Is America really as bad as it looks it the media? (to europeans)

  1. Yes it is. I live in Texas. We have our idiot governor who signed a bill to allow open carry without a license. We had a elementary class of kids slaughtered while police stood outside listening. 18 year old with weapon that shoots many bullets per second.

  2. I have lived in the US all of my 59 years, and I’ve watched this country slide downhill in a shocking way.

  3. 24 hour news cycle and reality tv has done its damage to US culture . At least that is what I’d like to blame

  4. You should be a social science teacher, couple this movie with idiocracy and you have a whole semesters worth of learning plan

  5. I'd like to add if all of the above + you are healthy. If you are polychronic and not on elite insurance (unobtainable by non multi millionaires) then it's awful.

  6. I work at a university and have nightmares about mass shootings. In these dreams I'm on the ground, still, quiet, terrified and hoping they don't see me.

  7. I live in a semi-rural area in a county of mixed liberal and conservative ideologies (almost no clashing of left vs right), and I have to say, I don't relate to much of what I see on TV. We bought our home in 2019, before costs skyrocketed, my husband and I have decent jobs, in which I work entirely from home since 2020 and can be available at all times for our kids, and we just about never get out of the house. About all I can say is that groceries are getting noticeably much more expensive, and our utilities are running higher to deal with extreme drought and heat. I know we are very lucky for where we find ourselves, but truthfully, I have this daily, gnawing fear of losing doesn't take much now for that to happen.

  8. Well said. The issues exist and need to be fixed, but it’s not like a constant shitshow/warzone that affects everyone’s daily life.

  9. For some context, you would have to be extremely unlucky to die in a mass shooting. The likelihood of dying in a mass shooting is 1 in 110,000. About the same chance of death by dog attack.

  10. You have to be insanely unlucky to get caught in a mass shooting. More likely you die in a car crash or a swimming accident.

  11. I live in a semi-rural area in a county of mixed liberal and conservative ideologies (almost no clashing of left vs right), and I have to say, I don't relate to much of what I see on TV. We bought our home in 2019, before costs skyrocketed, my husband and I have decent jobs, in which I work entirely from home since 2020 and can be available at all times for our kids, and we just about never get out of the house. About all I can say is that groceries are getting noticeably much more expensive, and our utilities are running higher to deal with extreme drought and heat. I know we are very lucky for where we find ourselves, but truthfully, I have this daily, gnawing fear of losing doesn't take much now for that to happen.

  12. To paraphrase: Yes, it really is as bad (or worse) than Europeans think, unless you have enough money that you can pretend otherwise.

  13. A few years ago this was true, now even middle and upper middle class suburbs are scary places to be. The suburb I grew up in which used to be considered a very safe well off place, think standard upper middle class living, now has constant car jacking crimes and a mandatory curfew. The safest center city tourist areas of the city I grew up outside now have shootings and muggings every day. A woman was raped recently in a crowded train car in the middle of the day on the train into the city that i used to take alone as a teenager all the time and it's not just isolated incidents, crime there is the highest it's been in decades by a wide margin and other cities and their suburbs are the same so it's not just us. Last time I visited home was right after a very violent mugging in my suburb at a gas station on a major road in broad daylight in an area I used to be allowed to walk around in alone at night as a teenager

  14. I thought america 'wasn't as bad as they say' (because I live in a nice area with a good income) until i had a medical issue.

  15. I’m European and I’ve only been there once but some people (not all because a lot of places are better) have an inferiority complex where whenever something happens in america they try turn it into a bad thing or talk about how much better their country is. In my opinion it’s very overhated.

  16. Yeah that's how it usually is in Canada too they are very xenophobic there. I guess it's because the media talks about us 24/7 and rarely ever the good things. It sucks though because it's not like Americans hate on them . Its usually self defense . Everywhere there are humans, there are problems .

  17. Yep, I think it's pretty funny how a lot of Europeans pretend that Europe is so much more civilized and better than the US. Do some of the problems that OP listed not exist in Europe? Absolutely, but a vast majority of what OP listed exists in the Europe as well

  18. I've found the same in Canada and it all comes from a place of ignorance. I'd agree that their Healthcare system is dog doodoo but Canada's is starting to suffer too so we're not in the beat place to say anything anymore. But if you visit the US it's not that bad at all. There may be certain areas in certain cities that are bad but I feel like that's the same everywhere it's just the U.S. has a very large population for a single country and a hyperactive news cycle that makes everything seem bad all the time.

  19. Thank you for the time you took out of your daily schedule to post this reply! I really mean it.

  20. We had massive income inequality in the US. We partially semi-fixed it nearly a century ago, and life was good. Ever since then, we’ve been slowly letting the ultra wealthy slice off more and more each year as we didn’t notice like a frog in a pot.

  21. My parents were in a similar situation twenty years ago. They blew through their Rainy Day money while waiting for Dad's social security disability income application to be approved. But after a few years, it was approved. Don't lose hope.

  22. So well said. I often wonder in our consumerism and capitalistic society (willingness to sell anything for the right price ) will be the end of our civilization.

  23. Here's my take. I live in America, and I'm just my short 4 years of high school, there were 5 suicides in my school. 2 of which were my friends, 1 a very close friend. I don't think it's normal for there to be THAT many suicides in a 4 year time span at just 1 American high school.

  24. Don’t forget that the media goes by a simple saying, if it bleeds, it leads. There is no good news in the media.

  25. 1/2 of Reddit isn't even old enough to drink and barely leaves their mom's basement. They get 90% of their "news" from the stuff posted here and has no bloody clue what the real world is like. The "hate America circle jerk" gets real old, real fast for those who have actually done some traveling and talked to real-honest-to-goodness people. We might have our problems - lots of problems, in fact - but Reddit is just a toxic shithole these days.

  26. I think the answer to this question is ultimately “Yes and no.” Those are all massive issues that do exist and need to be fixed, and many other countries have handled them better. But it’s also not like it’s rampant everywhere.

  27. I agree there are people who are ridiculous about it, but let's be honest, America has a lot of flaws. People aren't just hating on it because it's funny, there are a lot of horrible factors about the US that people pretend not to see or even argue about it being okay.

  28. I think generally you are correct. We certainly have our issues we need to work through but the day to day life is similar enough to any country in Europe. I live in a suburban area in Michigan with a mix of Democrats and Republicans and its not like there are fights in the streets. Most people just want to live their lives.

  29. The thing that Americans and Brits share is that we just have to accept we'll get roasted for absolutely everything all of the time.

  30. Life in America seems very similar to that in other developed nations (UK, Japan, France, etc). And frankly, many of the problems that we do have are problems other developed nations have.

  31. My non scientific answer is that 5.6% of Americans are not kind people. Mostly sociopaths and narcissists. The other 94.4% are all around good people and will for the most part have decent manners and do the right thing for fellow humans.

  32. Funnily enough the biggest anti American people I see is Europeans . The ones that brag about healthcare because they don't spend a penny on their military because we protect them . I will never understand the anti American circle jerk. I know we aren't perfect and I will be the first to admit that but America is a huge place where 99 percent of the people are amazing . People need to stop watching the media so much (funnily enough it's our own media that does this)

  33. Otherwise sounds about right? I almost spit my drink out when I read imperialism was on the list lol. The absolute audacity for any European to lecture the US on imperialism is the peak of comedy.

  34. I’d say it’s the opposite, you should pay more attention to media. If all you do is read headlines then you will be misinformed. Most people don’t take a few minutes to actually read the details of the articles they see, and even less go to different sources to read about the same situation to see if details line up. Truth is there, you just have to spend more than 5 seconds looking for it.

  35. GMO's are the worst thing ever! They're destroying this planet. Now, leave me alone so I can eat this delicious sweet corn, super sweet fruit, large banana and this tomatoe that is just the juiciest, most delicious tomatoe I've ever had...

  36. Honestly, it depends on how much money you make. For the wealthy, ain’t no better place in the world. It’s a great place to be if you’re rich too. I would consider myself to be “well off”. Employer pays buckets of money for great healthcare, no worries about day to day expenses, etc. life is great, and I’m not plagued by any of the problems you mentioned. (I also live in a liberal state so I don’t have to worry about government overreach as much) those problems show their ugly head as you move down the income ladder. America seems to be designed to reward the rich and punish the poor, and it is heartbreaking to see.

  37. Suburban American here. My biggest concern is why the lawn service isn't killing all the summer weeds and whether my Lexus is due for new wiper blades. I drive on a smooth superhighway to a secure air conditioned office where they offer medical benefits. And I stay fit and eat healthy foods.

  38. Do you still wear shoes and boots inside homes? Is contraception and abortion easily available? Does your health care cost 3 times more than in EU (even adjusted by GDP)? Are still top in number of incarcerated people?

  39. Everything except illegal migration, gmos, and teen pregnancy. Illegal migration has been slowly declining for years, but the truth is our economy wouldn’t work without it because they take jobs at illegally low wages in illegally dangerous conditions that no one else will take. Especially agriculture.

  40. The illegal immigration isn't as big of a problem as the media plays it out to be, but everything else, it's so much worse!! If you have an American who lives in your country, ask them how long it took them to get used to seeing the doctor, how long did it take before they were comfortable using sick time, how long until they felt ok using vacation time? In the US most people live under the constant stress that they could lose their job, meaning they lose their housing, their health care, their life! We don't make enough to have money set aside, we don't have a lot of social safety nets. A lot of Americans live between making too much for government assistance, and not enough to get ahead. Americans don't travel because we can't afford it. Given the chance most Americans would happily move to another country

  41. The goal of many Americans is to become wealthy enough that the problems no longer apply to them.

  42. Drug abuse, overdose deaths - It is bad. Government agencies have participated in trafficking drugs, and compared to a lot of European countries the resources to help with addiction are questionable, especially because addicts are often treated as criminals.

  43. Drug abuse, mental health issues, fantastical christians, crumbling infrastructure, illegal immigration, rampant consumerism are all things you can find in Europe as well.

  44. I'd say the whole drugs overdosing and mental health crisis that's connected to it in the US is a far bigger issue than it is in Europe

  45. Unrestrained capitalism is the core issue, the other stuff is sometimes overblown but it all seems to go back to that core issue. The GOP has completely gone insane though and is attempting a fascist takeover, so that sucks.

  46. America has all of that, and sometimes it feels like Europe is some fantastical place that doesn’t have all these problems, though I know that’s not true. Media likes to beef up Americas already established reputation for having all of these problems. To me, an American, it can feel like our stereotype is being fat, racist, or dumb. I hate that because it’s not true and America is big with a lot of different people in it.

  47. America is interesting because on the flip side, I’ve never had any threats to my school. I live in a big city and we only had to evacuate school one time cause there was a gas leak. My city does have a good amount of gang violence but I’ve personally never had to deal with anything. Tons of homeless people but aside from seeing the encampments it’s not really my concern. America is just so big And diverse that stuff is always happening and everyone is just living their own lives.

  48. You wont get a straight answer because most will just use their view from their house to decide, if you are finically doing well in America then you dont see and can be easily insulated from all the sadness. if you are middle class or lower than yeah all that stuff is real and very common the lower you go and less white you go, i say this coming from the rural midwest (no electric heat, food stamps, all in one room etc) moved to a city (chicago) where i went to college and now live out west, traveled alot, same issues unless your rich and 99% of politicians could care less because they push bills that line their pockets with donations from companies that destroy the planet and abuse and use humans at the same time

  49. Yes, it really is that bad. Half the government is more intent on spreading lies, demonizing their opponents, and othering minority groups, while the other half is trying to push out minor social reforms to appease voters instead of making any meaningful contributions to solving the issues you listed, and even if they did try to actually solve issues the right would do everything in there power to make sure it doesn’t happen just so they can say “see how bad things are, we may be the ones that caused it initially and then stopped it getting better, but, look how bad it is under them”. So basically the US has deteriorated into a government of do-nothings and a populace of poor and middle class that’s been riled up by both sides and then pitted against each other because that’s what the rich and powerful need to stay in control. It’s fucking stupid to me.

  50. I've been to 40 states in the US, lived and worked in 5 of them, and 20 countries abroad. Studied in Greece, Germany and Italy. Here's a long list:

  51. I'm an American who lives overseas, and everytime I come back to visit family (all of whom live in well-to-do parts of major cities), I'm taken aback by overrepresented the scent of urine is in the American scentscape.

  52. A lot of Americans in denial here. Yes it really is as bad as you think it is AND our country doesn’t provide us basic services like universal healthcare. People think here because we have access to unlimited consumerism it must be amazing. America is a third world country with iPhones

  53. If you watch American national news, just remember they're sheltered idiots preaching to you from new York or LA. There's a few big issues right now, but it's not nearly as bad as it seems to be on social media and in the news. Inflation sucks and Biden is practically dead, otherwise it's business as usual

  54. I watch statistics mostly. Heath-care costs, criminality, incarceration, teenage pregnancy, you name it, the extreme gap between median and average wage, all has atrocious numbers in US.

  55. It's harsh, man. Really harsh. Everybody saying "most people don't have to deal with it" or "it's all just sensationalized" are living in a comfortable (probably suburban) bubble. If you're ever homeless in this country you'll see it for real, naked, and harsh.

  56. Plus, I feel like the people who aren't immediately homeless aren't thinking critically enough. There's that old saw about the majority of Americans being one medical emergency away from poverty, and that saying was from BEFORE the pandemic. Medical care has only gotten more expensive in recent years.

  57. If you’re ever homeless ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, you’re going to see things as harsh. That’s just a fact. There is no utopia on the planet where homeless people either a) don’t exist b) are given enough services and resources to be content. Being homeless sucks, no matter where you are.

  58. Dude I grew up poor with a single mom as a waitress. Never, ever did I have to worry about food. Food stamps , wic checks, free school lunches. If you are poor or out of work there are lots of services to help out. I am now very comfortable due to the us safety net. USA poor is no where near most countries poor. If you think so you have never seen a third world country.

  59. Anyone defending America right now in these comments is delusional. I come from a poor family, every single person in my family has been addicted to drugs. Where I live people have been buying weed that has been getting laced with fentanyl. I saw a man overdose and get taken out of a Walmart parking lot via ambulance broad daylight. All of my friends and I barely talk and when we do we all agree it’s hard to stay in touch because all of our mental health is so bad to deal with.

  60. I’ve always said “It’s never as bad as the media portrays. And it’s never as good as the media portrays.”

  61. I would say yes it is and there are many more issues then even you have listed. Women's reproductive rights. Marriage equality. White nationalism. Corrupt government. Involving the church in government policy. Just to name a few. I live in a very liberal area and regardless I still feel the effects of these issues.

  62. Depends on the area, but I live right outside of a busy city in Florida so I see most of it. Rent and groceries are pretty much unaffordable, homelessness/drugs/prostitution is pretty bad in the city, and wealth inequality is very obvious here (the difference in housing and street cleanliness as you drive in Miami, West Palm etc). I don’t watch American news because most of it is very opinionated, so that’s mostly a correct assumption. As for shootings, I have never seen one, but was actually in high school just a few miles away when the Stoneman Douglas massacre happened. I’ve stayed in both Europe and the states and the main difference I noticed is the cost of healthcare and availability of public transportation. I don’t have health insurance and only go when needed, just paying out of pocket. Fortunately I love cars, but America is a very car-dependent place. Cars are expensive to maintain but most are expected to have them as getting transportation any other way is complicated. Personally I’m doing okay, I can afford gas and have adjusted my budget for inflation, but live paycheck to paycheck, like many others in this state.

  63. America is pay to win. Do you have money, and white skin, good health, and heterosexuality? Not nearly that bad. Every one of those factors you take away make the american experience worse for you. I am queer with a lot of mental health issues (and probably pretty in the middle for money) so its real hit or miss. If I can let others see me as straight and healthy I get better treatment

  64. Definitely depends on your finances! If you’re well off, not stressed about money, you can definitely enjoy America and probably don’t see some of the ugliness! I live in a lower middle class area, the rich keep buying up real estate and turning them into vacation rentals, creating a huge housing crisis. But, they have no clue. They don’t spend time with locals, they shop, go out to eat, and spend time on their boats! The rest of us live paycheck to paycheck. For many, a simple hospital visit can financially destroy them! So, yes, America is really tough and scary for those who don’t have financial freedom.

  65. While all those things are true if you’re just visiting as a tourist you’d see none of that. It is an effect but just going about your day in an area it’s just another city.

  66. If you’re a poor, like most of us in the US are, yea. All of those things are our daily reality. Not so much if you’ve got your pockets well lined.

  67. And still without missing a beat, every July 4, you never go without seeing at least a couple of ‘let’s give our thanks for living in the best country in this planet’ I’m sorry, what now? Best how exactly? crickets Or it’s portmanteau “the greatest country ever”.

  68. As a US citizen living in Europe, yes, it is. I miss my family, but I can't say I want to live in the US ever again. For me, politics, gun violence and healthcare are the primary reasons why. I had to flee Ukraine when the war started, and never considered going back.

  69. Sadly the only one on here that isn’t a problem is teen pregnancy. It’s not as common these days as it was before. The rest have truth to them.

  70. Kind of sucks with inflation. We’re a two income family but we’re both in civil service (I’m a nurse but I work for a state facility) and it’s really tight right now. My healthcare costs are obscene, I have a rare disease and treatment is thousands a month. I get assistance from the drug company but I have to fight with them every few months over what is covered and what isn’t. I owe so much money in student loans it takes my breath when I think about it. This has been an awful year. The dog had to have minor surgery, house flooded two days later. Not floods like in Kentucky right now, this was because the guy cutting our yard noticed the bathroom sink was leaking so he decided to be helpful and fix it but his handyman skills are subpar. We were gone for two days, I came home to a shower of water spewing everywhere and 2 inches of standing water throughout the entire house. The kitchen will have to be totally redone and all the floors replaced. We’re hoping insurance will cover it, but at this point nothing will shock me. There’s never an extra penny, ever, and school is about to start which means more costs every time I turn around.

  71. Yes it is. I live in a DT Midwestern city and nightly gun-shoot out melees, and nightly meth lab explosions are just one among many of the exciting highlights of my life here.

  72. Oklahoman here, people are fat as fuck. Holy shit the amount of people in wheel chairs just being obese. Racism isn't 1950s lynching, it's mostly verbal in my experience and often toward Mexicans. Illegal immigration is a problem for no one. It's on the news, but there aren't enough tradesman so guess who fills the gaps, yep Mexicans. I've seen more white guys get their ass beat for saying some racist shit, than the other way around.

  73. Don’t ask us! We are the frogs in the boiling pot. We are aware things are wrong, but we will stay right where we are until it’s too late. It was a good run folks! But I guess it’s chinas turn now.

  74. I personally have Narcan-ed 3 people in the last 14 months. I don’t party anymore. I don’t hang out with hard drug users. This is just at work, and walking randomly down the street…

  75. The way I see if is that the country’s always misused our tax money but America was a place that if you hustled you could really make it big. Now those days are gone and we are stuck in a failing state with no safety net or healthcare where everyone’s just trying to make enough money to survive, not thrive like before. Once the whole American dream greed appeal left the country’s identity seemed to leave with it. Now everyone’s blaming each other for things changing from the “good ol’ days” where one man could work and house/feed a whole family. Europe is overall much better today, but here’s hoping this gas crisis and conflict in Ukraine doesn’t rattle you all too much. Your incredible countries deserve to thrive, especially for attempting to work together through the union. Much love from the USA!

  76. I actually asked my American friend this the other day, and I thought her answer was amazing: "When I speak to my neighbor I feel like everything is going alright, but when I watch the news it feels like an entirely different story."

  77. So here's the thing that Europeans need to remember about America. It's not comparable to any one European nation, it's comparable to Europe as a whole.

  78. Im a software engineer in my mid-20s living in NYC. I make $200k+ / year, have excellent health care, have a nice apartment and clothes. I have access to the best entertainment and culture in the western hemisphere. Plenty of interesting and successful people around for friends and dating. I love America.

  79. If the rest of the world were to diversify on the scale United States has it would get a lot worse very quickly. I truly believe you can not compare the United States to any other country. Apples to oranges in 99% of the cases. America would be a paradise without it's military budget

  80. Yes, it's a pretty shit place unless you're rich. Around half of Americans have been brainwashed into thinking it's the best place on Earth.

  81. I lived there for 3 years, and ran back to Canada, I really did not enjoy my experience. here's just a rambling of random thoughts that come up:

  82. One thing I’ll say about being an American is while Americas healthcare system sucks, America does have a lot of the worlds best doctors, and top medicine in many fields.

  83. It’s all a perception problem. If you live in a city, all that stuff seems more prevalent. If you’re in a rural, low density area, things are (usually) a little chillaxed. This creates a problem where rural dwellers and city dwellers, young people and older people, every opposing side has views that are polar opposites because people’s experience of life are so different. And every argument is something that’s large scale and overreaching, it makes it seem that there’s no possible gray area or compromise. I realize this is probably a criticism of politics in general, but all the divides in America make it so much worse over here

  84. In short, yes. I could write a whole bunch but I'd put myself in a state of depression. I don't know if it can get better as a whole and I can't afford to move to another state at the moment. Savings and plannings take time but I feel like the boat is on fire AND it's sinking.

  85. The US has all of these problems, but an individual isn't going to experience the vast majority on a daily basis. A handful of these issues can be avoided by making good choices. Many are systemic. It largely depends on wealth and opportunity.

  86. It is a lot different in reality, like in Brazil, it's not all violence and poverty, we don't eat beans and play soccer everyday off our life. There is more violence, more drugs, more homeless, but in general is the same reality as a lot of countries in Europe. The only point that make Brazilians leave Brazil is security. It is very common to be dangerous to walk with your phone with you in the streets at night

  87. I think what is really hard for people outside of the US to grasp is just how large the United States is. We are a massive country compared to most, and each state is almost like it’s own country in a way- each governs themselves with somewhat unique laws and rules.

  88. I live in small town USA and I’m afraid of the “big city.” Small towns are nice and cozy but they can be so clique.

  89. Yes. It’s honestly terrible for anyone who isn’t wealthy. The health care system is corrupt, health insurance is a scam, cops kill unarmed people of colour insanely more than armed white people (killing anyone should be illegal, but apparently not if you’re a cop…), and half of people working service jobs (among others, of course) are struggling with addiction because they can’t afford a comfortable life, so they have to find some way to cope…

  90. Yes. I live in America and My family is from Ireland so Iv spent most summers growing up in different parts of Ireland and the UK. It is so crazy how you need to think about your physical safety so much more in America. Drug abuse and homelessness are obviously problems but even the act of going to school, work or waking down the streets can be scary because of the unavailability of healthcare and treatment if something happens to you. Untreated mental illness causes so many ripple effects and laws are broken consistently with no repercussions. Honestly didn’t realize how on edge Americans are until you are in a county where you don’t have to worry about every weirdo possibly having a gun. America is on the brink and I’m hoping I can get out before it’s collapse

  91. i live a pretty easy life relative to a lot of folks here, and was just having a conversation last night how if one bad thing happened to me and landed me in the hospital i'd most likely lose my house and my current way of life. even health insurance here only covers you so far.

  92. I’m from Canada and I visit the US as much as possible. Yes they have issues but when i meet the individual citizens of the US, they are honestly the nicest people of any country I’ve been to. They’re just people like us dealing with some overwhelming things. Beautiful country, beautiful people.

  93. Drug abuse - Depends on where you are, but it can be bad. Especially with people reselling prescriptions.

  94. Interesting. I don't know anyone who sees a therapist or takes mental health meds (or at least they haven't discussed it). I never hear of overdose deaths in my area. I know no fanatical christians. I see plenty of obese people. I don't know of any gated communities near me. I buy almost all my produce and meat from local organic farms, and the food is great. I think the infrastructure is a mixed bag, plenty of bad roads and bridges.

  95. Imagine all the good that goes unreported. Many of us don’t drown ourselves in media click bait. There isn’t a place on this planet without its issues. Ours are no worse than the rest…. The difference is everyone talks about us. We don’t hardly ever hear about any other countries in our media. You too watchy

  96. Ya but the average American isn’t thinking about that stuff day to day. Like today, my biggest problem is that I have to work out AND mow my lawn after work. I don’t wanna!

  97. As a dual US-EU citizen who’s lived all over the US and spent a lot of time in Europe I feel like yes the US has a lot of problems but Europe has most of those same problems as do most other countries in the world. Healthcare can be expensive but in reality it’s accessible to most people and if you are insured the quality is better than Europe. Housing is expensive but so is housing in Paris or London. Illegal immigration is rampant but it is in Europe too and I’d say illegal immigrants here in the US have a much better experience once they get here than do most of the migrants coming from North Africa and the Middle East to Europe. Poverty and income inequality are bad right now, but again, on a global scale we still have it extremely good here compared to Latin America or Africa. Guns are a big issues but school shootings are a tiny tiny percentage of that - suicide and gang violence are much more deadly but we never seem to acknowledge that. Artificial food and GMOs are actually one of the best things to have come out of the 20th century. It has truly saved billions of lives. It’s a nice luxury to only buy organic food but the fact of the matter is the world couldn’t produce enough food to feed the world without GMOs so it’s kind of a screw you to the poor and the Global South to act like they’re really bad. Homelessness is the one area where we really knock Europe out of the water in how bad things are here. The biggest thing I’ve noticed in the US is Americans love to self-flagellate in a way I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world. We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards and when we fall short of those standards in ways that are pretty normal (or even quite good) by global standards we like to act like it’s The Worst Thing Ever. We also spend a disproportionate amount of energy focusing on the bottom 5% of our population while ignoring all the good the other 95% experiences which makes us think things are much worse than they are.

  98. The USA is no longer united in any way. We are a witness to the downward spiral of the nation. It’s primary enemies - China and Russia have done an excellent job in the art of war - you can’t beat them on the battlefield so play the long game and over a 30 year period have them attack themselves. No longer united they are completely divided and hate each other 50/50 - they have a corporate oligarchy as a government - completely corrupt. China wins this war without ever firing a round - they watch the USA burn itself to the ground while making tic toc videos of it.

  99. Nothing is ever as bad as in the media. The media's job is to get people to look. Unfortunately the number 1 rule of Journalism is, "If it bleeds, it leads." Not saying all the things you mentioned don't happen, but the media is designed to distort, purport, and over exaggerate.

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