Bell and Telus 5G Speeds are the Fastest in Canada, 39% Faster than Rogers: Opensignal

  1. There is no true 5G in Canada, the telco's redefined the 5G standard to include existing 4G. Most phones on the market can not handle true 5G we are still a few years away from true 5G, but the telco's don't want their customer base to know so they can up the price.

  2. whoop de doo, pay a premium to watch 4K on a 5 inch phone screen like an idiot, I would go back to 3G and its FAR superior coverage in a heartbeat if I could

  3. Well Telus South of Calgary in small towns is dead slow, and doesn't give a crap. The guys that come out are great, if you can ever get past the people on the phone that can do nothing for you at all. But they are missing some kind of hardware and since there are less of us, they just do not care.

  4. Just wish I could maintain a phone call on Bell while driving around the highways in Halifax without calls dropping.

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