A question about restricted transfers and the upcoming ban on pistols

  1. Phone the cfo immediately and get the ball rolling, rumor has it the cfo will not drop anything in progress or pending from before the ban regardless of what the government wants, you get a transfer started today and they drop a bann next week they plan to complete your transfer as far as I've heard

  2. It's not rumour. It's literally in the bill that transfers in progress prior to it coming into force are exempt from section 12.2 (the new provision banning transfer).

  3. as well they should. courts dont take kindly to being fucked over like that do to nothing other than the government being back logged when you have done your due diligence.

  4. You will need an executors and heirs form filled out. That will required to be submitted with a death certificate. You can start a transfer before this is submitted but the process will be paused until they confirm her passing. Sorry for you loss :(

  5. Yes call CFO right away. The funeral service you use will provide notarized death certificates that are usually good enough except for real estate. Those should be sufficient and they get them to you right away. Sorry for your loss, coming up a year for me....

  6. I want to piggy-back on this since I have been wondering for a while. I’m in a situation where my partner and I are both licensed, but he is quite a bit older than me and also doesn’t have the best long-term health outlook.

  7. Power of attorney ceases to be effective as soon as someone dies; you will need to rely on the Will and hopefully OP is Executor.

  8. Sorry for you loss man. It's crazy all of us legal gun owners are freaking out trying to do everything legit with this government just making it so complicated. Meanwhile, if you want a gun from the streets you can just flash some cash and pick it up on the corners. What has this world come to.

  9. OP, I’m sorry for your loss and it’s deeply tragic that you need to deal with this kind of administration/paperwork while you are grieving. Best of luck.

  10. When my mom passed I was able to get the cert very quickly from the funeral home I chose to perform the services. Maybe circumstances are different, but many of the people travelling on bereavement need the cert to prove to employers and airlines. They can be obtained pretty quickly.

  11. We didn't go that far, as she was fully healthy and on the road to recovery up until a week ago. Her condition deteriorated very quickly and there wasn't time for that.

  12. Call the CFO as soon as possible. Call them literally right as they open. That is your only hope. I am sorry for your loss and wish you well.

  13. Simple, they come to your house asking for her gun, you don't know! Not your gun, not your responsibility. They leave with no gun. Maybe tell them she might have stored it irresponsibly and it was lost? She's not alive to take legal consequences. Ikyk

  14. If you want to keep it as a memento, have you considered deactivating it? Once it is deactivated it’s no longer considered a firearm. Maybe CFO will grant you an ATT to transport it to a gunsmith?

  15. I've considered this as very last resort, in case there's a delay with the death certificate. Thanks for the suggestion

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