"Oh, you mean the UK office." No, I mean the office, we invented it.

  1. Someone once asked Ricky Gervais how he felt that the US Office was more widely successful than The Office; his response was "fucking rich."

  2. Back before Kevin Spacey caused House of Cards to disappear into the memory-hole, I remember a comment saying that there should be a "British reboot" of the series.

  3. So weird how after the Spacey revelations that whole series just collapsed like a... like a... like a ton of bricks.

  4. Wait wut!? is everything British first? dammit next you'll tell me all my favorite actors are Canadian. At least we Americans still can claim Hugh Laurie.

  5. Yeah, weren't you in the meeting? I wanted David to have really big sideburns and that would be his thing, hos party animal look i'm the cool boss thing

  6. Do you remember when we were chasing the Germans but then we punched through the windscreen and fell under the lorry...

  7. Hi David, I just wanted to say that I like your little beard, and I think you should wear tighter trousers.

  8. Yeah, it's football thinking. "We won the cup" - no you didn't, Darren, you're a fat as fuck warehouseman from Durham with no sporting skills apart from wearing the xxxxl replica shirt.

  9. It was so low budget there was no lighting, filmed in an ACTUAL office, and only one camera to film on. What they produced with all that was pure gold.

  10. Speak for yourself. I diligently tuned in to BBC 2 to watch it when it aired, might have even told a friend. Without me the ratings would have tanked. I should enquire about royalties.

  11. that “WE” refers to uncultured, ignorant isolationist average joes who’d kill to defend the American invented King James Bible, American invented gunpowder propelled ammunition, American invented concept of sovereignty, and the American originated America named from our very own native-born American Amerigo Vespucci, corn-fed, patriot Mayflower captaining, baseball playing, apple pie eating sire of Jesus Christ and Lady Liberty

  12. Honestly, I love both shows but they're really not comparable (except superficially and in the first series). The US show is so different in tone, it's more a peer of something like Scrubs or Parks and Rec than The Office.

  13. I would like to prefix this comment with a clear statement that I think the original The Office is a masterpiece. That said, all the hate for the US version is misplaced. After the first series, which is a kind of remake that doesn’t quite work, it becomes its own thing entirely and is brilliant on its own terms. If you think of it as just another sitcom set in an office, it’s great and highly worth watching.

  14. I don’t know many people that “hate” the US version but it can be a bit frustrating that the original feels like an after thought due to the popularity of the remake. Is what it is though.

  15. "we"? Personally I had nothing to do with any of them. I'm assuming op is either Stephen merchant or Ricky Gervais though.

  16. Feels in a similar vein as people at school 15 years back telling the Polish kids we had 'we saved your country during the war'. I know kids will be kids but what a bizarre thing to say.

  17. Watching The Office, it did make me think, lately, I've been having some ideas and this is exactly the sort of thing that I was thinking of doing.

  18. That's not a fight that you're winning. The US version is much more popular. And the good parts of the US version start around season 2 when they decided to diverge from the original, make Michael a nicer person and give the whole show more heart.

  19. I agree that from series 2 The US Office dramatically improves and is a great sitcom in its own right (the dire series 6-8 aside). I also agree that it being more popular across the globe means it’s fair enough we have to accept people hearing “The Office” and assuming we are talking about the US show. That said, the original The Office is a masterpiece and The US Office wouldn’t have existed without it, so it’s also fair enough to bristle a little when people call it The U.K. Office or whatever.

  20. I love the american office. Like it’s probably my favourite tv show of all time. I loved original too, but what more series’ allowed was more exploration of the characters. Office was great, but outside of david, gareth and tim, you never got to see much of them.

  21. The US version literally makes Jay a paedophile. And no I'm not kidding. I guess "Year 12" got lost in translation somewhere.

  22. US office from season 2 onwards is a totally different show. You can only objectively compare the first season. That’s the same script so really it’s just which style of acting you prefer, for me the UK version wins it as Brent is just unlikeable in that season, he’s a cringey asshole, whereas for me Scott comes across more as a buffoon

  23. Actually it derives from the Latin officium, meaning performance of a task. So we hardly invented it either

  24. I mean obviously if someone said the office I’d think the OG one first but I tend to specify which one to other people.

  25. Worst thing about the success of the US Office is them constantly trying to recreate other British sitcoms.

  26. Got a shit load of abuse a while back for saying it should be “The Office” and “The American Office”….

  27. American and British comedy is completely different. While in no way did America “invent” it, it’s a remake. Like so many before it. The reason it doesn’t work both ways is because of the humour style. Friends, Roseanne, golden girls, all that. Would never be remake friendly in the Britain.

  28. You invented it, but they made it good. Just like the Greeks invented love, but the French were the first to do it with women.

  29. I understand satire just fine, it’s more likely I just don’t click with Ricky Gervais, I just don’t find him funny at all.

  30. The US Office wouldn’t have even existed if it wasn’t for Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais. They are both good in their own right.

  31. Up there with British English as one of the most annoying phrases in history. I actually prefer the American Office (I know, I know) but The Office is the original and there's no need to qualify ours. That's on you, Muricans.

  32. Shameless too, American one is waaaaaaank… mate they even tried a US peep show (Leonard from Big Bang played mark” and inbetweeners, both failed miserably

  33. The US Office is less depressing because it feels less like where I work. The actors in the US Office are also easier on the eye.

  34. In fairness, The Office US is one of the rare examples of the Americanised version just being straight up better

  35. This 100% I’m surprised to see so much hate for it, I watched our version once and that was that, wouldn’t watch it again. US version I can rewatch every year.

  36. The American lot are little slugs with no personality. They’re just jealous that we’re better than them at everything.

  37. The American version is so much better though lol. Also, Ricky Gervais helped with the American one aswell

  38. Imo the original doesn't really matter, the most popular version of something, is the one that takes the popularised name. Therefore you would have to specify the UK office, as it is less popular.

  39. You can look at it that way, or you can look at it from the point of view that British comedy is popular and is often an inspiration for other shows around the world.

  40. The original didn't have the boss as the stupidest, most vulnerable character on the show. Gervais wrote and acted the character; it was brilliant, not boorish.

  41. I like them both, prefer Michael over David, not watched the original for a while, you've inspired me to give it a revisit

  42. I'm such a fan of the original that I haven't dared to watch the U.S. version. Is it all that terrible U.S. humour where all the jokes have the same rhythm and then canned laughter when punchline lands?

  43. The US version is actually good and different enough to the UK version that it doesn't feel like a cheap copy.

  44. Not quite. It's like the Office but with the bleakness removed. More about a terrible boss and shenanigans. Really what hit me about the Office was that it points out the shit deal a lot of us get. As a satire it's on point; it's not a place of lovable misfits, it's a boring place where you meet a bunch of people you wouldn't otherwise want to hang out with. US Office retains a little bit of it but leans more towards the character comedy.

  45. I remember talking to an American about Life on Mars. We were about 10 minutes in before I realised, he was talking about the US version. When I told them I was referring to the British one, their response was "oh, they made a British version?"

  46. People like you are the reason so many hate the British. You are insufferable, and I feel for anyone who is forced into your path.

  47. Does this mean they invented Skins, The Inbetweeners and Shameless as well then? and we made vastly superior versions?

  48. Right, just like you wouldn't talk about "The Dutch Big Brother" to a Dutch person- you'd just call it "Big Brother".

  49. For me "The Office" means whichever one the person I'm talking to is more familiar with.

  50. The TV show didn't even occur to me at first. I thought you were talking about branch offices of a business and I was very confused.

  51. Watched UK version...loved it but felt profoundly depressed after every episode. got worse and worse with each subsequent episode...such good television but i couldn't watch it. then when US version came out i found it disgustingly saccharine and buffoonish. never went past the first season...but several years later i watched it and fell in love with the goofy cast and some of the characters became interesting and unique. But Michael Scott was just dumb to me... i watched the show for the other characters.

  52. I genuinely do think the US office is better. They're both amazing but US gives me more laughs. Its the only show of ours that they've got right

  53. We invented the show that is true, however a rarity occurred where the US version is magnitudes better than the UK one.

  54. Lol seems our fellow brits our piss*ed that US actually pulled off a remake that actually became more popular globally than our one. Not surprised by the reaction seeing as we brits our know for being so negative about everything. Can’t have the yanks having a better show than ours now can we, must downvote anyone that thinks US version was better!

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