The Brazilian government permitted the killing of motor cycle riders who rob & kill citizens. This is what the citizens there are now doing!

  1. I’ve been burglarized and It’s a horrible feeling. My dogs could have been hurt so really happy I had them. I would definitely defend my home and family if another invasion happened while here.

  2. I agree, but honestly some of these clips look like the equivalent of seeing someone at your door or at your neighbors door so you shoot them. Like that last clip. How do they know those people were being robbed? Some of these are straight up being a murdering bully.

  3. Apparently there's one person per bike rule, so if you see two, it's safe to assume they're up to no good, perhaps? 🤷🏽

  4. Agreed. It seems that there is no way to win of you are on a motorcycle. Some of these are the equivalent of shooting a stranger on your porch because they knocked and looked funny.

  5. Yeah this is one of those things that might sound fine at first but if you think about it for even 10 seconds it’s extremely problematic

  6. Did the Brazilian government really permit this or did OP just grab some of the many videos of this already happening and mash them up to farm some karma?

  7. Imagine those last two guys were just asking for help or pranking some friends, some rando comes up at full speed in their asses :D

  8. Are we seriously celebrating extrajudical killings? A law like this is 100% going to end up getting innocent people killed. Im sure it was already legal to defend yourself in brazil. Why make it legal to mow down people on motorcycles?

  9. It's also not law in any way, OP completely made this up to promote this ridiculous collage of violent pricks being violent to other violent pricks.

  10. In the U.S., the left would by calling to ban all 2-wheeled assault devices, including motorcycles, minbikes, scooters, and bicycles.

  11. There's something satisfying about seeing people who prey on and rob regular people who are also probably struggling getting instant justice, but I cannot help but feel sad knowing that ultimately high crime rates are a result of poverty, and allowing retaliative murder isn't solving the problem.

  12. Here in the UK the attacker gets sympathy and the people protecting their families get prison. It's ridiculous. 🙄

  13. If you want to kill someone just give them a gun and a bike. Then run them over and say they were robbing someone.

  14. That's not legal and the government doesn't permitted. If you do something like that you can be arrested but the police not gonna make any effort to look for you. This videos have been recorded with 2 to 4 years of difference between them.

  15. Holy fucking shit, is everyone insane? Anyone cheering for this and approving of it should take a hard look at themselves, because this is disgusting. THE PURGE is not the fucking answer to society’s problems.

  16. I hate to be that guy but that is false, the only thing that happened is that it was ruled that this fits as self defense, it's not an permit to kill. We are not fucking savages, altough some of us are

  17. Honestly, with the amount of motorcycle robberies in that country, how else can you deal with it? No mercy. If you think your life is worth more than those of other people, you need to be dealt with. And if the police can't, the people will!

  18. Oh my god no. We need to understand the hardships that these human beings have gone through that would drive them to such desperate situations that such as robbery. They're victims of systemic racism. We need to show compassion by making robberies of $1,000 or less in value to be decriminalised, and increase taxes on peaceful hard working citizens to rehabilitate these unfortunate criminals. Also, why do they have such easy access to guns? Let's have a stronger gun control enforcement policy. There's NO REASON anyone ever should have a gun.

  19. Violence should never be the answer. Shame on the Brazilian government for allowing such atrocities to occur instead of just increasing their funding for mental health so the motorcyclists wouldn't feel the need to rob people in the first place.

  20. Am I the only one here that thinks this is horrible? I mean I wouldnt feel safe with having such laws in my country at all. Yea these people are doing terrible things but hurting or even killing someone is way worse then stealing.

  21. I double dare you guys to ride two up in brazil. First team to get to 100 miles without being murdered by strangers for riding double wins the prize. A new base model Carolla.

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