What's a comic where the hero looks like villain and vice versa?

  1. Devilman crybaby’s Netflix anime adaptation finale is a demon versus a many winged angel. Almost all comic media of devilman is similar.

  2. I was gonna comment this exactly, love how they showed Satan's true form as thousand winged angel, it's like a nod to his fallen angel trope.

  3. Grendel, specifically the Hunter Rose arc. Matt Wagner has specifically stated that was what he was aiming to do with the character design and is why the antagonist, a werewolf, looks so horrific by comparison.

  4. One lone hero, armed with only his wits and technology, fights against four super powered beings empowered by the cosmos itself.

  5. It's actually kind of funny, Robertson and Ennis intentionally wanted Butcher to look like a traditional superhero, square jaw, clean cut hair, put the guy in a cape and spandex and he'd be a shoe in for Superman. Only difference appearance wise is he instead dresses like a government spook instead of in tights. Without spoiling anything, it's actually kind of a neat bit of foreshadowing.

  6. Amonia Pine? Just a maid with OCD. Megavolt? Just a environmentalist trying to save electricity. Bushroot? ... he just wants his wife not to be a potato. Totally tracks.

  7. Conceptually, that was the goal. A symbol of darkness and fear battling for good against a smiling symbol of childhood innocence.

  8. Comics only? Hmm. Gonna cheat with Gargoyles (they have comics). Giant demonic winged monsters with glowing eyes facing off against a charming human businessman.

  9. Not necessarily “looks” but Irredeemable is a good guy (Superman-like) gone bad and the spin off Incorruptible is a bad guy going good due to the good guy gone back.

  10. People who read Watchmen and think that Rorchach is supposed to be some sort of hero, have grossly misread/misunderstood the comic. He's borderline psychotic, racist and flirts with fascist ideology.

  11. Code Geass is also a typical Gundam series if Char and Amuro were to trade places as hero and villain.

  12. Does manga count here? I assume so since the OP looks like Beserk. Anyway, Devil Man is straight up a devil with the main baddy being Lucifer in angelic form.

  13. Hell boy, swamp thing, some Solomon grundy arcs (the one in the star man comics is amazing btw). I can think of some others but those are all firmly "protagonist villains"

  14. Well ones a happy clown the other is a dark violent sociopath who beats up the mentally unstable, employs child soldiers, and in the day time he's a billionaire who wastes his money on fancy jets and illegal espionage instead of using his wealth to actually help people.

  15. Wolverine. He basically murders large numbers of people in every story, yet is somehow still seen as a hero.

  16. Monster got a little heavy on the exposition for me, but it’s a story I’ll never forget and I think it’s brilliantly written. Gantz is also my favorite murder game show story. Never read the rest. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Batman’s appeal was once explained that it was because although he is a hero, he had the costume design of a villain

  18. I think Darkness was a comic, you know The Darkness the game for the Xbox 360. Literally their version of satan and god and satan was the one defending humanity. Not because they deserve it. But because he likes to torture humans . And The Light is trying to cleanse the earth so that they could try again.

  19. Preacher for the villain. The traditional Christian God is the villain. He looks like the classical old man version.

  20. Fables in that it flips the fairy tale script: the Big Bad Wolf is more heroic and a better hubby to Snow White than Prince Charming, who is not quite a villain but more of a cad.

  21. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne / Phantom Thief Jeanne dabbles into this, but not to the same extent as Berserk. I've only seen the anime, however the manga offers a more thorough plot line while the anime unfortunately butchered some key elements later in the show. Still recommend it though :)

  22. that pic is berserk ........if you know then im right there with you and .........also dont think it gets any more Mc looks like villan but is actually hero then this

  23. Superman: Red Son - I understand this thread means visually, but I mean more figuratively. It displays Superman as a vague not so hero/ not so villain and we are so used to him being the hero. It also shows Lex Luthor painted as more of a hero type.

  24. Fire Force has this dynamic, and the protagonist has been outcast most of his life because he has a nervous tick where he smiles crazily when he’s stressed so they think he’s evil despite a strong will to do the right thing. One of my all time favorite manga/anime too

  25. Not a comic specifically, but a comic character to follow, if you like INCREDIBLY dark stories, Speedball is one of my favorites. (Also give him a chance. His gets more bearable after the first little while)

  26. One Piece, where the good protagonists are the Straw Hat crew, notorious pirates and one of the villain factions is the Navy that fights for "justice"

  27. The Darkness. Jackie is the “Hero” that has the powers of a evil cosmic entity who is the embodiment of chaos while the villain is Angelus who looks like an angelic woman with powers over light. Her whole goal is order which translates to enslaving all life and stealing all free will.

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