More Canadians pessimistic about country's direction, polls find

  1. ... no shit. We are in the middle of high inflation and house prices, though thats the same issue, and have been told that there's a global recession coming. May as well ask people if they were pessimistic during the 08 housing crash.

  2. Theres a lot of us who were just graduating in 08/09 into post secondary to a recession - had minimal hope then too.

  3. I’m pessimistic toward the way the world is going, not just Canada. Albeit, Canada has plenty of issues it seems to just pretend doesn’t exist.

  4. Well they need to deal with transgender issues before they deal with inflation, security, recession, housing, healthcare and homelessness. Those can wait.

  5. I agree. And remember, it’s not because of current leadership, it’s conservatives and racist antivaxxers holding us back!

  6. Yep, much of our trouble are the world's issues and troubles from the pandemic, from Russia invading Ukraine, from supply chain's a sh*t show right now. We are not alone in this.

  7. The uber rich are holding us in economic slavery, and the world is waking up to this. They control the media and social networks. They control our banks and jobs. They control our politicians and our communication networks. They control our food supply, our medicines and even our housing. We all live as slaves to the filthy rich. They got us by the balls and almost nobody really thinks about it.

  8. I constantly feel like I am being gaslight by mainstream society. Shit is fucked up and many just pretend it's fine, worse, some argue it's better this way.

  9. Trudeau is literally allied with the world's biggest company. BlackRock. He gave them power over infrastructure (even the politicians speeches!! They can deny or edit them to please share holders). Dude is corrupt as fuck.

  10. We got the PM chasing online censorship and gun control regulation (while obstructing investigations into the Nova Scotia mass shooting, the event the federal government used to justify such firearm regulation).

  11. That’s the whole game and has been for decades, at least in the US. They distract with divisive issues and steal wealth.

  12. I guess if you're already rich and getting richer, things are pretty positive overall. Unfortunately for the rest of the country, the rich demographic are really the only people that matter post election.

  13. It’s less that we are pessimistic about the country’s direction, more that we are pessimistic that we even have a direction.

  14. stay off reddit, stay off the news, maybe you'll realize in the microcosm of your daily life, everything is not that bad at all.

  15. Many of us have realized that we'll never have savings, will never own our own homes, will have no retirement funds, no kids, and no future aside from working until we're 83 with nothing to our names.

  16. Yup. I feel detached from Canada now. Just some place I happen to live. That’s it. I never thought about living anywhere else when I was younger but now I’m completely open to the idea of moving away.

  17. I mean most of us identify with our municipality or province much more than our nation. I have nothing in common with a quebecer or a Newfie. There’s a very large mountain range between my province and the others.

  18. I moved to the states recently and left Canada and we are so much happier now, we have so much hate towards that country now. Everyone loves to shit on the US but at this point it’s better here even though it’s also going to shit as well.

  19. I’ve been pessimistic about the direction of society in general since I was about 15. I was like a week into highschool when 9/11 happened and since then it’s been pretty awful and consistently down hill.

  20. This is too real for me. Pretty much consistent war and like 4 once in a 100-year economic recessions crisis a couple of pandemics. While everyone for 50 years before me got an easy ride. But, why am I so angry people ask?

  21. I feel like my generation has been extorted and is bearing the burden of previous generations comfort. Soon, we will be asked to live in austerity, while multiple generations sit comfortably in their ranches and mansions living off a pension plan that we will be lucky to take advantage of when it comes our time to “retire”.

  22. You ask 10 people why they are pessimistic you’ll get 10 different answers. Some will say it’s leaning to the left others will say leaning to the right. Half the Population of Ontario hate Doug Ford because he was so loose and lax with restrictions and the other half hate him because he imposed so many restrictions.

  23. I like to ignore the chatter in the break rooms and tell myself its just the internet making it look like its so polarized, when really its just a loud minority.

  24. What could go wrong by electing a high school drama teacher with literally zero prior experience in government or economics right? Elect a clown expect a circus.

  25. I'm glad we're supporting Ukraine, although the cost to Canadians is painful, and I'm sure there are non humanitarian reasons were doing it, I feel it's the right thing to do.

  26. Hey I got a crazy idea, give us housing. Maybe if we weren't scared of being homeless we might actually be optimistic about the future. As it is I'm not looking forward to rent being more than half my wage.

  27. Well they were considering building housing but then the opportunity came along to host the World Cup. And given an overall tight labour market, they've decided to allocate those construction workers and capital to expanding a sports stadium for 5 days of use.

  28. Trudeau and most of his Liberal party are good at virtue signalling with grandiose changes and promises that have absolutely no effect on the problems but negatively affect lots of people. They are not capable of comprehending the actual problems people have or coming up with realistic solutions.

  29. I was worked to the bone during the pandemic, making less than what CERB paid out, dealing with endless horseshit from my "fellow Canadians." Then I was thrown out of my home in the middle of winter, and their response was that I might as well die in the streets.

  30. Busted my ass moving 300 people (using tech) to WHF at my last job. Worked a month's IT tickets in 2 weeks. As soon as they were out of the office: Management: "Why do we have so many IT guys?" Shit-canned a few months into lockdown.

  31. Majority of Canadians appreciate people like you who got out of bed every morning to keep our country from deteriorating more than it already has. Unfortunately there is a small minority of Canadians who will always find excuses for enjoying the same level or greater levels of wealth without doing any of the work required. So yeah I agree it’s difficult to stay motivated and optimistic but I think things will get better.

  32. I've been worked to the bone over the course of the pandemic too and watched as my tax dollars went to people that never worked a day in their lives claiming CERB. But damn, buddy. Are you ok?

  33. Yep, was deemed a required service, so while everyone else was working from home or collecting subsidies, I was doing the same old shit, while literally everything around me got more expensive. Oh, and to cap it off, we wanted to buy a house at the start of the pandemic with a budget of $500k. I’m sure you can all imagine how that worked out.

  34. I am pessimistic about human society as a whole. Unfettered capitalism, the unwillingness to address climate change in the slightest and a global uptick in fascism is not a good combination for a healthy society, and despite small anecdotal victories, whatever they are, things are trending downwards quickly.

  35. We have been okay with slavery for decades. human society has always been pretty bad. It's just no one wants to open their eyes.

  36. Trying to deal with climate change while we have people who want to ban abortion and think wearing masks in a store is communism. It's depressing.

  37. There's very little to be optimistic about - it seems government at all levels is paralyzed about what to do about affordability, and its increasingly becoming apparent to more and more people that the economic system is inherently rigged against working people. This affordability crisis is also on the backdrop of impending climate disaster and the general sense that global affairs are slipping further into chaos.

  38. It’s not just “more” Canadians. It appears the vast majority of people I talk to in my social circle or at work are absolutely horrified by the current trajectory - especially financially.

  39. This is exactly why I don't try at work anymore, I'll still get paid for 40 hrs whether I bust ass or not, and either way I'm still never affording a house so I may as well just chill and make the most of my time now.

  40. Don't forget the govermental bloat and overspending seems to be ramping up with the average person seen verry little positive change for the bill they are being given.

  41. Having no proper identity is something that bothers me as well. Most other countries in the world have their own identity and culture, and when you go there to visit you're expected to abide by their ways. But it seems like there is a push to make it the exact opposite here, where you mist adapt to the ways of those who are coming to visit.

  42. My thoughts exactly. The amount of money the government has been wasting on promoting “equity” and “moral superiority” has discouraged the majority of Canadians for striving excellence in their professional and personal work.

  43. Agreed. I am so sick of hearing about problems with the housing crisis and inflation and issues with healthcare and nothing being done about it.

  44. Will never change as long as Canadians vote out of spite across the board. I'm looking at you Alberta, looking at you ABC voters. Cons and Libs, same coin in it for themselves.

  45. You will own nothing and be happy. Us rich people will rent you back all of your possessions, at a cost of-your freedom. We thank you for your co-operation.

  46. Why should I have hope for the future when our governments can't do anything. It's always too little too late. Here is a problem with a solution, it will take x to completely solve this problem. They then allocate a fraction of the resources needed and spread it out over 3-5 years. Wow, why didn't that work?

  47. Who were you planning on voting for who wasn’t going to do the same thing the liberals did? The parties are broadly the same from an economic perspective, and even where they differ, they’re hamstrung by regional and global geopolitics.

  48. I am not totally happy with everything Trudeau has done, and I think our governments need to do more about housing affordability. But what would other governments do to fix this? Everyone whines about Trudeau causing inflation because he keeps "printing money". But what about the $2 trillion of consumer debt (non mortgage debt) that Canadians have acquired? COVID (lack of supply) plus people just spending and spending and cheap debt are a huge reason for inflation. We sometimes have to look in the mirror when we complain about governmental debt.

  49. As a curious outsider -- are there any plans underway to better the housing situation by making the rural areas of Canada more attractive? If so, what are they? If not, what would it take?

  50. Maybe we can open our borders to homes & houses, Maybe we can have an influx of houses to come in to solve our housing crisis.

  51. sure, sure... and yet begrudgingly, the people gave Trudeau another term, and are not likely to ever muster the resolve to move off the FPTP electoral system.

  52. I think getting off FPTP would require an NDP majority at this point, and even then a healthy dose of luck on top of that. There's too much incentive for anyone who can win in FPTP to never change it.

  53. Being at work and doing a good job, is much like wearing a dark suit and pissing yourself. Both will give you a nice warm feeling but, no one will take notice.

  54. I'm optimistic because people can travel again. Now more people can finally move to other countries. The brain drain is already massive. And lots of money is leaving, too. "Go to where you are treated best" springs to mind. And unfortunately that may not be in Canada anymore. We don't have to wait until every right is taken away.

  55. We're in a lose lose situation right now with our politicians weather it be left or right wing with nonsense like first past the poll we will continue with not getting the representation we require as a society parliament has become very polarized and ignorant of the citizens from coast to coast I would even dare say they are out of it harder the A collage stoner on a monday

  56. Well no shit, we've been priced out of living a normal life, we're going to have to show them we mean business soon or we'll be servants forever. Unfortunately we'll probably need the average conservative voter to get their head out of their ass, and we know how likely that is.

  57. What do we have to be optimistic about? Besides hoping to win the lottery or find a garbage bag full of cash?

  58. We just came out of a pandemic that has left the world on the verge of a recession and you ask people how they feel about the direction of shit?

  59. Yes and No, some things are bad and probably going to get worse: inflation, housing cost, food and transportation, and climate change( it’s going to get hot and wet in some places and very dry in others). On the positive side, we are getting smarter- we maps the human genome. We are now treating genetic disorders. We have advancements in nuclear energy ( both fission and fusion).

  60. Reading this thread and given the current crap going on in America. I'm looking to relocate to Canada. Judging from the comments is it better there than here? Doing research on the country it seems quite beautiful, but seeing these comments; I'm wondering if it is any better? I assume the rights for all people there are better than here? Considering our supreme court just shot down a major right, for woman's rights. Most smart people know they aren't stopping there.

  61. What other brilliant leaders did we have that we could have voted for instead? The best one was Singh.. what else was there?

  62. Don’t worry. PP will make everything better with Canada running on a new crypto coin, no regulation and the freest economy ever forever! It’ll be the Albertacon Coin and it will magically make gas and food cheap again and he will give everyone a million of them. He will also get rid of all taxes and fund healthcare with Beavertail franchises globally. There will be no food crises as he will make climate change go away because he will tell the atmosphere that high CO2 levels don’t really exist. So no more heatwaves, floods or tornadoes in Ottawa in May because it’s all simply not true.

  63. When he majestically reverses climate change he simultaneous cools the housing market with longer winters and his icy stare.

  64. How can you not be. If your not struggling maybe we should not hear from you. Clearly are politicians don't understand how unaffordable living is now. Giving themselves raises while no money for disabled, veterans, seniors, hospital, schools. Every single politicians should be fired and forced to pay back money that they earned because they never did their job

  65. Most of Candians are pissed off. It's a miracle how pm Trudeau won the last election. Our deficit is so high now there is just no way of bringing it down without hurting Canadians in their wallet. Enjoy it Liberals because the next 4 federal elections will be under the Conservative brand, mark my words.

  66. My pessimistic outview is not related to this particular government, although they could be doing a better job. My poor outview is due to Canada importing the American style right wing culture war nonsense and the absolute idiots running for conservative leadership. My outview is poor because of climate change and how neither of those two parties will do much to help that situation, although at least one of those parties acknowledged it's existence while the other one acts like an asshole while ignoring science. My poor view is due to housing affordability raising everyone's cost of living, this will result in a massive braindrain and poor performance everywhere else in our market. If you're spending all your money on housing, you're not spending it anywhere else.

  67. PostMedia is American owned and is gobbling up this outrage. They love it and they have absolutely been campaigning on behalf of people guilty of peddling this crap.

  68. It makes me pessimistic that it took people this long… do people not remember the mess that Pierre Trudeau left Canada in?

  69. Of course they have an idiot running the country into bankruptcy all the while trying to stop oil production and handling out cash to every left wing program and causing record oil prices and inflation …trudumb has to go or Canadians are screwed!

  70. Oh boy I can't wait till Pierre Poilievre kicks Trudeau out of power next election. Hopefully Pierre stays true to his promises and will use actual logical conclusions that he's drawn up to sort this mess out. Fuck trudeau and fuck the WEF!

  71. Can anyone name anything that has improved over the past 5 years? Aside from weed being legalized I genuinely can't think of anything that has improved. Almost everything has gotten worse. What are we even supposed to do? Liberals have proven to be incompetent, the Conservatives would probably be even worse, and the NDP can't become relevant if they tried.

  72. NDP can't become relevant because people refuse to allow them to be relevant. Trudeau sucks, the options the Conservatives put forth area worse, many by a long fucking mile and speak to a segment of society that engenders the worst aspects of humanity.

  73. 1.4 million people were pulled out of poverty from 2019-2020 as of 2020. Some have slipped back because of the continued effects of the pandemic and inflation, but there have been improvements

  74. I ask what direction? Literally nothing is happening. The world is in turmoil and Canada is just sitting on its ass doing sweet fuck all. We could be doing the right thing being the first at doing the changes we all know is necessary.

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