Canada's major banks go offline in mysterious hours-long outage

  1. Any other sources for this? The article says RBC acknowledged an outage. The others didn’t. Sounds like someone ran a DDoS attack.

  2. It’s being based on a tweet using information from downdetector that showed a spike for the 5 major banks at the same time. The tweet’s author however didn’t follow-up an hour later when the outages being reported spiked down.

  3. when online banking goes down it is almost always because of state sponsored (Russia china) hacking attempts. safest thing to do is to go offline until the threat is corrected

  4. When my Dad worked for the government, he would tell me that China was always trying to hack their servers.

  5. Or, in this case, include the Canadian Government on that list through the imposition of the Emergencies act.

  6. The government is learning how the system works so they can go after nasty criminals .. (people that don't agree with PM) and shut down their bank accounts... turns out they think of all Canadians as being criminals now thus... All banks being down. Makes sense. /S

  7. This has nothing to do with agreement with the pm. These protesters cost us billions in trade. The car plants near where I live had a slow down because of this. The vast majority of people want these protesters gone so we can go back to making money.

  8. Likely more hackable but smaller targets. Imagine all the major banks were smart to go offline and credit unions just are like “restart your computer”?

  9. Your deposits at credit unions are also protected by the same organization protecting your deposits at big banks though they're all usually up to just $100k in protection I think. But then again, who outside of the super rich are keeping more than $100k in a bank account while inflation eats away at it?

  10. Yep, and the Liberals have tremendous support across the country at the Federal level. They are really the only political party capable of governing the country. Its too bad we didn’t have more of a choice but I doubt the Liberals will be leaving power anytime soon, especially now that the Conservatives are leaning more towards Trump style racism and fascism.

  11. Not sure you know what a bank run is nut I assure you a few hundred truckers pulling out a few thousand bucks is not causing a run on Canadian Banks….. you do realize how ignorant and idiotic your comment is right?

  12. Ya kinda dumb since banks are hitting record profits, when most of their income comes from near risk less products like accts and credit cards

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