Canadian Civil Liberties Association Demands RCMP Halt Spyware Use

  1. Privacy and anonymity are vastly different things… this is why I share my accounts with as many Russian hackers as I can collect

  2. Just more proof law enforcement in this country at any level don’t care about citizen Rights any more then the Liberals do. If it furthers their needs or agenda they will take what they want when they want. Police are their to protect the politicians and Big corporations, not the taxpayers.

  3. One thing to consider is that I very much doubt the RCMP are the developers of this software, meaning it’s extremely likely that other states have it. Mendicino also refused to answer on whether CSIS used it, and there are exceptions to requiring a warrant baked into this law for national security. Then there’s the issue of other states spying on each other’s citizens since most states have laws that restrict how much they can spy on their own.

  4. If the government is doing it for our own good then I don’t see why people have a problem with it. They shut down protests, impose social restrictions and arrest protestors for our own good and most people on Reddit fully support those actions.

  5. Easy solution. Ditch your mobile digital devices and every "app for that" and go back to meeting and talking to people in person. It's society's own laziness that is providing everyone and their dog access to your extremely valuable private information. Prevention is always the best solution because we all know we can not rely on the morals or ethics of others.

  6. They have to get a warrant to do it. It is judicially authorized. You want them to stop using a legally authorized tool to catch murderers, terrorists, and shut down criminal organizations?

  7. Why end at rcmp… why not all the bloated spyware that is attached to a phone. I probably can’t even take a piss without AngryBirds devs knowing about it.

  8. This whole thing is a serious ethical problem that is probably ultimately causing way more harm then good, we just cannot easily measure or identify the harm it is causing.

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