Why do people act so weird when they drive around the lot?

  1. From the perspective of this customer, I have to say that it does feel weird to know that I'm being watched by sharply dressed people in sunglasses when I'm trying to navigate one of life's bigger decisions. For me, I just need to think. I need to not speak or be spoken to. I've seen this online, I want to see it for real, and to just think about it. I don't want to be rude. I respect your job and your ability to help me, but sometimes that help comes down to letting me mull this decision over in silence. Trust me, it's awkward on both ends.

  2. I saw a lady walk out the door, hand the couple a cold water and said: here you go here is some water to keep you cool, enjoy while you look at our inventory. I’m Alice¿ you are free to sit in them all and look, let me know if you want to test drive some. She walked off.

  3. 100% agreed. Also, those cheesy jokes and one-liners they use just come across as canned responses and kinda perpetuate the image of that sleazy used car salesman. Not saying I agree with that image, but that's how it comes across.

  4. That's totally reasonable. It's also totally reasonable for a salesperson to approach you and for you to tell them exactly what you'd like out of the interaction.

  5. Make an appointment and go inside to talk to the sales guy. Just let them get through their spiel. It will take 15 minutes, but it will be so much smoother if you let feel like they're in charge and getting the information their manager wants them to get. Then they'll let you drive it.

  6. So much this! And sometimes I just want to drive through. That’s it. I may even get out and look in one or a few but that’s all I want to do. I don’t need you literally high-tailing it over to me. If I’m lingering then by all means, it’s reasonable to approach.

  7. Honestly, everytime I've looked for a vehicle I never needed another adult to "sell" me something I'm already looking for. Salespeople (no offense) have never been anything for me but burdensome and overbearing throughout the entire process. Only person I want to hear from is finance.. have met some nice salespeople though regardless.

  8. You to me would be a Carvana buyer. You see it online, you want it delivered and no need for a salesman. I wouldnt exactly even say youre my demographic ya know?

  9. Exactly what I was thinking. They are looking at cars but don't want to waste your time - so they don't get out of the car. That's the signal for I'm just looking

  10. May i ask why you would come to a place where you know that someone is going to come out and greet you as deemed by their job description. Why not come on sunday or after hours when theres no one to worry about in general? Okay so you dont have time to come at those points, we have a website that they only bother you if YOU put your info in.

  11. I like to walk up to them and go "Hey are you TOM?" and when they say no say you were expecting someone named TOM that was coming in to look at vehicles. Now the customer has a new adversary TOM. You wouldn't believe how much faster the deals go down when they think they are competing with good ol TOM.

  12. Yeah. That's why i pick random names like Carlson, or Sheila. Like everybody's met someone named that, but the chances of it being someone's name is pretty slim. Usually using old-timey names for younger folk, and younger folk names for ol timers.

  13. I just want to see the cars available on the lot without being bothered by a sales person. Often the pictures don't do it justice.

  14. It's impossible to win 100% on these. Some of them will get pissed that you tried to help. Some will get pissed if you DON'T try to help. Just keep doing what you're doing and move on from the ones that don't stop.

  15. Because believe it or not sometimes people actually are just looking. Now me personally I do that on a Sunday when the lot is closed, it makes it easier for everybody.

  16. Respect. My answer would be that they are kinda embarassed and feel bad that someone is waiting on them when they are just looking/goofing off/turned into wrong place.

  17. If you’re “just looking” at cars, you’re in the market for a vehicle. Therefore it is a dealership salespersons job, or rather responsibility, to attempt to be of assistance.

  18. I’d rather you not waste your up on me when I’m just browsing. When I’m ready to make a buying decision, I’ll come find a rep.

  19. May I ask: Would you be the kind to come to a car lot and tell all the salesmen that you dont need help and be standoffish each time you come, then when you are ready to buy, get mad that the salesmen dont come out to you because they think you dont need help?

  20. People are afraid of being scammed and ripped off by dealers as it’s such a normal thing in the US so that’s why they act weird.

  21. Yeah I wouldnt jump on the hood or nothing. I walk outside give a smile and wave to signal that im here and see you. I get alot of pointing haahaha “look at these idiots coming outside thinking they can sell me somethjng”

  22. I know I'll get down voted for this, and I feel a bit bad about it now after reading this post. But as a teenager in high-school there was nothing to do in our small town. We'd go cruise through the car lots slowly and let the salesmen cruise out to us on their golf carts and then leave the lot. We only done it at the lots where they used golf carts. I know, I know we were some wild children back in the day.

  23. If they stay in their car I never approach. Even though I’ve had a couple annoying managers who want someone to basically throw themselves in front throat car. Screw that. If they park and get out, I’ll go out and see what’s what. Just tell me once and I’ll go stare at nothing (read: Reddit) until someone actually in the market arrives.

  24. Same reason we go through the parking lots on Sundays. We want to browse cars without a salesman breathing down our neck.

  25. I get that but its Friday at 5pm in the summer on a sunny day. That and saturday are like the worst days to avoid salespeople

  26. My lot is about 6 acres of black top, we’ve got one entry and one exit. My favorite part is that there is a curb on the drive and it gets steeper or deeper or taller idk what the fuck ya wanna say, but when you’re chasin em and they floor it over that curb and bottom out their cars oh so sweet 🤣

  27. How are you filling 6 acres of black top in this day and age? The BMW secondary lot near me has already been leased out to a landscaping company.

  28. I feel you bro. My lot had 11 acres. We even had a great greeting that they couldn’t answer “just looking” to. Some tried and I would just repeat the question. We had a “rat trap” in ours. One way in, one way out.

  29. Think it is all in the approach. Some people are just very stand offish and scared to be “sold”. Guard is hi and they don’t wanna give you anything. Some people have spent 27 hours on Reddit and YouTube and now coming in thinking they know everything and read the “ how to buy a car” strategy guide. Maybe try to mix up your approach. Can I point you in the right direction? A conversation is going to happen but they will feel like oh he is just trying to give me guidance not come with me but then you can of course ask more questions.

  30. I’ve done that before. Usually actually looking to buy, but maybe don’t have time to talk or some such. Just a quick look to see if It might be worth stopping by later.

  31. I dont mind a polite smile and wave. Its the reaction where people seem surprised salesman are working on a friday and saturday afternoon and don’t understand what reason you could be out there.

  32. I will leave immediately if a lot shark comes right up to me the moment i pull in. I want to look and be left alone. If i have questipns or i am ready to make a purchase i will come find a sales rep.

  33. I have purchased 3 new trucks in the last 3 years, all of them from a car lot where no one came out and bothered me AT ALL when i pulled in. I look at the vehicle(s), decide which i want to test drive go inside and tell them which i want to drive they photocopy the D/L and hand me the keys and leave me alone. Zero hassle, no bugging me with the rigged questions trying to ascertain how much i make or what kind of payments i could afford, etc. When i get back from the test drive if i want to purchase i go in and pay for the truck and sign what needs signed and head home. The lack of annoying sales shark attitude is why i continue to go back to this dealership for both my personal and my business trucks.

  34. But do you understand salesmen cant just NOT talk to you? Also if a car salesman doesnt come out to talk to you its because you dont think you COULD buy or that you are a waste of time. We also don’t have a crystal ball that says who is just looking and who is buying.

  35. I don't get it either. If you don't want to talk just say so, I'll think you're a socially inept coward coward if not. I would gladly hear "fuck off" than some of the things i've seen and heard.

  36. I avoid those people like the plague. If I'm walking by and they roll their window down I just wave and keep going.

  37. You will be when dealerships are gone because the manufacturer will control the price across the board. Fred’s Ford will just be Ford and no one will be able to negotiate the already spiked price. Some say that is the path we are currently on

  38. LOL because they can't wait to ignore everyone on the lot, go home, and put an inquiry in with BDC....who will tell them to come in...

  39. First off, seeing a car in person is different from seeing it online. Second, not everybody trusts a claim made on a website.

  40. The Supra looks like shit in pictures, it’s looks amazing in person. Almost like people want to see an actual product in person that they are spending tens of thousands of dollars on.

  41. Oh but God forbid you don’t go up to them and they sneak around the back and walk inside to say “does anyone even want to sell a car here?”

  42. Ill never forget it. I worked at a place where salesman were told to wait until a customer walks inside and asks for a salesman.

  43. Not going to lie I did something like that when I had an appointment. Rain was coming down super hard and their parking lot was a clusterfuck. Wasn’t going very slow just looking for a spot to park.

  44. The oldest Auto Plaza in my town was a great place to park outside of the dealer lot and walk through several lots. Always hated being judged by the current ride I’d be in. Now all plazas have no place to park outside of the dealer lot. Even the old ones got updated and took out all the street parking.

  45. Can’t speak to the pointing & other crap behavior - but…. I am driving at a snails pace on your lot because 1) it is a parking lot and all parking lots are a bit of a hazard;2) the density of cars (and lack of space in between) in your lots means I need to drive even slower; 3) I’m surrounded by lots of new cars, so the cost of a accident will always be high here; and (most importantly 4) other customers strolling around your lot are NOT LOOKING AT ME. They are staring at the cars and I can’t trust that they’ll use ANY of their brain cells keeping themselves alive.

  46. I've sold quite a few vehicles to the "just looking" crowd in my short sales career. Also sold a ton of certified pre owned vehicles to people who wanted new, but we had none to give or they had a stroke looking at today's MSRPs...

  47. I don’t like being followed when I’m trying to make a big decision. I have anxiety and I just want to be alone and if I need help I’ll come find you.

  48. As a customer, I feel like I hear this and the complete opposite as well. “I hate getting jumped on right away by a sales rep” then I also hear “I walked around in the lot, looking at vehicles and not one rep approached me or even looked at me!”

  49. Mostly speaking of the last 2 dealers I've been too, cos you don't have anywhere obvious to park and I'd rather not like to scrape any of your nice shiny inventory.

  50. My favorite is when they drive to the end of my “no outlet” used car section and realize they have to back out 400 feet

  51. The same folks that ask you on Facebook marketplace “is this still available?” then go radio silent after you respond.

  52. Customers also bitch these days when there aren’t any sales people available to help them or don’t come outside to help (due to inventory being low)/culture at our dealership. I was locking up the lot and saw a couple looking at some of our trucks. I walked over to just hand them a business card since we were closing but then they got in their car and pulled away. They had to pull around the loop and I figured “maybe they didn’t see me and I’ll just wave as they come around” The lady literally slammed on the gas in her car as they drove by me. Nearly flying over a large speed bump. Like… what kind of mental midget do you have to be? I was just trying to do my job in a very passive way and giving you someone to contact. Cringe ass people, man.

  53. Yeah to many times have I told sales people I'm just looking at the moment when I'm ready I'll ask for you and then have them step back like 4 steps and watch me like a hawk. Like backt tf up dude 🤣

  54. My dealership policy is we never approach customers on the lot. If someone is interested in something or has questions, they will come inside.

  55. Sure they can point and laugh at you. But you will be laughing in the end when they pay $7,000 over MSRP for a Kia and 6 months later the repo man is circling the block.

  56. I saw someone doing this and they saw me coming and kept driving and continued to drive slowly as I walked behind. Felt strange

  57. For all the people that say they cant stand to be bothered at a car lot, i just want to put out there, after 8 years of this, I still DREAD everytime you pull into the lot. Im content calling people that are ready to buy right now and I have to take a risk of stopping what Im doing to go out and potentially get my ass reamed out for just asking if i could help you considering you are at my place of business.

  58. This isnt racist but a large majority of our customers are Indians. You should see the traffic jams and door dings. It’s at times the funniest part of our day.

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