Cardano 360 Vasil Hardfork TLDR: "We need a few more weeks..."

  1. Real Cardano holders motto .... Don't be first to market, be best to market. So many projects and proposals going up on catalyst right now It's ridiculous. Most on github. They are going to do it, if it takes extra time who cares, the blockchain is working pretty flawlessly right now. We would be just like every other chain out there if we put out an inferior product.

  2. imagine believing software dev timelines are even remotely accurate. Take every date given and add 18 months you impatient desperate gamblers

  3. And it’s even engineering at large. See: Cybertruck. It’s the proper way to develop. 10x (or more) efficient to fix things pre-release than post.

  4. Worth the wait in what sense? If a video game developer pushes a game back, I could tell my friend "Hey, it's worth the wait because they're fixing bugs so the game will be more polished and with less issues". So how do you equate that for this?

  5. Is it really? Keep in mind they were so confident with the June date. This is worrying. This is the old Cardano way of doing things.

  6. Don't really mind with a long term outlook since they've always delivered. For those with strictly a price perspective, this may also be beneficial if it gets released during a stronger bull market

  7. I am not worried about the release, or quality of it and I still believe in cardano and see the potential, however missing almost every major release date (by a lot) is either bad management or communication.

  8. From what I heard it’s done, they’re basically waiting/making sure exchanges are up to speed and such. Like Charles said - if they have to measure three times and cut once they will. You can’t argue with “perfection”. If they roll it out and it breaks or if they roll it out late making sure everything works people complain either way.

  9. The way I see it, it doesn’t matter too much to us normal people because the project devs have been testing on it this whole time allowing them to adapt their code to the new features. If they did execute in June all those devs would still be learning how to use the new main net anyway. Right?

  10. Maybe that's why they are delaying again. So that instead of just being a code update the Vasil HF will come with new utility.

  11. If the code is good release it and let the third party developers work and launch on the network when they’re ready.

  12. I feel kinda weird this time now. Not even an estimated launch date. Plus, it has been nearly 4 four weeks since testnet hardfork, but all I heard and see on Youtube and Twitter is how great Vasil is, BUT without demonstration like interacting with dApps.

  13. Vasil is about under the hood utility. The network is not congested so from a users perspective you probably won't notice anything. What this does is gives the network even more room for growth and improvements/efficiencies for those building dapps.

  14. Worried? One thing with Cardano is they always triple check all the T’s are crossed. In this space that’s what every single investor should hope for in the project they choose. I’d rather a major upgrade get delayed then rushed and then scramble to patch a fix

  15. This frustrates me more because we were priding ourselves on being on time while many were making fun of ethereum for always pushing back on eth2. Now, especially when the remaining issues were said in the comments to be non blockers. Also, all these projects are using the vasil delay as an excuse to not deliver anything in Q3 (although they could be feature complete and start testing/auditing on the testnet where vasil is 99% released)

  16. If waiting longer means they find bugs and make the system work and not turn into a joke of a chain like Solana, im happy with that.

  17. Tell me about it. I was expecting to be rich in August with my Cardano bag. Now I gotta wait until September.

  18. Sure, a few more weeks is great, since the August Dump is coming. Bear market is for great building projects, such as Cardano.

  19. There we have it. "A few more weeks" doesn't sound like minor details nor finishing touches. The last 360 almost everyone looked rode hard and put away wet, exept for Tim Harrison who just overseas and puts a smiley face on. I think some big, hairy problems have reared their ugly head.

  20. Try coding for a production system legislative change, deadlines are the deadlines, literally. You miss the deadline, you’re dead. No slippage is allowed.

  21. And please do mention the frenzy of patches that are published after that holy "deadline". You maybe okay with broken but on time. I would rather have it delayed but intact functionally.

  22. If your working on some small scale projects fine, but when an error can cause billions of dollars in loss you do it right no exceptions.

  23. thats like a city spending millions and inconveniencing residents during building a new highway infra to alleviate congestion but don't want to open it because car accidents can happen.

  24. this is only for an NFT tx. Swaps will take up more space, though will also be a lot smaller than they are currently. So 9 tps most likely won't be Cardano's max tps, but will instead be somewhat smaller. Keep in mind that devs need to change their scripts to Plutus V2 to see performance increases

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