If someone has been pro-vax their whole life, but is suspicious of the Covid vax due to the speed, and non transparency from big pharmacy and the government, does that make them an “antivaxxer”?

  1. No it makes them someone with fucking common sense which seems to be lacking in this fucking dystopian bullshit world we now call home.. I’m ready to build my own fucking rocket to leave this dumpster planet and live alone floating through space.. that is if I can get through the giant glass dome around us

  2. Apparently. I have always gotten recommended vaccines after asking questions whenever I needed one. Before this vaccine was available I kept asking who on earth would take a vaccine manufactured so quickly. My point had been that the pandemic would go on longer than we think because unless you’re really in the high risk category it makes no sense to vaccinate with something experimental. Literally everyone I know has taken it. They’ve all been fine by the way. All of a sudden, I’m anitvax. I keep explaining I am not comfortable with THIS vaccine. I have more control over getting the virus than I do over potential side effects. Most vaccines aren’t available for 7-10 years. Why would I take something that was developed last year? The only other MRNA vaccine is rabies and how widespread has use of it been?

  3. Yes it does. Because having questions about these vaccines, leads to questions about other vaccines and processes. Having questions means less profit. Less profit is bad. Questions are bad you fucking antivaxxers. /s

  4. That's where I'm at. However the more I research into what's in the modern vaccines and who makes them and what those companies agenda is.....I'm anti vaxx, for me. Idc what anyone else does. They just aren't going to be sticking me with any needles anytime soon.

  5. They also literally changed the meaning of the word “literally” to also mean the opposite of literally (figuratively)

  6. If you like breathing without something covering your airways, you are an antivaxxer. If you ask what’s in a vaccine, you are an antivaxxer. If you ask what happened to the flu, you are an antivaxxer. That’s how you will be labeled because the nwo doesn’t want people who question them.

  7. Yes, just like if you've taken the first two jabs but not the booster you're now "unvaccinated." You must obey them completely or they'll turn on you.

  8. Absolutely not. At most you'd be a-vaxxer. Antivaxxer would lead people to assume they're staunchly against vaccines. All of them. Not because you question the efficacy of 1 of them.

  9. Um, it apparently makes the a misogynist, a racism, pond scum, a douchebag, a nazi, a white supremacist ... but word is out on antivaxxer ?

  10. I’m fully vaccinated and considered “antivax” because I’m against MANDATES..? The media can suck it.

  11. Ngl... how can you be pro-vax your whole life? Seems like it would take a lot of time before you are even competent to take a stance on something like that.

  12. I guess I can ask my family that. They seem to be “pros” when it comes it the vax, and think I’m a degenerate

  13. In free thinking, individuals are not classified into camps, nor must they follow patterns. The term anti-vaxxer is not often used by people who refuse the COVID shot, it is used mainly by shills and bandwagoners.

  14. No. This is me and I’ve been called an anti vaxxer for the first time in my life recently. Sorry that I don’t want to be coerced into something that I have questions and concerns about.

  15. There’s no such thing as an “anti vaxxer”. It’s a deragatory term to cause those susceptible to the hypnosis to rally around. Another way to divide society and families. It’s to demonize those who can read peer reviewed scientific literature and tell the truth

  16. I’m so “antivax”, I got a bill in the mail for over $1k last week for all the immunization shots my 3 month old just received. It sure is expensive to “not follow the science”…

  17. Right?? My family has just quietly stopped talking about it with me because 1. There’s so much more information on how it’s not working, and 2. CNN is crumbling in front of their eyes.

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