Why Are Straight Men Attracted to Penis? (Especially the Big, Thick, Long Ones)

  1. I think they're probably not as straight as they think, but that's still a "bad" thing. It took me until last December, 35 and a half years old, to recognize, accept, and admit.

  2. I honestly think there are more bisexuals than we assume. Just bisexual erasure is so effective that people only know hetero and homo.

  3. Not sure but some people do not have a romantic attachment to men but do have a sexual desire to be with them

  4. I do think the trend of growing heteroromantics (because you can’t really call yourself straight if you like the same sex) is either going to bite us in the ass as a community.

  5. If you peruse the gay men sub-reddits, the hetero-romantic attitude comes across as objectifying if not dehumanizing to them, and they have no interest in bi men as a result.

  6. I have to say that I spent a majority of my life in a closeted situation. Held, deep, in that closet by 1) the fear of who I was and 2) the fear that -without other out gay/bi men in my community- I could face violence for seeking out a male partner.

  7. It’s a bisexual journey where they need to rip away their internalize homophobia as well. Getting rid of the pressure from society as well. I remember I was attracted to penis when I discovered porn as a teenager. Then it became men. Suppressing my attraction to men. I fully accepted my bisexuality at this point. They aren’t stress. They are at least heteroflexible or one us bi men.

  8. This is actually the opposite of what I've heard from the straight guys I know (ya know, the ones who feel like they need to talk about why they could never be with a man the second they find out you're bi).

  9. I think it’s that they aren’t fully straight and for a lot of people, it’s easier to accept something they’re repressing if they tell themselves it’s just a sex thing since arousal lowers inhibitions.

  10. Your comments have been very insightful and extremely interesting. This entire topic came to me around the mid 30s as well. It is interesting that it seems like a common age. Perhaps it's a time when statistically we interact we peers less and as a result are less swayed by those opinions.

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