Tesla Gigafactory in Ontario? Maybe, Reveals Lobbying Registry

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  2. He wouldn’t. If you look at his recent economic activities they seem to be more on politics than money which would make less sense since he hates a lot of the politics of places like Canada.

  3. Elon moved his whole operation in the US to Texas so he could pay shamefully low corporate tax and exploit his employees as modern serfs. Whoever is lobbying him to build something in Canada is writing checks into the ether (but I'm sure the lobbyists are getting paid nicely).

  4. He moved it to Texas because California shut down his factories, giving him no alternatives. Social distancing, wearing masks, vaccines - they’re all useless and don’t stop COVID, right? Only complete lockdown is allowed.

  5. All for gigafactories - but only if they are accountable for upstream and downstream environmental impacts and have hard targets to reduce impacts of both. Need to have consistency. If not - then yes, you’re just transferring wealth and jobs from AB/SK to Ont. unfortunately that’s what’s actually going on is the issue.

  6. Think of all the Congolese children who have to dig up the minerals such as cobalt to go into these vehicles. That’s something the Canadian government isn’t keen to discuss.

  7. "Here’s why battery manufacturers like Samsung and Panasonic and car makers like Tesla are embracing cobalt-free batteries"

  8. Oh it’s you posting this BS again. You do realize child labour is also used to mine materials for ICE vehicles right?

  9. You're not wrong. I remember a term from a ways back, suffer index? For certain products, we don't suffer to produce because we exported that somewhere else.

  10. It's a different society over there, so you can't really judge things according to Western standards and ideals. Children worked in mines, mills, and sweatshops in this country barely a century ago, so why should things be any different in countries that are still developing?

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