There's only 1 way to fix the Arizona GOP: Make it lose in November

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  1. You mean the republicans? Since they're in charge of most election processes in Arizona. I'd be able to try the Dems instead if you think the Reps will cheat.

  2. As a Latino I can't vote Democrat, my entire family are small business owners.. Democrats want to increase our taxes 15-20%. Punish our success? Were Catholic and not really down abortion. Not sure why other Hispanics vote democrat but Biden destroying our community with drugs, homelessness, illegals. We just can't afford it. We're losing business to cheaper labor. No Bueno

  3. Hey, I’m a certified tax professional. You wanna show me where your taxes are going up 15-20% because of any democratic law or policy change? I’ll wait.

  4. Our family will vote against all Republicans in our ballot. It does not matter how much money these Republicans throw at the propaganda - they are treason losers and must be voted out!

  5. If the center refuses to or cannot deliver on safety, prosperity, and liberty for the majority of the people then they will look to the fringes in order to have their interests served.

  6. MAGA's obsession with the big Lie, conspiracies, and recent coup attempt on our democracy is a big detail to exclude in your summary

  7. I personally know some moderate Republicans who actually agree with this. They think that Kelli Ward has helped destroy the GOP in this state and are willing to vote for moderate Dems to hopefully pull the right back to center.

  8. Love to see KKKelli get indicted for election interference along with her husband. Imagine what Goldwater or McCain would think of Gosar, Biggs, Wendy et al?

  9. Do any of these candidates actually have a platform for how they plan to serve Arizona? Everything thing they say to rile up a crowd is propaganda about Trump and the 2020 election or Jan 6.

  10. Stolen elections are at the top of my concerns, and not because some narcissistic politicians made it so. Rather, they are responding to us.

  11. My concern is IF our votes will be honored by Arizona legislators. This BS of being able to override the popular vote is horrifying.

  12. They don't need a platform, that's the thing. As long as they support Trump and oppose the Democrats, they'll get votes.

  13. Ok, but if that happens, is the alternative what you really want? If so, how do you justify that with reasoning and not emotions and vague conclusions?

  14. This is some to tier cope, just like in 20 when your boy got dunked by a corpse of a man. Remember how he lost you the house, the Senate and the presidency? To...checks notes... Joe Brandon?

  15. Are you sure that idea is going to work? The AZ Democrats have been losing for years and they never got any better because of it.

  16. Uh we have two Democratic Senators, Hobbs Sec State, we dumped Arpaio, got legal weed passed. I don’t think Lake is liked by Republicans and indies. Abortion is going to drive up lefty turnout.

  17. Yah I don’t get the mods of this sub. One of them removed my post because it was from azcentral, yet there are still lots of posts here from that source.

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