Daily Discussion Thread: 09/29/2022

  1. My right arm is bigger than my left arm. I am not sure by how much but when I squeeze my biceps and triceps the right side is always fuller than my left.

  2. What do you guys think about running the metabolite focus on RP programs while on a deficit? I did a session and, while the loads were pretty light (early intermediate level, I guess), I had insane pump.

  3. I get poor sleep I track it as well w a Fitbit. I get 7-8 hours but I wake up a lot and get only 1 hour rem. Would I benefit from 3 days a week instead of 6?

  4. Please help. I have been training for about 2-3 months now I can see a little bit results. I’ve recently noticed that I think my form could be better so my last 2 workouts I’ve gone quite a lot down in the weight but am now focus a lot more on form and control in the sets. Would you recommend me focusing on perfect form or just keep lifting heavy? I scared that going down in weights but having better form will kill my gains a bit

  5. Its good you are able to recognize this. Will serve you well for a long, healthy career lifting. I still find myself lowering weight again and working on form when I get sloppy

  6. perfect form brother. What I would give to go back in time to perfect all the different movements and for my body not to be in constant pain

  7. I wanna get those gym shorts that show off the quads, but I fear that my quads will still look small and that would destroy me

  8. I mean, I'm tall. So I still don't have quads. But even when I really didn't, I still wore short shorts because leg day just feels so much better. I hate fabric catching my knees halfway though the movement.

  9. I did it the other way. Self esteem and confidence coming out my ass, but not a good physique at all (yet) lol. It's ok. I wanna be big though.

  10. The feeling I thought I'd get from getting jacked now only comes from watching how fucking awful everyone's form and ROM are.

  11. It doesn't matter if I poop half hour, an hour, two hours before the gym. As soon as I get to the gym, I gotta poop.

  12. Been just over a year since some dick ran a red & hit my car then lied about it. Neck still is meh, shoulder us iffy, knee is pretty much fucked, & I have a permanent limp.

  13. Some guy went speeding passed me in a van, and threw an unopened can of coke straight into the back of my head. I turned round ready to start swinging until I realised what happened. Concussion, fractured skull and a vertebrae, and major whiplash. Just over 3 years later my neck still gets stuff and achey, it's a pain in the ass man and I hope you're better soon! If you haven't already get on it with a physio or something.

  14. This is definitely not normal. If your lower back is in that bad a shape, deadlifting sounds like it's just asking for a bulging disc

  15. Lately I can only think about how consciousness just straps itself to a body over which it has no control. Thanks for listening

  16. Consciousness is from that body though. While it’s a useful to speak colloquially about the mind controlling the body, it isn’t a scientifically justifiable position. We’re all just bags of atoms that follow the laws of physics… which is arguably cooler IMO

  17. No one cares about how much you can lift if your form is shit. And based on observation, probably 1% of gym-goers do lateral raises correctly.

  18. You’re not doing shit for your shoulder developing trying to do 3RM on side raises. Stop training like an ass. It’s “less taxing” cause anyone can swing up a few reps. Controlling the weight for 10-20 reps will suddenly be more taxing... which is good because you’re trying to tax the muscle so it actually grows.

  19. I love seeing the stage lean/a few weeks out posts but would also love to see some off season check ins because I struggle a lot mentally w trusting the process. Kinda tempted to post mine but also scared of the hate that I’d get because obviously I won’t be shredded/I know I have lots of improvements to make but that’s kinda the point I guess. What are y’all’s thoughts on this?

  20. It’s the internet, bro. You’ll get hate even if you look like Big Ramy. If you want to post it here looking for feedback than go for it.

  21. Off season pics can be incredibly misleading in terms of what the final product brings simply due to everyone having different metabolisms etc. in the end all that matters is what you look like on stage. I’ve never once had a judge ask me how I looked off season. Don’t be afraid to post pics. 99% of the coconuts that comment on the front page will never step foot on stage.

  22. I’ve always trained chins heavy mostly 3-8 reps, my mid back is visually my strongest area, but I think that’s just a me thing, probably better off doing cable work if it doesn’t work for you.

  23. Chin ups work the biceps a lot more than lat pulldowns do. If you've got a lot of arm strength it could be that they're taking over more than you'd like. Chin ups are a great back exercise but there are still better isolation exercises for your lats.

  24. I recommend food poisoning or getting covid and having it completely kill your appetite so that you lose 20 pounds in 10 days personally.

  25. It’s really looking like that. He’s reposted a bunch of stories of people theorizing that, plus of course the latest post. If it is true it’s a smart move.

  26. Is it possible to increase ur strength while cutting? Because that’s exactly what happened to me. Not only have i increased weights on several exercises, but i also control the negative now. I also started taking creatine during this time so idk if thats whats helping me.

  27. I’m going through the same thing right now. Been cutting for about 6 weeks. Have made noticeable changes to my physique, but at the same time have continued progressing on nearly every lift in my program. I don’t seem to have a decrease in progression until the last couple weeks of a cut when everything from cardio to calories are at their max level of output/restriction

  28. Definitely legs. Unless you wear clothes that are too small or are genuinely massive it’s hard to tell someones physique by upper body

  29. It’s possible it’s precisely because they use the internet they’re asking. There’s a lot of information to sift through, even more than when I was looking around 2012-2015.

  30. I sometimes think they are just looking for a community to give them the answers they want to hear. Not in a lazy way just in a very human way.

  31. I feel like this is due to surge of tiktok/shorts 1 year into bodybuilding “coaches” that have conflicting views to everything. “Do this, never do that” kind of people. Omg THIS MISTAKE is RUINING UR GAINS. Most of them are advanced techniques where most beginners forget the most basic stuff; just stay consistent to the gym and follow a single plan.

  32. OK so what's the ideal time to start carb loading before a competition? I'm seeing online say a few days out, others say a day out, Arnold's encyclopaedia has Arnold saying a few days out isn't sufficient enough and it should start on the Tue if your competition is Sunday lol. I'm so confused. Is it based on trial and error?

  33. question for y’all, does carb/fat ratio matter at the intermediate - early advanced stages, so long as you are hitting your minimum requirements?

  34. Got one for my bf and he loves it and plays it almost everyday for an hour or so & it really helps him wind down. I feel like from how happy it makes him it was worth it for me to buy. If ur not in a rush just join the playstation waiting list on Sonys website, took like 3 months to get it directly (it’s too expensive imo from a reseller)

  35. I fucking love my ps5, but I obviously don’t know what makes owning something “worth it” for you personally…

  36. Most incredible console I’ve ever owned. The key is having a flatscreen with a solid refresh rate and updated HDMI ports to really get the best use out of it.

  37. Could some volunteers experienced for over 4-5 years help me design my workout schedule and workouts to be done in a full week? Myself I’m 22 years old and doing gym since 8 months, for weight gain! Gained 5kgs in the 1st two months and no change in weight from 3rd month till 8th month! I wanna know what are the best exercises and which day which part to be trained and etc! Thank you

  38. How many days a week can you go? What does your eating/sleeping look like? Do you have any background in sports? What do your stats look like now compared to the beginning? What exercises do you love and what do you hate?

  39. Starting gamma bomb Monday. Finishing mini cut today so I'm going to have some subway and cookies to celebrate. Looking forward to some high rep training as powerlifting has got so boring and I just look like a very dense noodle with no definition anywhere

  40. Here in ireland its pissing rain, what do i do. the gym is 20 minutes away walking and im 15 so no car or anything like that. Ive already had my rest day and i dont wana get to the gym looking like a dripping wet bag of meat. anyone have any advice?

  41. Are you a beginner? Then no, there's loads of free info already. Most online coaches would probably just send you a generic program anyway

  42. id say try training alone, nutrition and training advice can be mostly found online, get yourself a gym buddy if u dont like working out alone, but in all reality, it depends on the person, i personally dont like having a personal trainer.

  43. The point of doing a preacher curl is having more demands in the lengthened portion of the movement, if you’re going to avoid it just do another exercise.

  44. is there a place where beginners/those who aren’t going to compete (at least any time soon) can post their physiques and get feedback? I’m still less than a year into seriously lifting but I’d love some feedback just so I know what to work on and don’t dig myself into a hole. I just feel like this isn’t the place since everyone posting their physiques are prepping for a show.

  45. For some reason I have a ringing in my ear that won't go away, I just checked my headphone levels and my audio exposure hasn't been bad so.... this sucks. take care of your ears bros

  46. I've had that a lot,the thing that fixed it for me was to use the headphone safety setting on my iphone and setting it up on 90 decibels

  47. My day in order: got to leave work really early > learned student loan forgiveness might not happen (oh well) > new shoes were delivered > injured my lower back at the gym.

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