Let's end this once and for all. Pick The Superior Booty of Apex Legends

  1. Don’t cope for her, it isn’t that nice. Like it isn’t bad, but she isn’t in the running for the competition imo

  2. Idk man maybe its copium but honestly zoomin in she looks like she has a decent dumper. My argument will be that the 3 other competition have tight as fuck suits and nothing else hiding their cheekums. And gibby and caustic obviously are in another league as to why they arent competing here.

  3. Take my free award for saying what needed to be said (you could also say it a wholesome booty, but I'll leave the award as is)

  4. ??? Valk literally has the flattest, unshapeliest ass of any video game woman I’ve ever seen. No way you’re being serious.

  5. i agree, i dont even care about how big one of the legend's ass is, Wattson is just so wholesome and is an all around great character

  6. Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba Loba

  7. I think the pic of lobas booty here is particularly unflattering. This isn't even debatable. Her ass is so shapely and thick it makes everyone else look like stick figures.

  8. wattson has that cute butt that gives you comfort because its on a nice personality and isnt overwhelmingly big *ahem loba*

  9. Honestly this is more difficult then you think. Loba is obviously really good, but I love Watson. It’s between the two of them, but I’d say Watson slightly beats Loba.

  10. For me valk vs nat. I love nat etc. but if we talk only about booty it's gotta be valk. Wattson is still like 9/10, but valk 10/10.

  11. No men in this post gives me bad vibes. If we're truly here to appreciate butts, men butts deserve a spot. Anyway, this is a long winded way of saying that it's Mirage and Fuse's ass deserves a buff.

  12. All booty is equal, be it small, medium, big, huge, some serious honkers, a real set of badonkers. packin some dobonhonkeros. massive dohoonkabhankoloos. big ol' tonhongerekoogers. a super big set of bonkhonagahoogs, humongous hungolomghononoloughongous.(bloodhound)

  13. El culo de wattson es bonito y de tamaño normal, el de valk es pequeño pero suficientemente bonito digo que es sexy, el culo de wraith es pequeño, el camion de basura de loba es grande y feo.

  14. Valk is more defined than lobas but lobas is bigger. Imo valk since quality over quality

  15. Alright, so Loba has a fatty; no denying that. Wraith has a cute butt, Valkyrie; those buns of steel can murder, and Wattson’s I would just hug, take a nap there

  16. Valkyrie has the best booty in proportion to her body. She's not deformed and fat like loba. It's anatomically correct, looks just like the butt of someone who works out. 10/10 on realism, 10/10 on proportions, 10/10 on shape, 8/10 on size.

  17. First off, the answer is Loba, she's a queen. Second, where is Rampart? She's flawless. Third, why the fuck isn't Gibby up here? Me and him have the EXACT same ass and I want to know what everyone else thinks about it. NOW.

  18. Yeah, this is why I don’t associate myself or let anyone know I use reddit. You people are embarrassing.

  19. im gonna say valk because of the post 5 hours ago thats higher up on the hot page, but you def should get valk and wattson slightly better photo's

  20. I just like it more that people can’t take a post without crying about how this is NsFw and yOuRe PrObAbLy TwElVe. No. We just appreciate the little things in apex, or should I say, the large things 👀. (Wattson got my vote…)

  21. Some day there is going to be a legendary skin for lifeline to show is what she’s really got. I lust for the unknown

  22. Is this serious. Without a shadow of doubt its loba. And before anyone says anything about one of the others having a cute butt. The question was booty, big ol juicy formidable backoff, not some spine and bone ting.

  23. Honestly, if they were in a little better skins the pics would be DRASTICALLY different. For example, Wraith in the High class, quarantine, or void specialist skin is top tier

  24. When you can't pick between Wattson and Valk because one is super wholesome, and the other could be super intimidating in a good way

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