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  1. This is really fucked up. But have they really started seizing the bank accounts of individual donors? I thought they'd only go after businesses or large donations. Which bank is that?



  4. As a Canadian, being banned from Canada subs is a badge of honour. They are an echochamber for the far left and are full of delusional individuals

  5. My city's subreddit is a hell hole of entitled, self ego driven people that think they are amazing because they are vaccinated. Even mock "freedom". Seriously such a shit hole

  6. 85% of Canadians are vaxxed. You don't have to be "far left" to support the vaccines. You just have to be in the (vast) majority.

  7. Justice will only prevail if you force the hand of justice to do the right thing. Otherwise your passivity is empowering them to do whatever they want

  8. I am sorry that you live under an oppressive regime. Your trials are real and the best we do here is to just virtually support/deride/ignore you. But know this: no oppression lasts forever. I for one truly wish you better days. That won’t keep your utilities on and can only imagine the hardship if our roles would be reversed.

  9. The worst is yet to come. Learn to grow food, get connected with like minded people, and most importantly, stay armed. I wish you the best, dear friend.

  10. That's awful. I'm a little confused by the edit, is your bank account seized because of donating or was it temporarily unavailable because of the outages last night and you can access it again?

  11. "For the most part, financial institutions can decide who they do business with and they may decide to cease offering financial services," the official said.

  12. Oh you didn't know? On January 22nd, 2022, the United States implemented vaccine requirements at the Canadian border for all foreign nationals trying to enter, including essential travelers

  13. In a normal society they would stop doing business with you as well as return all your money. That is acceptable. But we know this is not normal.

  14. Honestly… I’m planning on moving away from Canada after what has happened, my homeland, for the reasons you’ve explained. I don’t like the direction of this country economically, I don’t like the direction of the politics in general (extreme politics bias in the media), pretty much no one is an extreme in real life but its sure portrayed that way, parliament is an embarrassment and none of them actually answer anything they’re asked, the cost of living is a complete rip off, and, I can, so what the hell.

  15. Stay strong and do not despair! No matter what measures they take against you, find resilience in your legitimate convictions. And stay clear of Novavax as well. That too, although using a bit more traditional tech, is also an experimental vaccine and nobody knows what side-effects can cause. Furthermore, it was made for the initial Wuhan strain and that makes it obsolete.

  16. We should pay the bills for you guys directly of the accounts that are frozen instead of donating directly to a fund.

  17. Or we could have our day in court while fighting for our rights. Agnostic dyslexic Justice....Is there a judge?

  18. The Cons announced they will not support it, but the NDP did already, it's now just going through the motions. It is going through.

  19. I'm with Desjardins bank in Quebec. I donated twice 50$ and so far my account is not frozen... but I'd guess Quebec banks are less regulated by the federal and communist Freeland.

  20. Fellow Canadian here. The entire situation is fucked. I hope we continue to stand up for what's right.

  21. Is there a way for Canadians to request asylum at the border like Mexicans and South Americans do along the southern border. Things are not nearly as bad here in the more free states of the US.

  22. If a bank chooses to cease offering financial services to an individual they have an obligation to return that individuals funds to them before doing so. Keeping the funds and refusing service is theft, plain and simple.

  23. I never even donated. I just wanted my staycation tax credit. My husband and I showed up to Ottawa to do touristy things and ran into what we assumed was some kinda street carnival. We walked around, realized it was a protest of some kind, but the people were nice, we didn't see any of the racist flags. There was music and friendly people, so we didn't leave right away. We did our touristy things anyway.

  24. As a person who has been left wing all my life, I sincerely apologize. Had I awoken sooner and seen the left as the Neo-fascists they really are maybe the world would've had a chance to stop all these shenanigans. I will never in my life again vote for a left wing neo fascists.

  25. PLEASE PLEASE I keep telling you guys come down here. we need a northern flood to equal it all out. Start a caravan and come to the USA and demand refugee status. We will welcome you. didnt you see all the signs people hold up "refugees welcomes"?

  26. This is so scary. I'm sorry this is happening. Have you been able to team up with other anti mandate folks? Are there communes with similar minded you can stay with?

  27. You’re very courageous. Takes a lot of metal not to give into the fuckery, esp when you see people “living normally” after succumbing to “their” requests

  28. $25 was worth sending to support the end of mandates since it's been a year of the losses listed.

  29. I already asked my company if I can move to the US. Proud Canadian, but can’t believe what has happened and how blind supporters can be

  30. This blows my mind how it can be like that where you are but in the UK we gave no restrictions and never have had to the extreme you have. We have a high vaccine take up but also high natural immunity as near on everyone has had covid 78% they estimated to have antibodies! It will end and remember how they treated you as a second class citizen!

  31. the only way to resist is to not despair - you are righteous, and that means a lot. know that the sacrifices you make and the ordeal you have to go through have meaning, even if it can feel like you'r alone. you'r not, you fight for humanity.

  32. Really great line! And I remember writing something as such decades ago when I lost my fist round.

  33. Your forefathers went through worse than what you're going through. Think about the people that pioneered Canada, went through WW1, WW2, the Great Depression. They survived. Life is a test. This is your test. Your bodily autonomy depends on it!

  34. Those are the dates the Can Give invoked the emergency act, today it's been invocated because if condo residents complaining.

  35. I am here because someone linked to this post, but I left Reddit 2 years ago after being permanently banned because I posted peer-reviewed studies about HCQ in the COVID19 group.

  36. >>Like the staffer at queens park and wife of David's tea, my name email and IP are being shared on the internet list of donors that was hacked. It is not being concealed as private by the government, quite opposite<<

  37. This post is extremely fake. There is 0% the government is going after people who donated $25. Should of said you donated more money to make it believable.

  38. I feel so bad for you guys. Hang in there and hopefully, Trudeau’s time is limited. What a tyrant!

  39. I doubt your bank account was seized due to a $25 donation. I know a lot of Canadian banks were having technical difficulties last night, so it could just be that.

  40. All other problems aside, you can live with cryptocurrencies nowadays. I do. An economic system in which nobody has authority over anybody else, the monetary system just plain works. Check bitcoin dot com if interested

  41. As part of the suite of financial measures, crowdfunding platforms must also now comply with Canada’s financial reporting rules under the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC)." Finance minister

  42. I don't know and don't wanna. I do know he settled with a girl on r*pe charges, dressed in black face while thinking it was normal/funny.

  43. This is so scary and insane. Canada doesnt sound like a western liberal democracy at all anymore. It is also scary ad stressful here in Europe for the same reasons, but in Canada it has been extreme. It must be hard for you there, but you are brave for standing up to tyranny.

  44. The blockades were cleared on the weekend except for the one at parliament in Ottawa which is about 6 city blocks and shrinking. Everything you hear on the news is false, YouTube shows thousands of peaceful protesters. But the neighbours downtown were deeply affected by the honking, which is not a large group, it's a noise complaint.

  45. Getting vandalized for having a Canadian flag... in Canada. I don't care what side of the vaccine debate your on. If you support this govt, you're ignorant or POS in my book. I generally don't throw around labels or insult, especially over politics. But if it weren't for these Truckers, Canada would be the laughing stock of the world. Instead we are giving others hope, and it's making a lot of people angry..

  46. Stay strong OP, we and the government are both playing chicken right now, and we have nothing to lose.


  48. Same reason I could not answer all the personal questions....I can't say what I do but will say why I won't on this sub.

  49. Escape over the boarder. Get to America. You actually have your inalienable rights somewhat honored here.

  50. This is a human rights abuse banana republic move and the Canadian govt forfeited any mandate it may have ever had to rule its people

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