1. Was this the one where it was the guy crawling up the hallway to the police and when he went to lift his shirt they've opened fire or is this a different one?

  2. Pro-cop bootlickers try their best to bury this story because it’s one of the most indefensible incidents in recent memory. The cop didn’t even face punishment for executing the guy.

  3. I just watched the clip and I’m shocked. Do he really got away with this murder? Where the fuck is the justice?

  4. Not only did the pig get away with it, he receives something like $2500 per month for the mental anguish he got for murdering this guy. He is being rewarded to this day.

  5. From my understanding, the court refused to allow that video as evidence with the excuse being that it would alter the perception of the jury.

  6. It's very strange to me that there isn't widespread vigilantism against cops when shit like this keeps happening. Cops keep doing murders, civilians keep doing mass shootings, yet the two never seem to intersect. You'd think at least some of the cop murder victims would be friends or family with a crazy gun nut who takes matters into their own hands. But no, apparently not. I'd love to know why that is.

  7. You see, that will not happen, because it had a funny badge on its chest during the murder, making it and innocent "person".

  8. Yep, probably one of the worst US police execution videos I've seen... dude is sobbing and crawling on the floor, trying to obey contradicting commands of several different officers yelling at him.

  9. That poor man was scared for his life and all the officers did was antagonize him and shoot him for attempting to follow commands. I hope those officers rot in a cell for the crime they committed. RIP Daniel.

  10. Last I saw, there were 2 cops there. Charles Langley fled the country to the Philippines. Philip Brailsford (the guy with the engraved gun) was transferred to another PD, claimed PTSD for shooting Daniel, then retired with full benefits.

  11. Apparently is a worryingly common trait of officers to give contradicting order (sometimes not even consciously) to effectively trick a suspect into disobeying.

  12. America is only those things in name, and only ever has been since the beginning of its existence. It's pretty ironic how many things they did/do in direct contradiction to those ever so important core values of theirs.

  13. It is tragic, but I dont know what more can be done if it was put up to a jury and all 12 decided hes not guilty. That's not oppression, it's the opposite: it's the masses being asses.

  14. All these cops got off and weren't punished for this, by the way. Even the guy who had the "You're Fucked" engraving on his gun. Daniel was drunk, crying, and being screamed at by officers, begging them not to shoot him and saying he doesn't want to die. He tried to pull his pants up because they slipped down as he was crawling towards them and he died.

  15. It’s even more awful as you think on how this went through our legal system and just let him off the hook. How a jury saw it and didn’t convict, I don’t know, but it just sucks because it’s so damn plain to see this was wrong. What possible reason was there?

  16. Because the police are held to civillian law which is asinine. The military has their own code of law called the UCMJ. The police should have their own code of law that holds them to a higher standard (a UCPJ).

  17. The case was managed by an extremely conservative DAs office that didn't actually want to convict the cop, but they had to make it seem like they at least tried because of how horrid the video is. It was intentional incompetence on their part, and a perfect example of why the police should never be investigated by local authorities.

  18. Isn't his window still being harassed by the PD that did it too? I remember seeing something where she talked about fearing the day that their kids find the video of their father being murdered. Breaks my fucking heart so much :(

  19. Though it is correct that Brailsford was the one who shot Shavers, it was his commanding officer Charles Langley who was shouting and playing simon says with Shavers.

  20. I found an article where Mesa Police Dept. liked a comment calling people idiot for bringing Daniel Shaver up.

  21. Though it is correct that Brailsford was the one who shot Shavers, it was his commanding officer Charles Langley who was shouting and playing simon says with Shavers.

  22. She became a dula. Still broke as hell and defeated. Seems she( and everyone) has abandoned Daniel's legacy, aside from posts like this

  23. Fuck the law, I'm not gonna listen to those putrid, sick-minded people who are willing to kill civilians for little to no reason other than the bare minimum legal excuses they can use about how it was "necessary" or how they got PTSD from ending someone life. Serves the asshole right

  24. I never understood why the officer made him crawl towards him. Just have him lay on the ground and put handcuffs on him!

  25. Because they enjoyed having power and wanted to humiliate him. That or they were just looking for an excuse to shoot, he can’t have his hands up and crawl at the same time like he could if he walked

  26. They gave him confusing instructions, so they could feel justified for executing him for not performing them.

  27. Did the officer with the giant gun “reasonably” fear for his safety from the unarmed, crying man begging for his life?

  28. I ran across a video by his wife on TikTok where she mentioned the police are still harassing her because she still wants justice. Her TikTok:

  29. Yeah, I used to follow her when I was on FB. The treatment she had received has been beyond awful. It seems to be a cop you must have zero empathy. How they can act the way they do after what she and her girls have been's gross.

  30. No justice happened there. Someone took a job because they wanted to murder people legally, then they murdered people, and they're stilling getting paid for having murdered someone.

  31. I saw the video. I’ve seen a lot and that was one of the hardest things to watch that I’ve ever come across. I hate the police officer so much.

  32. The video hits really hard for me as I think if I was in the same situation I could see the same ending happening to me. The poor guy was in a no win situation. Too many conflicting commands from too many people. He couldn't follow everyones instructions. They could see he was struggling to comply in the confusion but opted for sad.

  33. Brailsford also sued to get his murder weapon back I believe. Truly a psychopath. I live in the Phoenix Metro which Mesa is a part of, lived in Mesa for a few years, he is despised by everyone I’ve talked to about this incident. Fuck Mesa PD.

  34. The fact that the cop got away with this with the clear as day evidence that he committed unprovoked murder. Is all you need to know about the justice system in America. They cannot be trusted. Period. Do not talk. Do not give them any opportunity to get you.

  35. If you had something like that on your ar or back plate on your glock or any home defense weapon period and were defending your home you have a higher chance of losing that case because it looks like you are hoping for that scenario to happen.

  36. It is and the lack of political outrage I see is even more awful. But no one will give Daniel 3 funerals or pay his family million and the cop who murdered Daniel got off scott free and now collects a retirement while claiming PTSD for murdering someone.

  37. This is my best friend. Makes me happy to see people keeping his story relevant. I wish he were known for a better reason. He was a wonderful person. I love and miss you so much Danny.

  38. I'd be careful about that. Sometimes that info is outdated or the wrong person. Wouldn't want to start a harassment campaign against an innocent person.

  39. Be a psychopath, join the police, kill people, get acquitted from all charges, win a lifetime pension for your good deeds to the system.

  40. Time to harrass Phillip braislford for the rest of his life, it's absolutely disgusting that he can get acquitted and then ALSO get a pension for "PTSD" after shooting someone crawling towards him begging 5 times!

  41. If you know anything about this case or have scene the video. It is beyond fucked up. We have no other choice than to rethink our entire policing structure in the US. They are porrly trained and the majority are not qualified for the type of work they have to do. Innocent people are murdered by police every single day in the US. Families are destroyed with no path to live normal lives ever again.

  42. I live in AZ. I took a forensics class at my college. We had guest speakers. Two officers from Mesa PD. The class asked many questions regarding this tragedy, and they refused to answer and were angry with us. They ended up leaving early.

  43. I watched the video and I've never cried watching things like that. It's so sad the way he's pleading for his life while the cop had essentially no reason to kill him. I rarely wish death upon people but I want this dude's death to be extra painful

  44. Wasn’t this the case where the defense successfully withheld from the jury the “you’re fucked” on his dust cover? Wasn’t this the guy where the 911 operator gave false information to the officers that upped the severity of the call?

  45. Its interesting to go back and look at the history if police militarization in the US. Whether you want to start with the Pinkertons and the violence committed against union organizations, militarized police units beating up and murdering anti war protestors in the 60s and 70s, burning nazis alive in the 80s, murdering white supremacists like Vicki Weaver, burning alive cult members in Waco, or all the stuff you see today. There has been a constant progression towards increased police militarization and less accountability. The whole institution needs to be torn down and rebuilt, but their union and lobbying groups are too powerful and hold too much sway in Congress i fear.

  46. I’ll never be able to unsee or unhear that video. Law enforcement is nothing more than an armed, state-sanctioned cult.

  47. Can’t, they’re so heavily Unionised that it’s impossible to go after anyone or change anything without the whole police coming after someone. Even politicaly

  48. This story always infuriates me. Fucking piece of shit cops slapped on the wrist time and again after taking out their high school bullying trauma and small man syndrome on the civilians they’re supposed to protect.

  49. Though it is correct that Brailsford was the one who shot Shavers, it was his commanding officer Charles Langley who was shouting and playing simon says with Shavers.

  50. I wish had no clicked on that link, that was straight up execution. Cold blooded fucking murder, what a scum bag officer

  51. Meanwhile here in Sacramento the family of shitbag Stephon Clark just asked to a settlement with the court for $2.7million for his successful suicide by cop.

  52. This asshole gets an undeserved pension and my mother gets ovarian cancer. Life is really something sometimes

  53. I remember the video. The entire thing was a clown show. They gave him a lot of confusing commands, he was basically detained, all they had to do was send an officer over to cuff him and keep him restrained. But nope, they got him to tears begging, and the moment his hand moved they shot him 5 times but it sounded like three. And he was dead in an instant.

  54. I'll never forget the video and quickly understood which case this refers to. The officer was unable to give proper commands and started shooting because that poor guy was unable to comply with contradicting orders. That officer should be worried about getting the chair instead of a pension.

  55. So funny how all we hear is white privilege, but the most horrendous case of police killing an innocent man is this one qnd barely anyone even knows about it because Daniel wasn't the right race

  56. I think it’s time a public system is put into place to identify cops that have killed people while on duty. They should have to wear a orange jump suit or something so we can identify.

  57. So the only way to have a reasonable chance of surviving an encounter with a cop is to shoot them on sight. America is such a fucking hellhole.

  58. It's you and your family in this world. Protect, love, and cherish them. Fucking backwards ass system we all support. Everyday injustice occurs and people get away with it.

  59. I cringed when I saw this video the first time you could see he was terrified and was willing to comply, the officer maniac fuck gave him extremely confusing orders than shot at the first confused reaction, awful.

  60. And people still say that the police I necessarily and good for everyone. Wake the fuck up. These are not there to help you. All these things want to do is get their pay check and kill innocent people.

  61. Every time I think about this case it pisses me off irrationally. Police are literally a gang in this country. How did we get here.

  62. There's absolutely no back story on that. I actually know the details to this incident, a very tragic one for sure, but it's not all like they would like you to think it is. He had pointed a gun out his hotel window. What should police think? He's just fine, won't do anything like shoot up the town? Of course not, they're supposed to take every threat seriously. When he was actually shot it was because he was reaching for his waist. Again, what should the cops think? Let's give him a chance to pull his gun out and then we'll take him out? Turns out he was unarmed, so it's a sad story, I get it. But it's not as black and white as that sign makes it out to be. Listen, I think there's batter ways to police than the current standard way is that could save lives. Whether or not the cop deserved his pension is not for me to decide, but I think it was rather foolish to fire him and then rehire him so he could get his pension. Just further undermines public trust. And I get it, the family understandably is upset. But no need to try to win some pity by telling half the story. Happens way to much.

  63. I wish I could say what I really thought about these things, but I only have 1 strike left before I get banned from reddit, so I'll just say Fuck the police

  64. I’ve seen this video before. Shortly after it happened. I was outraged. I shared it with other people and got similar responses but what more can we do. This man was murdered on camera and yet his murderer walks free and gets paid to do so. I’m not rewatching it. I can’t bring myself to do it. It’s been years and I can still perfectly picture it. It was genuinely horrifying.

  65. If the cops pull a gun on you, DO NOT MOVE. Fuck their instructions. Do your damn job, come over and cuff me yourself, asshole.

  66. Yep this is the man who was executed by Philip Brailsford the pussy ass bitch pig that had "You're Fucked" engraved on his service weapon. Said pussy ass bitch is collecting a check while on permanent leave for "having suffered extreme trauma" from his blatant murder of a human that was complying with mixed messages from the murderous pussy ass bitch pig Philip Brailsford.

  67. He was Tool fan. End qualified immunity. If nurses can lose their ability to work in the medical industry due to a mistake. Cops should have all their benefits revoked when they execute unarmed people on purpose. 1312

  68. Nice little slap on the wrist for the cop. Of course no actual justice or punishments but hey, you should always believe in the justice system!

  69. I remember seeing the video. Such a tragedy. Didn't a neighbor call the police because she thought they had guns but it was something else.

  70. it’s crazy that people have the energy to attack the fbi hq but this guy just gets to live daily life with no consequences.

  71. Homeboy was drunk af, then was showing off his air rifle to his friends at a hotel. Guest saw this from outside, called the police. They were responding to "someone flashing a gun out the window" so pretty high stress already. He didn't lift his shirt up, he straight up put his hand to his right ass cheek. Split second decision either he had a gun and was reaching for it or he was drunk and pulling his pants up at the wrong time. Idk about you but if I already think someone has a gun and they do that the safety of everyone else becomes top priority in mind for me. From what I've seen from bodycam footage, just my own opinion. Not saying it wasn't sad, just see it from both sides before you start condemning people you don't know for something you know nothing about 🤷‍♂️

  72. This was the video that convinced my (formerly) Fox News loving, Trump voting, conservative mom that there are real issues with police violence and accountability in our country.

  73. I remember this. It is so disgusting. The private police union needs to be investigated. Why do you think so many police get away with murder or violence of citizens or their own family members. Hey they are a huge old political machine and have no desire to give power

  74. We need some punisher like vigilante that takes retribution on these people and assassinates officers who blatantly kill someone for no reason. I honestly don’t care about the officers family and friends because the officer didn’t care out the person who they murdered.

  75. a lot of people actually have heard of this case actually, my family had a sit down and talk about it. what ‘society’ cares about is ruthless murder done to innocents, and sadly, a very good majority of cases where the victim was killed by a cop even if they had done nothing wrong, have been black

  76. So, have your priorities and capacity for moral understanding always been this fucked up? Or did you become religious later in life, just curious

  77. I live in Germany and heard about this. It was all over the news, I can't really imagine you haven't heard about it in the country it happened in unless you actively ignored it

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