Fuck it, here it goes.

  1. Your conclusion is very important and I thought about that regarding all protests around the world. The main reason that non of the anti mandate protests are being televised is because the normal people would wonder why there's no mass death with the mass protesting and the whole scam comes crumbling down

  2. You've woken up, nice! I was red pilled as a kid, I'm now 40. Just the other day I returned the red pill to my father about high society paedophilia, he's ropeable right now.

  3. Man I’ve been awake since about 2009 or 2010. I watched the movie zeitgeist, and it changed the way I thought about the world, the media and thinking for myself.

  4. Woah... How the heck did you get him to swallow that red pill as his first red pill? That's a heavy one, I remember watching "The Fall of The Cabal" well after I was deep in conspiracy. And that had me messed up mentally for 3+ days. Just walking around in a haze and smoking weed... Wtf is going on in this World.

  5. It is especially infuriating to see people repeat all of these things as truth because their TV said it. And then to see groups of people spreading it. I feel an out of control hopeless feeling watching the lies be completely unchallenged and so easily accepted.

  6. I remember when I got out of school I didn’t give a shit about politics or what was happening in the world because I was focusing on myself.

  7. I feel the same. As someone that has followed this convoy very closely since day 1, I am beyond frustrated and left feeling hopeless for our future.

  8. My neighbor said it's balanced because they put regular people on with their testimonies and interview them, to which I said, which people? Do they put on people with views on both sides? No. They selectively choose which to air.

  9. Only thing I don't agree is the guy with Nazi flag guy. That was clearly false flag operation,with even personal Trudeau photographer being there first.

  10. The biggest deal with the lie of racists in the protest, is why the fuck would anybody fly a nazi flag when they are patriots of their country, not fucking Germans.

  11. Trudeau is a totalitarian despot. Listening to the debates and Trudeau and his parties comments makes it clear that they do not want to try to solve problems, they just want to belittle and avoid responsibility, while throwing those who oppose them under the bus with slander.

  12. and even that nazi flag was just a guy demonstrating what country he felt he was in now. Seen interviews with a protester who explained that.

  13. Interestingly enough, have you guys notice that canadian msm dosen't even really cover the pandemic anymore? Its just freedom convoy coverage. It's almost like covid has dissapeared in the msm. While there are still many employers requring vaccination, I think the dust is starting to settle. I'm in Nova Scotia. People here are painfully compliant. In the last few days I have had a couple job interviews and they don't give a shit that I was fired for being unvaxed. As grim as things are, i think change is coming. The fact that I might be able to find employment is a good sign, but there is still a long road ahead. I'm a backpacker and it pains me not to have been able to travel because of these fucked up mandates. Stay strong folks. Love will prevail. Also, suck my unvaccinated cock.

  14. Tbh I have always thought that person was a shill. It felt like a publicity stunt, they went out one day for photos and then bounced.

  15. The first thing they said was that they were protesting road conditions. And I mean, we get savage winters so it's no surprise. But that's not what it's about... thats when I knew LOL

  16. 3 weeks. Hundreds of thousands of people there over the course of the protest. Very few masks, no social distancing, no isolation.....no cases, no hospitalizations, no protestors in icu.... and the real kicker, NO MENTION OF THIS ON LEGACY MEDIA. Covid is over. If people can't see if, then they are choosing not to.

  17. It’s alllll a huge psyop. Glad to see more people are seeing bits and pieces for what it is. I’ve read covid isn’t even real and everyone getting sick, is the stress and fear we’re under, along with the normal death rate of people getting sick from everyday toxins.

  18. They declared war on Canadians. The police and military are out to beat, kill, maim, and imprison Canadians. Hitler took people to prisons and made them disappear. The courts and laws are gone. The government has declared war on Canadians. The protests are organized by the government to get the opposition to show up so they can attack and kill you. Do not show up you will be beaten, killed, imprisoned, tortured, ect. In the USA the Democrats and FBI staged J6 to do the same thing to Americans. 2 years later nobody knows what happened to the people they imprisoned.

  19. I've always felt deep down that everything I was told is a lie. The older I get, the more validated I feel.

  20. The media has always been like that, and frankly we are hearing little about what is going on in Canada.....If it were not for you and others on the net we would not know....There was giant uncover in the 1970s that revealed media were also using subliminal messages on TV to influence the public. If the media is saying it, the opposite of what they play too is going on. They are attempting to manipulate the public.

  21. I was in high school when 9/11 happened, YEARS LATER I HEARD THAT SUPPOSEDLY IT WAS CGI PLANES WITH TIMED DEMOLITION 😲 “ the key to 9/11” I think was the name of that documentary

  22. MSM = Agents posing as journalists. This the way its always been. ALWAYS. 'news agencies' are cabal tools for crowd control and pushing their agendas...same with 'government'.

  23. There wasn’t any covid cases from 40,000 massless folks watching a ball be thrown back and fourth either. Imagine that.

  24. Canadian media is especially bad for being biased. The government likes to hold money over their heads if they promise to paint them in a good light. It’s pretty sad that so many of these journalists lacks any morals or integrity and would gladly push propaganda for their own gain.

  25. Even the nazi flag guy is misrepresented, allegedly. People said he was walking around saying, “do you want the maple leaf to turn into this?”

  26. I’m almost 100% convinced the media and protests have all been a psyop by the CIA, FBI, Deepstate, etc. but whats crazier to me is that seeing through it is almost easy… how are people still so caught up in all this when a lot of what’s going on is obviously a lie? It’s called mass formation psychosis. Call me crazy, but it’s happened over and over again in history. Holocaust, etc. people won’t realize what’s happening until things get really bad, just like they have before.

  27. Idk if this is my ignorance but I haven’t seen anybody rushed to the hospital since Covid started and I even worked at an emergency room last summer

  28. I would think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Of course Trudeau is using any small miscue of the protesters to his media advantage. Unfortunately the protest group doesn’t seem well organized. However Trudeau mishandled things on his end as well. It’s like the blind is trying to negotiate the with the deaf. Sad on both sides actually.

  29. So there are peaceful protests by an oppressed minority who are legitimately oppressed and the media is only showing violence and government press releases, is that it? You know, maybe if the oppressed minorities could get together somehow instead of cheering every time the other minorities are being oppressed we could find some common ground and sort some things out.

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