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  1. Do you know, when I ask people to explain to me why they feel that systems like this wouldn't work in America, it always boils down to "I don't feel like MY hard earned money should help anyone at all ever!"

  2. It's fucking stupid and any HR person processing this to the school board members to the trustees I hope they lose sleep over this.

  3. Oh yeah!? Well in Myyyyy country I broke my pinky and got a bill for $18,768... with insurance. We also have the fattest people in the world!! So beat that hot shot!

  4. lmao meanwhile I went to the ER because my vision faded, I became intensely weak and profusely sweat while shivering all over. I spent 6 hours in the ER. They scanned me for a kidney stone, didn't find one, said they thought it was one anyways, sent me home with a packet of information about kidney stones and then sent me a $3500 bill. *That* bill went to collections in a month because I was too anxious to call them to try and figure it out.

  5. Stage 4 here in the USA.. luckily was employed at a place with decent insurance when diagnosed, but I shudder at the thought if of being unemployed or in between jobs. Still have to work to keep this insurance, so that has been fun.

  6. I still can’t believe you have „sick days“ and I don’t fully understand what that is to be honest. In Switzerland you‘re just sick and get paid for a certain period of time but it’s not like we are only allowed to have 30 sick days… can anyone explain? I don’t get it

  7. It should not be a bragging point that I didn’t call in once during my cancer treatment. But I mention it in interviews, because it is. America is fucked up.

  8. fuck me I'm going thru this now (got leukemia dx earlier this year) and HR just emailed me to "quickly touch base to see what your next steps are"

  9. My company, 110,000 employees WILL NOT allow others to donate time off to co-workers, ever. At all. But we can donate them to Ukraine.. Or the United Way and then the company gets credit for it

  10. Holy SHIT that manager is a raging suppurating hemorrhoid of a human being. He deserves public humiliation and Unbelievable... *Hello, I had an employee who was absolutely stellar, had overcome all manner of personal issues to graduate college and become an amazing person all around. When she needed help covering a shift, none of the other employees she covered for on multiple occasions assisted her (I generally looked the other way when they manipulated the schedule so they could all hang out) , so I told her tough shit. She quit on the spot after showing me all the times she went above and beyond to help everyone else!

  11. So fucked up. How can you run put if sick days....if you're so sick with cancer? What a fucked up state if affairs

  12. Sick day count is an arbitrary number in the company’s HR timekeeping database. Why the fuck can’t the company just change number for extenuating circumstances like this? They have the nerve to email the employees to ask for vacation donations, when the CEO could simply set a policy that says “give the cancer afflicted employee the time they need”; it’s just an arbitrary number.

  13. I always hated storied like this. Hey young child sets up lemonade stand to help pay for (insert medical condition/treatment). It is always presented as a heart warming story. No! That is not heartwarming it is plain sad that we have a system like this

  14. My mom was in the same situation. She had what ended up being terminal cancer and her superintendent helped her use pooled sick days so she could stay on staff until she was able to get Medicare and officially retire. She never should have had to go through that just to avoid a lapse in coverage.

  15. Worst part is school districts at least in New Jersey limit the amount of sick days you can give colleagues. Think about that…

  16. Yeah I really don’t get it, there is literally nothing in place to where you can’t just grant them more sick days lmfaooo it’s not like the world is going to explode. Just give them more lol

  17. This is presumably public school teacher, since a private school would not endear as much sympathy if there is an endowment, so the budget is set and paid sick days are finite without much reserves to dip into. Juxtaposed against the for-profit employer that has employees banding together to help out one of their co-workers, the company could just dip into its profits but chooses not, public employees are reallocating their own compensation where there no profits/excess funds to do so.

  18. This hits close to home. I have cancer too, and I’m annoyed that there’s no financial help for cancer patients: I theoretically need to work all through treatment. I couldn’t pull it off because my immune system REALLY doesn’t like chemo. Next up is radiation, which is done everyday, and I can’t think of any employer who’d be okay with me being gone a few hours everyday.

  19. Shit that all sounds so rough to deal with. In the US technically you should qualify for SSDI and medicaid, but the government has made them such a hassle to approve even for a mere pittance of living and care costs. luckily I can lean on my aging parents for caregiving and have my partner’s health insurance in case I lose work (which could be soon). But I should be done with active treatment in <1yr and hopefully I’ll find work that lest me ease into things. Best of luck and remember don’t let anyone make you compromise your health🤞

  20. I had diarrhea so bad I was shitting black and red blood (black means it further up the bowel) my consultation with the guy doctor is in late October, and that isn't even for a diagnosis....

  21. My job sent out an e-mail a few months ago about possibly donating sick days "in a kitty", basically. I replied with this pic, but for some reason didn't get a response.

  22. It's so incredibly sad that people have to rely on others to donate their sick days to them because they were so ill that they used all of their own. Sick time should be unlimited for everyone, both full and part-time, in case something like this happens. Also, people shouldn't have to file bankruptcy in order to pay their astronomically high medical bills. Ridiculous! Giving unlimited paid sick time and good health insurance is what all employers should be required to do regardless of if they're a large or small business.

  23. Presumably, they asked people to donate sick days because they are worth full salary vs short term disability insurance that may pay 60% or so.

  24. I think it's about paid sick days. If the other teachers are presuming that they are not going to use their paid sick days and this teacher already used his, they reassign their sick days to him so he keeps getting paid. Federal FMLA says that you are guaranteed to have your job back, but not that you are going to be paid while on leave.

  25. My district has a “sick bank”. Donate one sick day every three years and you can draw as much as you need from the sick bank when you need it. I think it’s awesome and tell everyone to sign up for it.

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