I’m trying to find what jobs I qualify for but last time I went and talked to the recruiter he just talked to us about the army and asked what we wanted to do and why and all that. I took this on Feb and I’m currently a junior and up coming senior. Here are my scores. If you reply thank you!!! 💪

  1. Yeah, I'd recommend taking it again. The GT score is going to limit you. Not that there won't be jobs that you'll find fulfilling, but you'll need to raise it if you want to drop any specialty packets, etc, once you're already in. Most of the support guys n gals in my unit took improvement classes when they were already enlisted in order to drop packets for various things that required a 110 minimum, no waiver, and it was a pain in the ass to get them scheduled around a unit with higher operational tempo.

  2. If you can get it done before joining, it is prob the best thing you can do to prepare for the army.

  3. What do you want to do in the Army and why? If you’re only a junior (assuming high school) and aren’t doing the delayed entry (BCT this summer, AIT after you graduate high school) you have time to think. Also see if you can take the ASVAB again. You ideally want a 110 GT score. That qualifies you for every MOS as far as I know

  4. I was thinking of doing the fast classes once I’m in because I heard that they only take the most recent scores and not the best one. I’m doing 11x airborne so yeah.

  5. GT score isn’t nearly as important at initial entry as people on active duty make it seem. Every single MOS requires different line scores (most don’t include GT). GT score is a good indicator of about what the rest will be but the vast majority don’t actually require a 110 GT.

  6. Buy one of those ASVAB study guide books. Work on what you're weak in, and retest. That GT is gonna hurt your choices big time.

  7. Ahhh a future infantryman I see, come join the ranks of the tier 1 janitorial force of the army. We heat cat on purpose for that delectable silver bullet & will smoke you for things that are out of your control. Btw my gt is a 130, you can’t degrade me more than I do myself, every day.

  8. I don't know, as an 11B I can remember numerous times that other MOS told me I was there mainly to keep them safe so they could do their jobs. You know, Infantry needs to protect the base otherwise the cooks couldn't safely cook. (Who they would cook for, I am not sure.)

  9. 13 years in and I wish I never went combat or settle for what they gave me first. Wait and make a smart decision.

  10. If i could do all over again, i would study my ass off in high school (instead of slacking off). Get accepted to the air force academy. The navy academy would be my second choice and would rate as a surface warfare officer. The army can go fuck itself I rather be in the coast guard

  11. The highest line score requirement is 17E with 112 ST and EL, with a 110 GT. (Sorry 17Cs, but at least your average GT is higher)

  12. Do whatever you want , if you don’t like the jobs retake the ASVAB. Don’t let the recruiter pressure you

  13. Raise your GT score to atleast a 110 and you’ll have a much broader job selection, as well as better opportunities when you’re in

  14. I would study up and take the ASVAB again. You're really looking to get that GT score up to 110 or higher. It'll open up opportunities for you.

  15. I have a question to add i see everyone saying a 110GT is ideal but is a 100GT good enough? I was not planning on retaking it but if its that big of a deal to get that 110 I just might lol

  16. The test takes only an hour to complete. This isn't like the SAT/ACT where it's a whole ordeal that lasts a full day. I would study and take the test again so you at least have all the options available to you, even if you are trying to do a combat MOS.

  17. I'd recommend taking the ASVAB again....The thing that kills you the most, is the GT score. Anything above 100 is good, but great 110 of higher. Take up practice tests and study guides. I'd mostly brush up on English and some Algebra 1 to raise your scores a bit.

  18. As mentioned, your GT score kinda sucks nards. Many MOS require a minimum 95-100+. More technical MOS typically require 110+.

  19. If you have an idea of what career field you want to go into try to get something in that field. Even if you plan to be in for 20 years. You’ll have experience and certifications ahead of your peers. For example I chose 25S and now that I’m out I’ll be ahead of other college graduates and won’t necessarily have to start in an entry level position.

  20. Okay so I took the high school asvab test not the one at Meps. Does the same rules apply like how I can’t retake just to get a better score for enlistment?

  21. Study and retake the ASVAB. Do what everyone else says and aim for minum of 110 GT score, IMO aim for at least a 105 in every other category. It's really, really not difficult to do it. Your career will thank you for it.

  22. I had a 113 GT score, it let me choose any job… I chose Infantry lmao. So you should look into the job you would want and study/practice to get the scores that reflect that job.

  23. Take it again bro, need a higher GT. Edit: I’d go for a 115 but at least 110. Will open a lot of doors for you. Went 11x with airborne myself but it’s nice to have the option for 18 series or ranger school down the line. Best of luck bro!

  24. Also, think about longevity. Think you might do your time and get out? Transferable skills. Complete your AS when you are in. What are you passionate about? Can you create viable income doing it?

  25. I think they score differently then they used to, I wish I could help but I took that thing back in 02'. If nothing else the infantry is a good time, BUT you can't transfer that shit to the civilian world so make sure to use the GI Bill after

  26. My advice would be to find something that you can do once you are out of the Army. I was into cars so I joined as a mechanic. I loved it, I still have a lot of great memories from being a mechanic. I enlisted as a 63S Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic but over the years the MOS code changed to 91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic. I retired in 2015 though so it may have changed again. But when I got out I went right to work for a Fleet Management company. I had no ASE certifications or college and they started me off at $28 an hour to work in an office. I didn’t have to be outside working in the Texas heat. So try to find something that interests you, and ask us any questions you have about the different jobs. Don’t read too far into the job descriptions though, you’ll basically be a master of the Janitorial Arts when you first join.

  27. Those scores aren't great if I'm honest. Enlisting at 25 helped me because I got some experience from job to job. If you can get into 15 or 25 series mos's that's the easy llife. Otherwise refresh on some basic math, electrical, and mechanics and retake the asvab.

  28. You definitely wanna get those scores up man. I enlisted when I was 23 and had been out of high school around 6 years but my scores across the board were pretty damn good. Unfortunately, the job I chose is super easy but also ass lol don’t be like me.

  29. There's too many jobs to say all of them... you can get intimate quite a few though...1 try again 2 join as is 3 join and try again later to switch

  30. Do you want to mop a concrete parking lot in the rain join the infantry, if you want to lay out connex everyday join support

  31. Find the job you want, if you don’t qualify, ask for a waiver for the score, if they won’t give it to you retest. I know a few guys who scored nowhere near the, “requirement.”

  32. Eh I would try to take it again and increase the GT. It took me 3 years to get into a FAST class due to optempo. Also right or wrong, it’s one of the first things your TL, SL, and PSG will look at. They will see a relatively blank Enlisted Record Brief so it’s one of the few quantitative numbers they have. I wasn’t a moron by any means but I for sure had negative feedback about my GT score because it was a 104 initially until I proved I was competent.

  33. All im gonna say is Infantry is not as cool as you'd think. You do get really good at sweeping and mopping and maybe go to the range 3 times a year. Also you learn what toxic leadership looks like. Don't be those dudes if you end up getting rank.

  34. Take it again and get a 110 GT, go 12D Engineer Diver, and have the happiest career of your life. Just don’t fail AIT, seriously.

  35. Retake the test as many times as necessary to get a GT 110 or you will be limiting not just jobs but career opportunities. It’s easier to retake and improve before you join than once you’re in

  36. When your thinking about picking a job think about how that job would transition outside of the army. Like is the training transferable ect. The military will leave you high and dry so get what you can out of it.

  37. Your GT is pretty solid. You qualify for the majority of jobs the army offers. Go to the army recruiting website and look up the different jobs(MOS) that the army offers and fund what you think you will enjoy. Your recruiter will have an easier time if you know what you are interested doing. Do you want to be a mechanic, construction, combat arms, communication? If the job you want requires a higher GT score study and retake the test.

  38. ….no. No it is not. Actually most of these scores are pretty bad. He is not qualified for ANY 25 or 35 series job. Right away. He’s also not qualified for field artillery, mechanic jobs, and he missed the cutoff for carpentry specialist AND concrete and asphalt specialist by one in the MM category.

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