Does anyone have luck fishing this style plastic? Never fished a trick worm and looking for tips, ideal rod, and line preference. What has been your ideal method to work this bait? Ideal conditions, etc?

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  1. Love it, works great on a small shaky head! I fish it on a tight line along the bottom and shake as I go with small pauses

  2. A shaky head was my first thought but wasn’t sure. Thanks. Do you have a preference for line weight and rod? Texas rig or exposed hook?

  3. Weightless texas rig twitched like a fluke, shaky head, neko, drop shot, wacky rig or regular texas rig. In other words, a very versatile bait.

  4. My ultra light is currently strung up with 4lb fluoro so I may need to go with my medium light that is currently strung with 6lb. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I like Texas rigs with 1/8oz bullet weight and a size 3 offset shank hook. I like June bug color the best. When the tip doesn’t hold I rig it wacky.

  6. Weedless and weightless. Caught more Bass on them than about any other lure. Usually get numbers and not lunkers, but have caught a few worthy of hanging on the wall.

  7. spot keeper shakey head on 8lb fleuro 10lb braid on my spinning gear. i won my first tournament using those. black w red flake is my favorite color

  8. Love them, especially on a weightless Texas rig. Great for throwing in lay downs, weed lines, and docks. They are so versatile and you can fish them on so many different setups.

  9. The magnum trick on an owner shakeyhead is money . I've caught a grip of mud marlins with that combo!

  10. I usually texas rig them with a 3/16 or 1/4 oz weight. If I am fishing rocks, I use a 20lb flouro leader with whatever braid is on the reel.

  11. They're one of the best because they're so versatile. I shakyhead em the most, but I also fish em a lot on a splitshot, Texas rig, Dropshot, or Neko rig.

  12. Green pumpkin trick worm on a shaky head is a go to bite getter for me. I prefer to get solid colors and dip dye the tails myself. I think they look a little less artificial that way.

  13. That color specifically I have used in clear lakes, and often high pressured lakes. Never landed any big ones on it, but it definitely got me some numbers.

  14. I Texas rig. Get a worm hook a bullet weight and put it on weedless. If your not familiar there’s plenty of videos. It’s easy once you see it. That’s the only way I fish them. I know a lot of people say wacky rig crushes bass but Iv never tried that.

  15. Yes! Love fishing these on an lightly weighted ewg 4/0 hook. I wish they were stronger like a z-man worm, but leave like a 1/2 or so above the eye of the hook and rig it Texas style. Twitch that baby a few times and I almost always get a fish after a few casts.

  16. It worked so well a crazy lady was offering me 50 bucks to take her fishing after I caught that 6 pounder. No joke. It was the crazy thing to ever happen to me fishing.

  17. Yup. Part of the reason why I grabbed these. It was the last pack at Dicks and wanted to throw a plastic I’ve never used.

  18. I being punked? Yeah...T rig that bitch and watch what happens. The Zoom trick worm is the plastic worm to which all others are compared. Although Senko guys would say the same thing and I think that worms what the hell do I know?

  19. Absolutely not! Haha. Although if what you say is true, I would understand why you think I’m punking ya.

  20. Shakey head all day! Make sure you have a leader. Cast, pause, drag, shake, pause, jerk, pause… shake n bake baby

  21. Perfect bait - work it quicker in warmer months. When it’s cold, slowly bounce off the bottom with a slip weight. Always Texas rig with or without weight. Land it in the right spot, you don’t even have to work it.

  22. U can wacky rig it on about 10-12 kind mono with a medium light rod and it works great. Can’t tell you how many fish I’ve caught on that.

  23. It is hilarious that you literally picked my FAVORITE FALL / WINTER bait. I Texas rig that and love it. I have caught over 50 fish with it :)

  24. Yes, but I haven't found any plastic worm that beats a Motor oil senko. In my experience. Just caught a 2 1/2 pounder on one the other day. Wouldn't hit anything else.

  25. Zoom trick worms (green pumpkin with red flakes) are my go to when all else fails. Texas rig it all day with an 1/0 offset hook and 1/8oz bullet head sinker. You’d be surprised what you can catch with them throughout the year

  26. Love Trick Worms and like this one pictured, and have it in my bag (several pouches) right now. It works, especially when you’re fishing bottom where you want your plastic worm presented up off the bottom. I fish it mainly on a shaky head EWG jig.

  27. Fucking banger bait right there. I throw them on a weightless ewg hook, and work them over Lilly pads. Let them sink in the holes, or if you get right up next to cover just let it sink. That tail has an airpocket in it. So as the hook and worm rest on the ground that little bright tail is waggling about.

  28. Shakey head. I fish braid to mono leader. I know floro is better, I just suck at tying floro. Fast action rod, spinning or bait caster will work.

  29. One of my favorites! I use fairly light line on a spincast. I rig up by using a small piece of clear plastic tubing that I slide over the worm. Then take a circle hook and put it under the piece of tubing so you're not putting hook right into the worm. I also like to take a small nail and insert into the tail. That way I can make it "dance" on its tail.

  30. I like it on a shaky head. Everyone is different, but I prefer to work it on a slack line without actually making the bait move toward you. If you don’t get a bite, move it forward around a foot and repeat.

  31. Those are wonderful, great length too. Id fish them on a texas rig with an unpegged bullet weight. Or dropshot them. Shaky head would work as well but for some reason I dont seem to have as good of luck on a shaky head compared to a texas rig/ bullet weight.

  32. I've found anything that is squishy with a Texas rig will catch fish. Just straight mono. Palomar or improved clinch knot. One trick I picked up if you're using a baitcaster or spincast reel is to palm the reel and pinch the first few inches of line in your index and middle finger as you work the lure. You'll feel the slightest tick.

  33. I like the light dragging on the bottom with some twitching and the lift and sink methods a few other people have mentioned above. Both on a Texas rig.

  34. I appreciate everyone’s feedback! Lots of good info here I can refer to. Have a good one on the waters!

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