If Putin did what Trudeau has done to try and suppress the protesters, media and politicians across the West would be condemning his actions right now and calling for the restoration of democracy

  1. Russian authorities do that all the time to protesters, and throw people in prison for years without a fair trial, or really any fair treatment. If you don’t possess a certain level of public interest, you may just be forgotten altogether. Just look at Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny, who’s major crime was exposing Putin’s extreme corruption. Imagine if Trudeau jailed his opposition? Imagine if he even threatened it?! Now, Alexey’s own brother Oleg has been sentenced to one year of jail for his absence in a trail regarding his breaking of coronavirus pandemic restrictions last year.

  2. Doesn't matter if it's China, Russia, UK or the MIddle-east. Everyone has propaganda including western media. Americans just like to foolishly believe their government and corporations would never do that to them.

  3. I don't know about that. Remember when they were shooting protesters in Belarus? My country's main stream media showed none of that. Not even the protests

  4. You know Putin won his last election with an impossible 93% of the votes? Imagine if Trudeau did that lol…

  5. Putin has literally been caught having political opponents killed, ballot boxes stuffed with illegal votes for him and nothing happens. He literally created a position so when hes no longer in charge he will take that position that holds more power than the position he has now. Nobody touches Putin

  6. Better analogy. If Trump did this to BLM, imagine the violent and destructive reaction. And that this too would get ignored by news media.

  7. They literally gassed out completely peaceful crowds, shot rubber bullets at kids taking into the trash after curfew, shot directly into crowds, and arrested thousands. He DID do this.

  8. Hahaha. I remember cops shouting people with rubber bullets that we’re standing on a hill side doing nothing besides standing there. I remember the cops bashing an old guy to the ground. I remember cops blocking protester from getting to their cars then arresting them when they could not leave and where past the curfew hours. Soooo maybe the new protesters are being treated a lot more fair then the BLM protesters. And don’t bring up the economical cost, because it reported that the truck protest is over a billion in economic damages and delays.

  9. Love how the new agenda is praising a POS facist leader like Putin. How much further will we fall? To answer your question, he has, ever heard of Alexei Navalny?

  10. This only points out the double standard of those that would condemn "the opposition" for doing something like this, but don't condemn "one of their own" doing it.

  11. Lets look at the facts shall we. V Putin loves his country. So far in his presidency Joe Biden has done everything to destroy America. Russia has zero Covid Mandates . Under the disguise of Covid, Americans had all their Freedoms taken away from them. The American government is just as deceitful or even worse.

  12. BotElMago, yes. One ex-russian has said it was better in russia because in some ways they were more free. Not so many rules and fines as here in north america.

  13. Putin, strong man with Christian values, protects his own and doesn’t have mass delusions that men are women and doesn’t blame one race for all the problems in the world. Vs Biden/Trudeau : incoherent, race baiting, economic decline, religious decline, weak, disgusting families.

  14. Putin wouldn’t pester them like Trudeau. Putin goes straight to poisoningeable them with radioactive elements traceable to his reactors

  15. "If did what did, then everybody would lose their shit!" is a logical fallacy and one of the ways the people in power keep you confused and angry.

  16. Funny you say that lol because russia is laughing at the US saying they are causing mass hysteria about the war and making fun of the US trying to "protect democracy" by obliterating it 😆

  17. Trump tear gassed peaceful protesters at Lafayette Park so he could march across for a photo opt.

  18. Like how in my town they wasted no time to use the less than lethal rounds tear gas and full riot gear to clear a completely peaceful protest? Same in cities all over the US but half this sub thinks there should've been more shiny boots on heads.

  19. What a fucking joke. Putin props up that prick in Belarus who abused the fuck out of his people and nothing happened to him. Donald Trump did more than Trudeau when he cleared that park to do his little photo op with the Bible.

  20. That entire scenario with Trump and the photo op was disproven. Your regurgitating MSM lies. The park was cleared earlier in the day by the USPP to setup a fence because protestors were burning shit down the previous night. There are many sources that verify the timeline and course of action. You believe liars. Trudeau has proven himself a pig and currently targeting any all political dissidents. He is behaving exactly like a dictator and you are defending him with whataboutisms of Trump that were proven to be a manipulated, manufactured story.

  21. Our Justice Minister is literally blaming Trumpers, conspiracy theorists and Q anon followers... Trudeau, Freeland and several prominent Liberal Party members work for the World Economic Fund on the Great Reset.

  22. and this is why Putin does what he does. He sees the absolute hypocrisy of western government and so feels justified in doing whatever he feels like.

  23. Gee, what an intellectually rigorous stance: “Someone, somewhere is being a hypocrite so that gives me carte blanche to kill opponents and invade sovereign nations.” Suck that dick harder, comrade.

  24. We’re not in a Cold War with Canada so the west doesn’t need internet points. Also secretly they’re rooting for the suppression.

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