 2 year old son, he was wearing a shirt with a monkey head on it making a silly face. I shit you not, there was a fucking cut off rubber monkey head in the grass. Stuff like this has been happening to me for the last 7ish years.

  68. The simulation is losing grip over keeping us from being aware we are in a simulation. Think of the Truman show it only worked when he didn’t think he was on tv being filmed. So many at one time becoming aware of their surroundings is making the whole thing unravel.

  69. Well I've done psychedelics a lot so any synchronicities, coincidences, deja Vu, pretty much all the weird shit I attributed to that. But listening and following patterns hasn't led me astray yet. Who knows?

  70. Yup like we are in somekind of very fucked up videogame. Thats it, feel utterly numb and hopeless, im truly beggining if aliens invaded in 2012 and nobody noticed they took over and we are in the matrix or similar system. Red pill blue pill it does not matter anymore. 😵😵😵

  71. Yep, I definitely understand what you're saying. Reality is becoming increasingly unpredictable and unstable in my opinion. Even though reality is clearly changing, I'm pretty comfortable with all of it, since things have to get worse before they get better. It is the human experience to live in duality, and I think that is becoming more apparent to everyone.

  72. I think the idea that “things have to get worse before they get better” is the most destructive fallacy known to man...

  73. Yeah they fucked with our heads for two years so it will take some time to take it all inin. It will all make sense, just be patiencpatient.

  74. Yep, when I’m “on the right track” I’ll get more synchronicities. I know when I’m slipping up or just succumbing to 3D bull shit, or maybe it actually is Wetiko. It’s ramping up as time goes on for sure. More spiritual awakenings/ reconnecting with our true human potential is happening also cuz the spot we’re traveling in in the galaxy/universe or something, that’s what I’ve learned lately. This area gives off higher frequencies that’ll either benefit us or hurt us, depending on our own personal frequencies.

  75. I tell people all the time, to see if anyone feels the same. I can feel something big coming, and I just hope I'm prepared for it. Honestly though, I kind of doubt it. TPTB have much more ability to kill me than I have to defend myself. That is not to say that I'll go without a fight, and none you should either. Even if you know you're doomed, you still have a choice to go out your way.

  76. Yes. I commute to work on public transit. The other day I randomly grabbed my umbrella to bring. When I left I noticed it actually had been raining but it stopped by the time I left. I got on the bus, the rain started up. I got off the bus, the rain stopped. I walked to the train station and the moment I got under the little shelter thing, it started pouring rain. It had stopped by the time I got off the train and I walked over to my last bus. It started raining when I got on that bus and stopped when I got off to walk the rest of the way to work. I got into work and went to my locker.

  77. Mid morning today I witnessed someone have a seizure in church, I’ve never actually been to this church before, I’m visiting the town for business and during the our father where prior to Covid everyone would hold hands this young man 25-30 about died. I honestly thought he was going to, I’ll probably never hear about what happened or if he was vaxed or what. But he was military, young, and was very scary how it happened. As the priest was saying “for the kingdom, the power and glory” the seizure began. The priest never stopped and you could feel the tension in the church, very strange but I’m glad I didn’t witness a death today. Stay safe y’all

  78. I am keeping my focus, clear minded. Exercise, good food, good routines, having some emergency plans in place.

  79. Ok-so even while I’m reading this, I’m convinced that every comment was written to make me believe that others are actually having the same thoughts as me, but really no one is. I’m just convincing myself that others agree with my thoughts, but in reality, no one is, they are all fake because the things and mind fucks that are happening all around us, can’t be real; right?? The clown world, veil over our eyes, tyrannical measures and utter ignorance cannot be really happening. Or is it? Or is it just all in my head?? What is this 2022 blurr/movie/psyop?!

  80. A few months ago I had the most intense feeling of impending doom I've ever had. I've had lots of weird things happen in my life, but this was on a different level. I've never had issues with anxiety or anything but that day I damn near checked myself into the hospital. I couldn't explain it any better if I tried, but I can still feel it if I focus on it.

  81. when i clicked on your post the page went black, which never but yeah i been feelin this way for a long ass time now. the worlds just starting to reflect it more and more is all

  82. The Matrix is a movie man, don’t take it too seriously. And you may want to avoid watching Body Snatchers. I don’t think you’ll take that too well.

  83. Spend some time away from the internet. You’re overexposed to information causing you to match mundane patterns.

  84. No bro, give the drugs a break. Also please give social media a break and technology itself a break. Go outside, hike around. If you can't hike, go for a walk.

  85. I’m convinced there’s a much higher rate of paranoid schizophrenics in this sub than any other if that helps

  86. Yes. I was in church today and it was an exact replica of a church visit I had months ago. The first half was identical the second half was different. Very scary.

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