Did I buy the wrong barrel?

  1. That minimal of an accuracy difference is not a concern, I’m not a competitive shooter. I went down a rabbit hole of the difference and ultimately ended up confusing myself. Like I replied to other, main concern is longevity with corrosion aspect. I’m not a high volume shooter by any means

  2. The barrel maker matters more than the barrel material and coating (if any). Most guys don't shoot enough, well enough, or in salt spray to notice a difference. Just get a dehumidifier for your safe and maybe some protectant and you'll be set.

  3. What are you asking, exactly? I understand that you can still fire 223/5.56 out of 223 Wylde. Apparently you can get better accuracy when shooting 223 as well. My guess is that unless you shoot competitively or out to 500yd then it won't matter for you.

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