What is y’all favourite movie from the dark knight trilogy

  1. Honestly, if you ask the best, then it's The Dark Knight. But if you ask my personal favorite, Batman Begins is absolutely my fav. It's after all a Batman movie.

  2. The Dark Knight is my answer, and in general I would say that TDK is a NEARLY perfect movie that IMHO holds up better with each passing year. For me, it’s still the only Superhero movie that stands on its own as a great FILM.

  3. I just rewatched TDKR. It’s get too much hate. It’s leagues better than most superhero movies that came out sense. My favorite of the trilogy is probably TDK but Begins is pretty damn good as well.

  4. TDK is probably the better movie but I honestly like Begins more. I think Begins is one of the greatest origin movies ever. It’s almost a perfect movie imo.

  5. Gonna go a little off the wall with this one: TDK is the best, but Batman Begins is my favorite. Great Year One interpretation and great Bruce Wayne AND Batman performances. Prefer the Begins suit over the TDK one and the Batman Intro scene at the docks is my favorite Batman scene in all of the movies. Begins is the most rewatchable for me, followed by TDK, and TDKR isn’t even in the convo in terms of rewatchability.

  6. The second film, almost everything about it works for me, I had a couple pacing issues with it but overall I have no problem calling it a masterpiece.

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