If we were to get any Cosmere work in the entertainment industry which one would realistically be chosen first?

  1. Probably Final Empire for a few reasons. Honestly, though, I can see them picking up Skyward before any of those. For marketing purposes more than content.

  2. The final empire, its self contained enough and has imo the best intro to the kind of magic brando makes that it would be a good choice, plus it gives an extra stepping stone into making more films/tv shows with the fact that its apart of a trilogy

  3. I feel like Warbreaker could be even better as a movie than it was as a book. And it's a Cosmere work that would fit pretty well in live action without requiring a bunch of ludicrously expensive CGI or substantial changes to the world to work.

  4. I would predict it will be a Mistborn adaptation that we get first but I could also Warbreaker going well. Seems like it would actually work well in a live action movie format

  5. Rereading Elantris rn and I feel like an adaptation would actually work really well. Would make a great movie

  6. lol. Alendi's logbook. because they can go absolutely batshit crazy or mindnumbingly boring without stepping on fans toes as long as they get the broad strokes right.

  7. Hasn’t Brandon stated already that it will be mistborn (final empire) and he has been slowly working on a screenplay adaptation himself?

  8. The Final Empire 100%. It is the easiest to market to a wider audience, with a straightforward actiony main plot, a clear villain and the world is close enough to our world that the audience won´t need to adjust much.

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