Brandon, Donut... I know she is cute but... you gotta do more research on guests, dudes. She is not an ally of ALL gun owners.

  1. Brandon’s made it pretty clear that he wants to just have fun shooting guns with anyone willing to give it a shot. He’s opened the invitation to people like Hasan Piker (about as left leaning as they come), to people such as Lauren, who is on other end of the political spectrum. We could all learn a thing or too from him. Judging from Brandon’s version of the robot dog video and Lauren’s vlog, he genuinely enjoys introducing people into gun culture, and gets something out of someone trying a machine gun for the first time. Watch his YAL speeches- he practices what he preaches.

  2. I know. To make it clear: it's not her being conservative or right wing. I am a heretic to both sides for thinking freely. It's her ready embrace of all things ethno-nationalist. If you really think America will be destroyed by white people not being in the majority or go so far as to shill for Russia, it is kind of bad for the AKG brand.

  3. Can someone explain here to me: what is it about her that’s bad/controversial. I don’t know anything about her.

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