DD+ 5.1 vs. DD 5.1. Does it matter?

  1. DD+ is a more advanced algorithm in compression than DD...DD has a cap of 640kbps while DD+ can potentially go to 1.5Mbps...so if there's a media that's encoded at 640kbps in both formats DD+ will sound better...technically...

  2. Thanks. See my response to Stumbledotcom. Some people agree with you while others agree with him/her. Never been able to get a concrete answer.

  3. For 5.1 content, it shouldn’t make a difference. DD+ is just an extension of DD that adds support for more recent formats such as 7.1 and Atmos.

  4. Thanks. This is what I was hoping for though some people agree with your response while others tend to agree with Brilliant_News978 response below. I've never been able to get a concrete answer between the two. Are you pretty confident that with regular 5.1 content say from Netflix, it would be the same quality?

  5. Unpopular opinion but if you’re concerned with the most likely unnoticeable difference, get a proper AV receiver and speaker set up.

  6. I sound like an elitist dick when I say this, but I just don’t get why all the people with soundbars are care so much about lossless audio. If they cared so much about better audio, why aren’t they getting real speakers and an AVR? That makes a much more direct impact on audio quality than 640Kbps lossy vs lossless.

  7. You need to force the Apple TV to give 5.1 in the audio settings. There is no point selecting auto if your tv doesn’t support eArc. You cannot get Atmos/DD+ with Apple TV without eArc afaik, Apple use a different container for Atmos, not DD+.

  8. I have no issues getting Atmos and don't have issues getting DD+ if I use a device like a Roku that has passthrough audio. My understanding is the limitation I have is getting Multi-Channel LPCM via Arc.

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