Sinema among top private equity cash recipients as she removed billionaire tax loophole from Manchin bill

  1. Funny, when Schumer says this, it can be interpreted either way: “"I believe strongly in the carried interest loophole. I have voted for it. I pushed for it at first for it to be in this bill," Schumer told reporters Friday”

  2. "As part of the negotiations with Sinema, Democrats will tack on a 1% tax on stock buybacks to help pay for the $433 billion legislation."

  3. Protestors should be in front of this shitbag's house, & her friends houses when she goes there. She deserves no fucking peace.

  4. Aoc and other democrat lawmakers call to tax the rich, but congress makes tax laws. Schumer just tried (a fee months ago) to increase SALT (state and local tax) deduction caps. If it passed, that means the super rich, would be able to claim more and pay even less in taxes.

  5. Rumor is it was put in the bill just so she could take it out. She demands to be catered to, like a toddler. Gonna be so much better when she’s gone.

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