I was just followed for at least three blocks because two little girls wanted to pet my dog.

  1. The whole thing felt really weird to me so it was a hell no from me! My dog has been particularly snappy lately so I didn’t even want to take the chance for that exact reason!

  2. I’m dealing with this with the lab sdit that I’m raising/training for a local program. I don’t take them to Hellmart because that’s where I’ve had the worst encounters (doesn’t help that we were on a walk on the third and kid purposely set off fireworks right as we were walking by)

  3. Thank you for this post, now I wonder if I am an asshole when I ask people if I can pet their dog. I don’t acknowledge service dogs because I know better, but the other day I was gardening in the cemetery, and another couple was gardening in the cemetery a few plots down and they had a beautiful Labradoodle. The woman was walking with him and I said oh hi can I say hi to your dog, and apparently the dog understood English because as soon as I said that he came bounding over to me to say hi. The woman was fine with it and the pup was adorable, but because of your comment I’m thinking that if she was not fine with it she would’ve been screwed because that dog understood what I said and wanted to come say hi. Thank you for giving me perspective I didn’t have.

  4. If you don't already have one, get a lead that says "not friendly" or "caution: do not pet". At the very least if another parent/kid decides to do something stupid and your dog rightfully tries to defend herself, you're not the guilty party.

  5. My family has one of those for pur reactive dog along with a muzzle and people don’t get the hint. I’m tempted to take her muzzle off when I visit home and let her bite people who can’t read a neon yellow leash that says “DO NOT PET”

  6. When I see someone walking a dog, there is 100% nothing else I want to except pet it. However because I know how rude it is to walk up and pet a dog, I don't do it. I'll tell the owner their dog is cute and if the person seems friendly and the dog seems friendly, I'll ask if I can pet it. But following someone to pet their dog is creepy and it'll make the owner anxious and make the dog anxious.

  7. Same here, I'm a huge animal lover. But if I see a dog out on a walk or in the veterinarian's office, even if they're wagging their tail and look happy as can be, I always say to the owner, would it be okay if I patted your dog? People should just be considerate, and parents should reign their children in on occasion.

  8. Yes, this is the way, I need to do this more often just say oh what a beautiful Pup, then if they are open to it they will likely say or do you want to pet him. ❤️

  9. Some brat in my neighborhood that looked to be only 5 years old (with her younger brother in tow to boot) ran after me for two blocks screaming at the top of her lungs "CAN I PET YOUR DOG?" I do not reward rude behavior so I ignored her and kept walking. Finally I decided okay if it will get rid of her, let's get this over with. Parents nowhere to be seen of course. I stop and turn around and look at her. She approaches a few feet, then turns around screaming and runs away. I just stand there dumbfounded. She then yells at me "I didn't know he was so big!" For crying out loud, his back was around the height of my knees. He clearly wasn't a small dog. And of course right then the homeowner of the house I was standing in front of starts coming outside with his toddler, hears the little girl screaming, and then gives us this dirty look and yanks his kid back inside because of course we must be at fault.

  10. My sister has a dog that isn't a huge fan of people yet and of course kids try to run up and pet him all the time. He has a tag attached to his leash that says NO TOUCH, he wears a vest that says DO NOT PET, and his growl is kind of terrifying. Yet the only thing stopping kids and adults is my sister yelling at them.

  11. People need to stop feeling entitled. They do it to peoples kids too and it’s disgusting especially now with Covid. Every time I read a story about a baby almost dying because somebody kissed it and gave it herpes on its face I get so mad. Who TF kisses other people’s babies ON THEIR FACE?! The same people who harass strangers about their pets.

  12. Poor dog and poor you. Some people just plain fucking suck and are annoying. Honestly they should have gotten the hint and find some other poor innocent dog and dog owner to creep on, hopefully one day someone will tell them straight and be like wtf are you doing and tell the mother raise your god damn kids better.

  13. After the fact I realized I should’ve told her how uncomfortable it was that they followed me, to the point of walking in the same direction just to try and get to my dog.

  14. My goodness, this made me annoyed just reading it! I'm so sorry that happened to you. I've been in a situation similar to that a couple of times over the years. Though I was not followed as long as you were. You said it so well when you said.. why do people think their kids are entitled to everything, including other people's pets that are not child friendly? I wish I had the answer to that one! But they do feel that way. They think those kids are entitled to everything they want. And whoever said here that the mother would not have taken responsibility had your dog bit in the little girls, that is exactly right also, mom would have been very angry at you and probably would have sued you. Why can't people just tell their kids "no" now and then, , as I was told long ago when I was that age. This is not the same thing, but we have a friend, my mom and i, who is 58 years old and has one granddaughter who's six. Of course, she thinks the child hung the moon and I get that. They all run a half marathon recently in different age groups. The officials in charge of the half marathon gave a little medal to wear around the neck to anyone of any age who participated. Okay, that's nice. And then they gave for a second and third place medals in different age groups to the winners in those categories. Well, my friend decided her little granddaughter needed more than the metal stated that she participated, so they went out and bought her a small trophy. When I asked her, is pleasantly as possible, why just getting a medal for participation wasn't enough, she stayed in, and a baby talk voice...",Well, her needs a trophy..." Yes, she even used incorrect grammar to make it more like baby talk, as if a 6-year-old can't speak correctly. Hearing this just pissed me off. Thank you for protecting your pup!

  15. Similar thing happened to my coworker when she brought her new puppy into work. Her sister owns the place and loves dogs herself. She takes her puppy outside to do his business and let him enjoy the outdoors but instead she had to bring him back into the office because someone at the kid's behavioral health office right next to us said, "Oh let's go outside and pet the puppy!"

  16. I was walking my dog and on the way to an appointment which I was running late for. I saw a mum pushing a pram and walking with a child at the other end of the street so I crossed the road to avoid them, also because the path was not wide enough to get around the pram anyway. Her child then proceeded to run across the road with no hesitation (thankfully there were no cars coming through at the time) and started patting my dog without asking. My dog is very friendly and likes kids, but she is also small and having a child run at you when you're only 3-4kg could end badly. I stopped for a second to let her pat and then started speed walking away (still running late) and the kid was running after me saying "stoppppp!" Finally her mum called her back but was way more calm about her child running across a road and chasing a stranger than I think appropriate...

  17. I’m a service dog handler. I am constantly stopping people from letting my dog when she is working. She’s not aggressive or reactive at all. But she is trained that strangers don’t get to pet her while she’s working. I have patches and a leash wrap that say not to pet, but some people just don’t care. I’ve learned that I have to be a voice for my dog. You were a lot nicer than I would have been. I’ve had to literally physically block people from petting my dog- and the sad thing is that it’s usually adults. Never be afraid to speak up on behalf of your dog.

  18. I’m sorry this happened to you. My dog looks like a puppy but is 6 years-old. She is very friendly, but I do not trust children’s ways of handling animals unless I know the children. Children often open their hands flat palm and slam their hands down. ** ALSO - if anything happens - it’s your fault because children and families win over you. It doesn’t matter if they antagonize your animal. So - I apologize for this sounding like unsolicited advice but a monster put my niece’s dog to sleep because he claimed her dog to sleep because his POS crotch monster did - just this - antagonized the dog. (And this is not the dog being badly trained. If a kid comes up and smacks me, I’m grabbing it’s hand and saying, “who belongs to this?”)

  19. Society would honestly be safer if the kids were leashed and muzzled, and there was a curfew for teens.

  20. The sad part is if you had called the police to report being followed by a women and her 2 kids they would’ve laughed at you Because of course parents aren’t ever a threat

  21. Petting a dog is an opportunity that will pass you by. Not by stalking it in the hopes you'll get the hint and turn around or something...( obviously with the rule of asking before petting ofcourse)

  22. I'm more dog-centric than people-centric, and I've been homesick enough for my dog (e.g. while away at college) that I would politely approach a stranger to ask to pet their dog, even if their body language isn't overtly open and "I want you to adore my dog as much as I do!" So I can't fault this family as much as others might. I also can't help but wonder if the kids dearly want a dog but their dad is allergic, or similar.

  23. I confess I never thought of the fact that there's no such thing as a dog's right not to be muzzled. I really didn't. I see what you mean. And thank you for educating me. And you're certainly right, if a dog bites anyone at all, even someone who approaches it who's been cautioned not to, the owner probably gets in trouble. I don't think they should, in that case, but I do see what you mean. Thank you.

  24. I walk my cats every day. My old lady Kitty doesn’t need a leash, but my three-year-old does because I can’t get him to come inside when it’s time otherwise. Now that my Neighbor is running an illegal daycare with her 85 grandchildren I can’t walk my cats in the evening or on the weekends because the kids will all come running over in a big mob to try to pet them, and then they run, and they know how to get out of a harness so I have to run with them. I’ve asked these kids a whole bunch of times to not run at my cats, I’ve told them that if they want to learn to pet my cats the best thing to do is just quietly play somewhere where the kitties can see them and eventually they will get used to them right now. Every fucking time I go outside with my cats if they are out there we get bombed. So now I have to schedule my car walks around the school schedule. And now that I’m saying this I’m not sure why they aren’t here now because school is out for the summer. Maybe the parents are actually finally paying for a real daycare

  25. I hate kids but it makes me somewhat happy when kids ASK to pet my dog, as she’s a staffy and we all know how people perceive these breeds.. she loves kids too so it’s cool.

  26. Going to get a million downvotes, but I don't care. Kids should not pet dogs without permission, absolutely. But it's also pretty much impossible to stop them from trying. So if your dog is aggressive, you shouldn't walk it at times/places with kids. Or, at the very least, muzzle the dog so it can't do any real damage. If a kid leans over, even a small dog can really mess up the kid's face.

  27. The girls were around 10-12, definitely old enough to know. My dog isn’t aggressive, she doesn’t actively go after anyone and we were on a public sidewalk. They were literally walking to keep pace with me and following me, to the point of turning the corner and walking behind us for a few feet. That’s just fucking weird and completely disrespectful of my boundaries, especially when they were obviously trying to get my attention and I was ignoring them.

  28. It’s not just about aggressive/reactive dogs that shouldn’t be pet. Service dogs should be left alone, too. SDs go through a ton of training and are required to not be aggressive or reactive. And distracting them can endanger their handler’s life. Most SDs wear vests that say not to pet, but people think that doesn’t apply to them. And you can’t expect people with disabilities to not go places where there might be kids. We have lives and things that need to be done. Our medical equipment, which is what a SD is, shouldn’t be bothered by anyone, yet it happens all the time.

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