Have guns actually ever stopped a mass shooting?

  1. In my city just a few years ago a man entered a restaurant and started shooting people, two different people were able to shoot the shooter with their own firearms. The shooter was killed, none of people he shot died.

  2. Examples like this is why it’s so “rare” for mass shooting to be stopped by a CCW holder. Because neither of those two events would be reported as a mass shooting so when you look into the statistics about stopping mass shooters these wouldn’t show up

  3. There was the Church in Texas where the guy walked in with a gun, and before he could fire a shot, was taken down by two other people, one of which was an off duty federal officier IIFC.

  4. I have spoken to people from European countries who's minds are blown after visiting America because it is so different than how it is portrayed on TV.

  5. Are there any snippets of this unpublished cdc study? Like what institutes a "defensive handgun use" or what area these 2 million uses occurred in? That could be a great resource for law enforcement.

  6. I think the real issue is with gun violence statistics is that that for 20 years Federal Government prohibited funding any research into gun violence via the

  7. I was looking for this exact comment. The top one you posted involving Eli Dicken happened just a town away from me. We go to that mall all the time as it's the one closest to me. I carry a weapon as well so it's just crazy to me to think I may have had to shoot if I was there that day as we almost planned on doing.

  8. Yupp, Greenwood mall, you just don’t hear about them because it didn’t turn into a mass event, thankfully

  9. In under 20seconds no less. That is why you should always have a sidearm. Its like toilet paper.. better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

  10. Yep. Just a couple weeks ago in an Indianapolis suburb. Guy was at the mall with his gf, psycho came out of the bathroom with his long gun and started shouting uo folks at the food court. Guy with his gf pulled his pistol and killed bad guy. Saved a lot of lives the police said.

  11. Yes. A few weeks ago at that mall in Indianapolis. Also there was that church a few years ago where some psycho walked in with a shotgun and one of the congregation members one-tapped him. I am sure there are more. These are just the most high-profile in the last several years.

  12. Guns can lead to a disaster in the hands of idiots. A mass shooter is usually someone who's pushed over the edge by personal drama, bullying, and so on.

  13. Yes it's happened plenty of times in the US. Most recently in a mall in Indiana. Before thar I think north Carolina. The media is anti gun so stories that show guns can be good and save lives get very little traction. They don't sell clicks or reads or fit the narrative.

  14. The media here is very antigun amd the stories get buried alot. It's also hard to say if the shooter would have made mass shooter status since he was stopped.

  15. Yes, lots of covering up. You can find stories about not just mass shootings, but crime of all sorts being prevented by armed citizens and police.

  16. Don't know about mass shootings, but I can tell you my guns has saved my life at least seven times. My wife's life at least twice. And my childrens at least once.

  17. My god, you need to either think about moving or hang out at different places. I'm pro gun but this is just crazy.

  18. Vast majority of gun crime in America comes from hand guns between rival gangs in inner cities. Most people who live in America will never witness a gun crime or even see a gun in real life.

  19. This is what people from other countries don't understand. They see the media that makes everything so dramatic and think mass shootings are a huge part of everyday life. They don't realize that the handful of school shootings a year is a tiny amount for a country with 330 million people and I have zero worries about anyone shooting me

  20. Hmmm most people won’t see a gun? Do you mean in a violent manner or do you think most people haven’t been to Walmart?

  21. Yes, all the time. The US media only wants negative and harmful news, so the feel good stories of the good guy with the register gun get put on the backburner. How many people have to be killed before I'll give up my guns? ALL OF YOU.

  22. Mass shootings often happen in places where people aren't allowed to carry guns. People who try to become mass shooters in places where it's legal to carry a gun often don't get off more than a few shots before someone with a gun shoots them, hence they don't become mass shooters.

  23. First off there would be no statistical data showing any mass shootings prevented by a someone else with a gun, because it would have been stopped before it could happen. Now when it comes to mass shootings almost every time it is sopped by gun, whether it’s an individual with a gun, the police force with their gun or the shooter themself using their gun to take their own life.

  24. I made a comment in this post with the same sentiment.. because like you said there’s a huge difference between what happened in Indianapolis and in Uvalde. In the sense that potential mass shooter was shot and in the other case obviously that mass shooter carried out their sick plan

  25. Of course. 2-3 weeks ago some one started sitting in a mall. A constitutional carry guy sit him in 15 seconds. Saved untold lives.

  26. I agree that our sedentary lifestyles are not ideal but I don't think they rise to the level of a shooting.

  27. The presence--or possible presence--of armed civilians has a deterrent effect that can't be measured reliably. The common pro-gun claim that many or even most mass shootings take place in locations where firearms are forbidden might support this, or it could just be a correlation between densely populated areas and rules against carrying deadly weapons.

  28. Nope. A man stopped a wound be shooter at a mall he had shot 3 or 4 people and the man saw him go into the bathroom and waited for him to come out and killed him. That was recently.

  29. There was a church in Texas that was targeted by a mass shooter that was stopped by a good guy with a gun

  30. Yes, all the time. But because of biased news media outlets, these are never reported on. It's always the ones that are the worst and get tons of people killed, and never the ones that are stopped by a civilian carrying a firearm before anyone gets hurt.

  31. Yes, even recently. This young guy with no military or police training just went in using his instincts, and eliminated this mass shooter before he could really start shooting up the mall

  32. as far as i know, no they havent. some cases have stopped more casualties from happening, but deaths and injury are not stopped at all.

  33. Yes guns have, there is multiple incidents. Where law bidding citizens and Cops have taken down a shooter before they could do more damage.

  34. Something else you have to consider is how many defensive uses of firearms there are. And by “defensive use” I don’t necessarily mean someone shooting someone else in self defense. If they just brandished it to stop a beating, stabbing, rape, etc then it is still defensive use, and many of those go unreported.

  35. Every year in America, there are up to 3 MILLION defensive use of firearms... God bless the 2nd Amendment to The Constitution.

  36. Just a couple weeks ago actually. A young man in Indiana, with no military or police training, killed a man who had opened fire in the food court of a crowded mall. And this is far more common than you might think. The FBI estimates that up to a half a million crimes are thwarted through the use of a defensive firearm every year. But they most often go unreported.

  37. May 26th of this year a man started shooting up a party in West Virginia and was shot dead by a women carrying a pistol. He was the only one killed and no one was injured.

  38. Maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way, maybe I'm not? But sure there are plenty of instances where armed "good guys" kill a possible mass shooter. But isn't the fact that everyone is armed the reason why there is a possible mass shooter in the first place? The US is the only major country with a mass shooter problem, and the huge difference is the fact that so many people are armed. Am I crazy? Is the correlation not completely obvious?

  39. Google "Greenwood Park Mall" and Elisjsha Dicken. Perfect example. If not for Mr Dicken's excellent shot placement, many innocent shoppers would have been killed by that copycat shooter.

  40. Well I'm not american but since I live in europe I don't need a gun because mass shootings doesn't happen once a week

  41. There was a guy shooting up a mall and was shot by a bystander before he could kill anyone. Thus was a few weeks ago

  42. I personally believe it would, look at all the schools getting shot up these days... heartbreaking More school shootings than there is people going into a police station and doing a mass shooting.

  43. yes, happens all the time. when you hear of a story of a shootout between two people chances are one of them is a good guy and the other is a criminal but they both get arrested and charged so the media will label them both criminals and everyone doesnt care cause they think its just criminals killing each other

  44. Considering most mass shootings happen in places you're not supposed to carry guns. Not a whole lot of the time. Google how many gun shows get shot up. Or how many sporting good stores get robbed. As dumb of an argument as it is. Nobody has ever shot up an NRA meeting. At least not that I am aware of.

  45. I love the way people say that one person shooting another person who wants to shoot other people is a good example of how guns improve everyone’s safety.

  46. Yes we hear it all the time on how UK is so wonderful and smart and how Americans are just dumb idiots who care about their rights too much..it’s really getting old and annoying hear this over and over especially from the very country where we had to have a revolution to gain our independence from

  47. Yes. The media doesn’t like to cover those stories much because it doesn’t fit the narrative that “ guns are bad.” Guns save lives. Unless you’re a Texas police officer and sit with your guns while you listen to 19 kids get shot. Talk about calling in “good guys” with guns to stop a bad guy with a gun in a gun free zone.

  48. Yes. The UK barely has had any since they were banned in about '96. The worst I can think was last year....I think 2 ppl killed sadly. Countless lives have been saved. We do have bad knife crime though. :-(

  49. Other countries, like Swiss if I am not mistaken, have laws that allow citizens to own military grade weapons, and yet mass shootings are at the level of virtual inexistence... Why? I think that it has a lot to do with how much fair or just or equal in terms of opportunities a society is, than if (responsible) people are allowed to have access to guns... There seems to be a relation between inequality, access to basic and fundamental rights and gun violence... Wonder why...

  50. Multiple times, twice the cops killed the guy who shot the mass shooter, we have to assume there are times when cops don’t kill the good guy.

  51. Trying to prove something didn't happen is very difficult, but look at Robb Elementary School. Cops were well armed and didn't stop anything.

  52. I live in the US. It’s feels like the old west but everywhere. People shooting it out. I thought vigilante justice was bad? Now it seems like we rely on it? I imagine it would take a mental tole on someone who had to kill another person. I understand protection and hunting, but assault rifles? Only if you are planning on going to war. It’s confusing. I’m used to gang violence, but they are usually shooting at each other, not innocent children. I question the mental health of a country where so many people die at events, schools, etc. it’s terrorism.

  53. This is why I don’t think gun control is the best solution to the problem I like Psychologist solution much better to actually prevent these tragedies from happening they just need to be implemented across all 50 states.

  54. The only thing that sucks is yes everyone might have guns, but only criminals and dick heads who want to kill people are the ones who carry them. Thats the majority of incident's. You get fired if you carry your weapon on you, no businesses wants people to have firearms so a lot of people " respect it " and dont carry inside businesses ........it seems

  55. Active shooters have been stopped by someone else with a gun; I don’t know how common it is. It is impossible to know what would or wouldn’t have resulted in “mass shooting” though.

  56. So I guess it helps to maybe clarify a bit with your question but there is a real difference to be made. So there’s a big difference between stopping an actual mass shooting (i.e. several victims have already been shot/killed) and someone with a gun actually intervened and stops it before it gets worse (which is what I think you meant w/ your question). AND then there’s the scenario that a lot of people are mentioning..where someone with a gun stops a bad guy from committing a potential mass shooting, so there’s no actual civilian casualties other than the mass shooter.

  57. The scenario in the mall in Indiana the "good guy with a gun" shot and killed the perpetrator before the mass shooting became worse. Apparently the perp had already shot about 3 people before he was engaged. Easily could have been much worse.

  58. Several times, they don't get big media coverage for obvious reasons. But yes. One civilian was able to take the gunman down from over 50 yards away and 8 out of 10 shots hit the target. With proper training and skill, it's a very useful tool to have in your hand. Without training, you are a danger to everyone around you.

  59. Many times actually it just rarely makes the news however the one with the 22 year old in indiana did just recently. There was also another with a dude in texas at a church a few years back and many more i don't recall. Besides most mass shooters target gun free zones which in some states are enforceable with criminal charges which would prevent many from carrying, however some states do not recognize gun free zones

  60. Even if the laws allowed unrestricted access to gun for every person, I don't think any more morally good citizens would carry weapons than current numbers, most people do not carry weapons on a daily basis. But like someone else said, if a regular citizen steps up the casualties are much less than waiting for law enforcement.

  61. Yes, but as the incident then never happened, it rarely makes the news. Defensive gun uses are rarely reported outside of statistics unless there is some extenuating circumstance that makes the story titillating in some way.

  62. I mean technically they do if the shooter decides to shoot themselves, for example Columbine, it was supposed to be a bombing and then as the people rushed out they would gun down the people, and then the police, but the bombs failed, so they went into the school and shot people instead

  63. They have, bit it is also hard to know when they did. Like if someone shoots someone that pulls out a gun and stops them, we will never know if it would have become a mass shooting.

  64. Yes but it never gets the attention in the media. Because they only want to portray the bad not the good outcomes

  65. Yes except the media drops it quickly they do the same for mass shootings that don't fit an agenda also. For example mass shootings that turn out to be caused by gang bangers.

  66. Yeah, guns stop 100,000’s of crimes a year. Mass shootings are also 3 people being hit by a bullet in a single instance. Where I’m from we had a mass shooting technically in a Family Dollar parking lot.

  67. Stopped an addict or drunk from coming into my house one night where my family sleeps while the cops were 20 minutes away. Also stopped a rabid raccoon.

  68. In America, guns are used to prevent a crime between 500,000 and 2million times based on estimates. You can be very damn sure that there are quite a few potential mass shootings in those numbers.

  69. Yeah actually recently. In Indiana like a few weeks ago there was a gunman in a mall or store or something. A guy was carrying and killed him in like less than a minute or something. The state had just approved constitutional carry. So yeah it can happen.

  70. yes actually one was stopped at a mall the other day lemmie see if i can find the artical. The problem it mass shootings are stopped all the time by good people with guns, but the news hardly says anything. Makes antigun laws be pushed. Wont stop ppl from illegally obtainting them however, will only stop ppl who stop the shooters. :/

  71. First off, most people don't have guns, some people have multiple guns. But more importantly, while ownership is protected, most areas don't permit the carry of a gun without special license. It varies by state and locality.

  72. In July a mass shooter. ( 3 or more ppl shot) was taken out by a man who legally had a gun. There are others but that’s the last I remember.

  73. Even if it has, I wouldn't want to have the obligation to take someones life due to them misusing a common piece of equipment. If no one had guns this would not be an issue.

  74. Guns no. A morally responsible person with a gun yes. Guns are just tools. Harmless by themselves but in the hands of an untrained person or someone who wants to inflect damage they then become weapons just as almost any object. Just recently in Indiana USA a armed human open fire inside a mall. He was stopped by a citizen who was carrying lawfully. It happens quite more than reported

  75. It does happen. A lot of it doesn't get reported or is categorized as basic self-defense rather than apprehending a mass shooter, which a lot of folks in the thread have mentioned.

  76. they have and recently in indiana or minnesota i think. it doesn’t seem to happen that much, if so it certainly doesn’t make the news. I’m curious as to how many of these people who carry have been in a situation and frozen instead of stopping the threat. i think a lot of that crowd has a lot to say without knowing how they, or anyone , would actually react. but yeah, the other day some dude shot a dude that had already killed a few people real fast

  77. Recently, a young man stopped a mass shooter attempt in a mall food court. Shooter came out of restroom with a rifle, killed two people before this guy drew his handgun, propped against a pillar, and shot the guy with the rifle from 40 yards away. Fired 10(?) rounds with 8 hitting the bad guy. No more injuries or deaths. Excellent shooting by the good guy.

  78. there have been several incidents where an armed individual has stopped a mass shooting. there are quite a few more where they put an end to someones criminal career in action. and even more who have shot intruders in their own homes.

  79. Just last month, a shooter went into a mall in Indiana. He pulled his gun and got shot by a bystander from 40 yards. Remarkable!!

  80. There are tons of successful self defense and mass shootings stopped by people. You’ll never hear about 99% of them though because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

  81. Well, guns are inanimate objects and don't do anything on their own. Humans use guns, but I understand the question your asking.

  82. Only around 40-45% of Americans own a gun tho yes, every American should take advantage of these rights rather then spitting on them.

  83. Yes, but it’s rare because that kind of truly random mass shootings is very rare. Mass shooting is technically a shooting incident with over a certain number of victims. So gang shootings for example are still classified as a “mass shooting” even though they aren’t what most people think of when they turn on the news.

  84. Google the story about the shooting at the Greenwood, Indiana mall a couple weeks ago. A 22yo man stopped it by killing the shooter. I read about it and saw pictures in the news.

  85. Just last month, got next to no coverage on the news or social media. When you prevent a mass shooting people typically don't care.

  86. There's one guy who just stopped a mass shooting in a mall a couple weeks ago. There was controversy as the mall banned guns so technically he shouldn't have carried, but he put down the mass shooter very quickly and from like 40 feet away without any official training, just shot with his grandpa

  87. Yes, a couple of times. The problem is that those cases never get the same amount of coverage as other shootings. Even rarer still is if they actually make national news, which is why I’m not surprised by your question. Cheers.

  88. Yes, all the time. Mainstream Media has an agenda. Do not trust it. A lot of mass shootings are stopped by good civilian with a gun. Media just doesn't report it.

  89. Yes, a lot. There are on average 1.5 to 2 million defensive use of guns. Out of that around 500 are actually fired, and 300 of those are by police. So roughly around 1.5-2 million a year people protect themselves by just having the gun on them.

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