puppy touching a human for the first time in its life

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  1. I think this is the first time the pup has reached out and made contact, not the first time a human has ever touched it. It looks like this pup is just old enough to have its eyes open, so before this it was a blind mewling thing that didn't know what was touching it and couldn't reach out to reciprocate.

  2. By being a stray, primarily, but more likely this is just some video they found on the internet and they made up a bullshit story to get you to click that pretty little upwards arrow.

  3. The real answer is that “yadda yadda yadda for the first time” is the new reddit karma title trend. I’ve seen so many of these the past week.

  4. I think it's the other way 'round! Because a dog will change your life!! Cures depression, anxiety and fills your life with love!! And it will make you more confident and will (annoyingly) make you a healthier person!

  5. With all dogs, pet under the chin, not the top of the head. They can think you’re going for their neck in the back where they can’t defend themselves, and you’re blocking their vision and making them drop their heads submissively. Just reach in low so they can see your hand and scratch their chin and neck. You can then move to that spot on their chest.

  6. You need to touch your puppies a lot pretty much everywhere. That gets them used to being touched so when you go to the vet or need to trim nails and give a bath it won't mind. This is part of Socializing A dog it should start early by getting used to touch and having guests over to see and play a bit so the pup gets used to people. If your a breeder and not doing this your jkinda giving the pups a really bad start

  7. To add- it doesn't hurt, especially when meeting a new dog, to close your hand (like a fist), and hold it out a little (under snout height, so it doesn't freak the dog out like stated above), and let the dog come to you. If you close it like this, and the dog decides absolutely not and tries to bite, it likely won't get the meaty bits of your hand and cause excessive damage.

  8. I don't know why you're downvoted, I thought the same. You can see how the pup backs up when the hand comes from above, and I thought "dammit, take that hand down!" After a dog could smell your hand and see and feel that you aren't a threat, you may later pet other parts of the head, too. (But always ask the owner first before coming near a dog!)

  9. If that’s it’s first time touching a human, it’s been neglected for the first few weeks of its life.

  10. You know what I like about this. The person tries to pet the puppy, but when it pulls back the person instinctively know that the puppy is scared. The person then lets the puppy decide when to touch. Good human. Emotional knowledge checks out.

  11. This is what our dog was like when we first picked her up. A little 8 week old Kelpie X Collie, runt of the litter, so gentle and unsure of herself.

  12. I want to represent humanity for new pups! I come in peace. Here is an offering of beggin strips and chin scratches.

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