Anthony Taylor WILL continue officiating Chelsea matches... with referee chiefs expected to back him after his controversial performance in the Blues‘ action-packed draw with Tottenham

  1. Like always, he is going to get out most important games and make controversial calls against us.

  2. If what Tuchel said is true and the players don’t believe Taylor will protect them then it puts our players in a position of needing to protect themselves, making games more explosive like it was yesterday, putting our players and our opponents players at higher risk.

  3. This is something referees don’t get. Sometimes they think… “let them play”. Just on personal experience, this will only escalate. If the ref isn’t going to call fouls we’ll start fouling even harder.

  4. At this point it any player actually tackles him in the game even at the cost of 15 game ban, will be an instant club legend for me

  5. Why tackle him when someone can send a laser guided missile at him. No way prove that’s intentional. It’s simple an unfortunate accident

  6. I had to check that this actually a quote from the article. It is. It’s almost like they don’t understand that shit referring can happen to them too. Their attitude towards the situation make me hate them even more.

  7. Lmaoooo! Anyone who thinks there is no agenda against Chelsea is legitimately a fucking idiot. Multiple instances over the course of years of this man fucking us sideways, including in finals, yet he is still able to officiate our games. Absolutely bonkersssss

  8. The way I see it, the laws are so vague at this point that they can pretty much be open to interpretation. Honestly I really don't know what the rules of the game are anymore after watching the PL for 7 seasons. Everything's upside down.

  9. It was Mike Dean…he said nothing. Honestly I think that is something the center should be looking at. “Hey you may have missed something. Go have a look and you decide if it was red or not” the VAR official should not be determining this at all. Just yea or no was their something you may want a second look at.

  10. Imagine is romero pull cucurella head down like that instead of pulling hair. Wasn’t it the same result? And wasnt it consider violent conduct. This bad officiating is really get on my nerve, not once or twice we have with anthony taylor

  11. Don’t wanna sound like a conspiracy nut but. Spurs v Chelsea games are always spicy now and when Taylor refs Chelsea games (weirdly the big games) there’s always a incident where he favours the other side causing scene. So this whole charade was always likely to happen, and who does this benefit…The TV deals and the premier league.

  12. I would really respect it if Tuchel comes out before the next marquee matchup that Taylor is refereeing and says he's playing the kids because he and the senior players don't feel like they'll receive sufficient protection. Absolutely ruin an otherwise top spectacle. It'd grab tons of attention, would probably only be worth a fine, and shouldn't cause any issues with questioning Taylor's fairness, just his competence.

  13. Say in the pre match conference that we will be playing the kids… cause an uproar… then play the actual starting XI on the day of the match.

  14. Overbo fucked us over in one game.... Taylor has consistently over 5 or so years been fucking us over with the worst calls always against Chelsea. The two FA Cup finals come to mind. Who the fuck let him even ref TWO cup finals back to back? I dont even know how to excuse this if it isnt corruption....

  15. I mean its been going on for 8+ years at least not like we expected him to not ref our games. FA and the PGMOL are an absolute corrupt joke

  16. PGMOL is an ironclad union, they protect their own he'd have to punch a player for them to sack him, and even then they'd probably claim self defense.

  17. I’m guessing EPL refs are very similar to MLB umpires and they have a very strong union and it’s impossible to get one fired

  18. This is a distraction from the fact that Mike Dean was VAR and decided that the hair pull WAS NOT violent conduct, inconsistent with previous instances where it was treated as such. This does not excuse Taylor’s poor performance, but it is a bigger issue that is being overlooked by pointing the light at Taylor.

  19. Refs have bad games and make mistakes, but to consistently have "bad" games against one specific team year in and year out can only point to one thing. Taylor is a corrupt bastard with a vendetta against Chelsea and the rest of the governing body are corrupt bastards for allowing it to continue.

  20. I hope this is standard Daily Fail typing out finger farts like the rest of their supposed "journalism".

  21. Referees will never face actual consequences. Tuchel will get a ban and this cunt will carry on as normal even though Taylor is the one fucking up repeatedly.

  22. If he didn't get banned because he & VAR wrongly sent off kova in FA Cup final, no way he will got banned in a league fixture

  23. This is why we need live mic'd referees like in Rugby... How can a non-contact sport like Football be less properly officiated than Rugby

  24. I bet he loves the attention. Wouldn't even surprise me if he fucks us over just to keep his name in the headlines or cos he gets off on it. Obviously nothing to base that on, he might also just be really bad at his job. Imagine having a job where you can fuck up and make as many mistakes as you want without any repercussions, must be nice.

  25. Utterly shambolic. In 10 years time he will write a book and detail why he screwed chelsea over because of what they did to Eva Carneiro

  26. They had the refs mic’s during copa america during var reviews. How has this not caught on? There needs to be transparency during VAR reviews

  27. I've been told you can now drag players to the ground by their hair. Let the games begin, starting with Romero. Think there's enough there to get a grip.

  28. They say this publicly but I wouldn't be surprised if they discretely move him off Chelsea games for a while, at least league games. Putting him in another match anytime soon will not be good for him or the players, no matter how mentally tough he is.

  29. I rooted for the suns back in the day. I lost all respect for the sport when everyone found out he was shaving points for the mafia. I agree, something's up with Taylor.

  30. I’m normally not one to make fun of other people’s appearance, but one way to protest would be for everyone affiliated with Chelsea to shave their heads for the next Taylor reffed game at Stamford Bridge. Except Marc.

  31. Imagine having one of pl top teams cancel a game everytime this bald cunt officiates or games, no way the pl would handle it

  32. We will never get our justice and we will continue to suffer from his decisions. I just hope it’s not in a do or die situation.

  33. Im all for backing people under fire but you back them if they are not wrong. He clearly had a horrendous game. The messaging sent out by that backing isnt correct.

  34. Nothing premiere about that decision. That’s an absurd group of old men proving themselves to be absurd.

  35. The EPL has had an officiating problem for so long. When 6 teams announced their intent to join the SL, fans marched in protest of their own teams. Why has the officiating not raised enough of an issue for those of you in England to do the same at the FA offices?

  36. I admit mistakes can happen during the game but if after viewing the VAR and he is unwilling to accept he made a mistake maybe because of pride then we have a problem.

  37. How do refs get away with this level of incompetence. No demotion for poor performances? Maybe someone from a refereeing association can explain it to me. I'm genuinely baffled by the complete lack of accountability in their jobs.

  38. Horrible performance by him. VAR should review the entire match and penalize him every time he missed an obvious foul. For either side. Or else he is being paid off.

  39. Simply just boycott the games, would like to see FA’s face when a prime time Sunday 4:30 kickoff doesn’t go ahead on TV

  40. If you do that you get a hefty fine (equivalent to the lost TV money for FA) and a nice point deduction.

  41. What horseshit!! Taylor’s shown a clear bias towards Chelsea in multiple matches and cost them points. This past Sunday being the most recent example of this turd.

  42. Taylor shouldn’t be the sole focus, we need to be putting the attention on Dean and VAR. They’re the ones that has all angles the potential offside and the hair pull and thought it was fine, and didn’t even advise Taylor to review it. They made the game-deciding decisions, not Taylor

  43. I'm scared of him in the World Cup. How can you send someone who is so blatantly awful. Like not just bad calls, but like unifying the footballing world to acknowledge how poor a particular call is. Like this weekend everyone agreed on 2 things:

  44. Next time he’s assigned….team magically all tests positive for covid. Pull the rescheduling shite that every other team did.

  45. Fergie always got refs he didn’t like removed, Liverpool got Webb removed and i am sure the FA would do anything for Arteta . Obviously we are still under that United, Arsenal and Liverpool bias . City no problem because we started it .

  46. Todd B. Maybe reach out and see if AT really just needs a plane ticket to LA to meet with a world specialist in hair regrowth. It could be that simple. I would prefer for Roman to send some goons to verify he knows he’s being watched….but different times.

  47. Hope a player "accidentally" slide tackles him in the next game he refs for us. Don't want him injured to get hurt just want to see him fall on his face in front of thousands of people.

  48. Good I want him to do so and fuck up again and then we legitimately have another Drogba moment or Tuchel goes fully out on the FA and referees and we get fined but then at that point he won’t be awarded no more games I bet.

  49. Do not let that match start Chelsea fans. Toilet rolls, programmes, etc must rain down on that day. Peaceful protest blocking vehicles coaches etc. These FA fuckheads have to start listening to the fans.

  50. Is football for fa? Or fans? Fans should riot, stadium should be empty, no Chelsea fans in pubs, watching something else on TV when Taylor is involved. Formal protest should help, but there are no leadrers among fans, keen to do so.

  51. Imagine if the referees went the other way and scheduled him to officiate all our matches this season lol

  52. Should have been banned immediately after giving Alonso a yellow card for getting kicked in the head

  53. Fuck the FA. Boehly should sue their asses in court. Bring all that nasty back room dealing out in the open.

  54. Can we do a The Longest Yard on this? Every time someone’s in close range to him with the ball, drill him. “The ref’s part of the field.”

  55. Maybe the league should open up referee positions to refs from other countries (who are talented meet the premier league requirements?) just like buying players from other countries by teams…

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