/r/broodwar weekly help a noob thread

  1. Question mostly for my enjoyment of watching competitive (i like understanding all the little stuff going on in the background): Why is Protoss broadly considered to be the "easy race" in PvT mechanically speaking? I get the sense that this is the opinion of casuals and some pros, but it's hard for me to tell why.

  2. All Terran units have spells that have to be cast to be effective. Gateway man can be very effective with little to no casting. Really this is to say APM is necessary to play Terran more than Protoss. There are strategies that can be strong that are lower APM for Terran. Like 2fac.

  3. so I'm D1 zerg in sc2, was looking to mess around with brood war a bit. Been zerg since 99 but never really played BW 1v1s. Liquidpedia is a bit overwhelming with build orders...can anyone recommend some good basic BOs for the matchups?

  4. I don’t know of a Protoss guide but the link below is good. You can basically look at 4-5 different setups and then apply them across the board on most maps.

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