I am stunned -think of the poor rich folks

  1. Dont really see how it is unfair. They have way more resources to use to dodge taxes, including the ability to lobby for defunding the IRS. Sounds like they are about to find out how we poors deal with stuff

  2. Not only is it not unfair, but isn’t it exactly what Yellen instructed them to do with the new budget?

  3. Yes, it’s not discrimination to be held accountable like everyone else. The wealthy are losing a privilege we don’t have.

  4. I mean even if they do find problems with the taxes of the rich it will be the CPAs and their insurance that is liable, not the rich.

  5. they’re doing that thing again where they conflate traits inherent to our existence in society (being trans, female, Black, poor, etc.) with voluntary categories (being a fascist, being rich, etc.) in order to claim that they’re being discriminated against.

  6. I mean, we also know from studies that the rich disproportionately break tax laws, and receive fewer audits. It sounds like if they don’t think it’s fair or don’t like it, perhaps they should stop breaking the law and exploiting those who cannot afford it.

  7. It also makes more sense. They only have so many auditors and people who can investigate fraud. Why go after someone that owes under 5 thousand dollars if it’ll cost the taxpayers 10-20 thousand to retrieve? Wouldn’t you instead send that same agent after someone who owes 50k or more?

  8. The 87K new agents aren't for the wealthy, they are coming for the middle class. It's the only way to extract enough money for their spending

  9. Oh no, the department of the government that taxes people will finally, after decades of ignoring them, go after the people with actual money that have avoided paying more than 1% in every scummy way possible.

  10. To be fair, our tax systems are super underfunded and we tend to not go after rich people because they have too much power and will not be worth it. Not defending the IRS or anything, but some of them are still people and just can't help as they wish because this country sucks ass.

  11. If you think the ruling money class will be paying more then you're delusional. The poor and middle class are the ones who will pay. .....we are ALWAYS the ones who pay. We can't afford big money lawyers and accountants so the IRS will take from US.

  12. How unfair, they put a lot of work in cheating those taxes and the IRS is going to punish them for their hard work!

  13. IRS focuses on people who are hiding the most money and have the most money rather than the people who are hiding the least money and have the least money.

  14. Low income people are audited 2-5x more often than high income people currently. Super high income earners can easy pay someone 100k to make a 10MM tax bill go away and lawyers 2MM when it doesn't and still come out on top.

  15. The ‘conservative outrage’ I’m hearing is that it’s naive to think that hiring 87,000 new IRS workers are only going to go after rich people. There aren’t that many rich people out there. Once those people are squared away, they are going to work their way down the list to the poor people as well. So yes, they will target rich people at first. But once everyone is targeted, it will be too late.

  16. The GOP has been defunding the IRS for decades. They litterally haven't had the resources to audit anyone over a million dollars since early 2000s. This was long over due and the outrage is so transparent and disgusting.

  17. It’s like the clueless little bootlicker I saw who was outraged at the idea of fines that scaled to income. “You can’t fine a millionaire a hundred times as much for the same traffic violation! That’s not Faiiirr!” No child, that’s eminently fair because the purpose of fines is to modify behavior, and if a millionaire can pay a fine without even thinking about it, then it’s not doing it’s job, it’s just acting as a fee.

  18. Won't someone please think of the people with so much savings that they could be forced to retire and still live out the remainder of their lives comfortably!

  19. "If you have nothing to hide, then you shouldn't worry." I would be careful ever saying this. It's generally accompanied by fascism, government spying on citizens, unlawful search, etc.

  20. Right now the poor are targeted at 5x the rate of the wealthy because our tax returns are easier. 5 years ago, 16% of the wealthiest were audited by the IRS and now that number is down to 2%. The IRS has been intentionally underfunded so they didn’t have the resources (employees, technology) to audit the rich.

  21. How is that unfair? When I go fishing, I go to the place the fish are. The IRS can get a bigger catch when looking at rich people.

  22. I myself have always wondered how those who don't have a pot to piss in are always so worried about the rich and their taxes?

  23. Fuckin’ good! Rich fucks are wildly more likely to lie and cheat on their taxes because they know the IRS doesn’t want to allocate the resources to auditing them. About fucking time this changes

  24. It isn't unfair if you could copy paste the burden of any given individual onto them and it be a massive win. The unfair comes from huge chunks of resources being allowed to operate with impunity while not paying their fair share for decades while they separately spend lots of money lobbying just because the last time you half assedly went after big money it all went offshore.

  25. Thats some bull. The IRS has been underfunded for a while (thanks Raegan you chucklefuck) specifically so it wouldnt have enough resources to go after the rich and thus need to pick table scraps from those already struggling.

  26. “In a stunning reversal of long-standing policy, IRS admits they will now target the wealthy, instead of the low-hanging fruit of the working classes.”

  27. When going after the 1%, dollar for dollar, the IRS actually makes money. Because the rich and affluent have so much money and so many tricks to try and hide it or to try and reduce or obscure their tax obligations, when the IRS really pools their resources to looking into them, even if it takes several months, the amount of money spent investigating them will almost always result in a net gain.

  28. This is from VINNews, a right-wing propaganda network with ties to Newsmax. Both networks parrot a bunch of Republican talking points, and Republicans have recently complained how unfair the Democrat plan to tax the rich is. So that’s where the “unfair” view comes in, they think it’s unfair that wealthy people can’t keep more of their money.

  29. The right wing idea of "fairness" is ruining the term in a way similar to how Alanis Morrisette ruined the word "ironic".

  30. Hate radio and tv hosts are stirring up all this fear because they themselves are suddenly in the cross hairs of an IRS that has the resources to audit them. Delicious.

  31. Why is this a stunning admission? These are the people who have the means to dodge taxes, the IRS already knows what goes into your taxes from paychecks, they're just forcing you to do the work twice really. A computer could check your taxes.

  32. What is the context of the headline? Where does it come from? I assume "we will unfairly discriminate against the wealthy" is not a direct quote from the IRS, and this is just the garbage spin that the website is putting on things.

  33. I am sure they will continue to go after the low hanging fruit. Very small businesses and people making less than 100,000.00 a year.

  34. The IRS isn't going to target the truly wealthy. They might go after some measly millionaires. The truly wealthy can simply out-lawyer the government.

  35. This has always been true. As a former IRS field agent I can tell you that higher income folks are the vast majority of those selected for audit. Lower income folks are only selected if irregularities exist which imply fraud has happened (like claiming they gave 20% of their income to charity)

  36. Wait, so the IRS chooses to prioritise their limited resources on the collection of millions, if not billions of dollars, rather than hounding some average Joe's over a couple of bucks?

  37. Can't wait for them to start screaming and crying that they're suffering worse than poor people because they can't afford that second yacht.

  38. For the amount of money and effort it takes to go after a person for unpaid taxes it only makes sense to go after the wealthy.

  39. moooooooooooom my tax lawyer fees cost more than they were able to help me avoid this year, it's unfair

  40. unfairly....ffs...i really wanna make a list of these fck face article writers and pull it on display to the biggest hitman site on dark web to tell them here is the list of the most dispecble beings on the planet that use their free time to discredit hardworking ppl as a problem of our society....i swear if they read those articles they would willingly go and hunt for these fck faces themselfs

  41. The IRS has been unfairly targeting the poor for decades because it's more cost-effective for them to pursue the poor and middle class who don't have an army of lawyers and accountants obscuring their tax filings.

  42. The way to not run afoul of the IRS is to not do anything wrong. If you are so intent on not paying taxes that you do something illegal, that’s on you. Rich people can do a 1040EZ and not worry about a thing.

  43. After years of the IRS going after my bartender friends for (and one guy 3 years in a row who could probably get a job at H&R block with his experience at this point) and the massive headache it causes I'm really glad to hear it. Intentionally kneecapping the IRS to keep them from pursuing the wealthy was legislative malpractice defined.

  44. So ,the reason ,obviously that they don't audit very wealthy folks or corporations is due to the need for an Army of auditors to examine 1 entity.Can take months or years ,Does Bernie Madoff name ring a bell

  45. Misleading headline because the purposefully underfunded and understaffed IRS has already been unfairly targeting the poor and middle class because they don't have the resources in most cases to push back. So with additional funding, the IRS was encouraged to use it to investigate wealthier tax filers who have been getting a free pass by comparison for years.

  46. well, the rich keep pointing out that the top 1% pay most of all taxes. Apparently, in 2020 they paid 38.5% (source:

  47. Oh snap! does this mean undeserved communities will finally have enough tax $$ to have decent schools?! *cross fingers*

  48. CEOs need to be protected. They're so vulnerable, they're hit the hardest by every tragedy. Did you see the one guy crying? Poor thing

  49. Yeah, that's the fucking point. The only people getting audited have been poor people and small business owners because the IRS just doesn't have the money to go after the mega wealthy corporations.

  50. AHAHAHAHAHA...there not going after the Wealthy, they are going after You and I, middle to low class and mid to smaller businesses...PERIOD.

  51. PLEASE TAX THEM DO SOMETHING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS DOESN’T EXIST YOU FOOLS. Tax the bell out of them, no one is spending hundreds of millions of dollars in their lifetime. Put this money towards infrastructure and health care and better schooling, because boy do we need all those things.

  52. VINNews is a conservative trash rag, so their slant on anything should be taken with a large grain of kosher salt.

  53. Suuuuuure they will. The system, run by wealthy politicians, who've been bought and paid for by the ultra-rich and corporate interests, is totally going to target the ultra-rich and corporations.

  54. This is absurd. The IRS audits the poor at a far higher rate than the rich. I don’t believe for a second that they’re changing their stripes.

  55. I seriously doubt that the 80,000+ new IRS agents, who are being armed with guns and given the authority to use them, will focus solely on the wealthy.

  56. They're not targeting rich people. It's too hard. They are going to target folks who can't fight back.

  57. Yea I don't believe them. Never trust the government and why did they budget 4500 new firearms and 5million rounds of ammo

  58. So a ‘system’ that takes the first cut of everyone’s earnings, is now stating it’s going to “unfairly target” a group. It is a matter of time before the system targets everyone with this “unfair” scrutiny.

  59. Yea I don't believe them. Never trust the government and why did they budget 4500 new firearms and 5million rounds of ammo

  60. I can't believe anyone would believe this. 87,000 more IRS agents and you think they will only target the wealthy?!🤣

  61. It should scare the hell out of you that the IRS doesn't treat ALL American's the same when it comes to taxes.....when they run out of rich people's money....the middle class and poors are all that's left!!!!!

  62. I can find you 50 million hard working tax paying law abiding paycheck to paycheck living Americans who will booooo at this.

  63. because they are too misled by media sources that are treasonous to our country that it is against their own good, when in reality it is not and will benefit hardworking Americans as more tax money comes in from people making over 400k a year

  64. What as opposed to unfairly targeting poor people for audits up until now? I'm so sick of these corporate propaganda puff pieces.

  65. They really started cutting back on enforcing taxes on rich people starting in the '80s. It has gotten pathetic. It's far cheaper and easier to harass people that don't have as much money. It's about time they put some money into this again, well worth it both from a fairness viewpoint and the fact that rich people have been cheating on their taxes.

  66. I dont trust this post in the slightest simply because for some reason they put Yellen as the pic.

  67. The wealthy are not that many years away from being dragged into the streets by angry mobs so you would think they would shut up and accept this.

  68. They've been targeting the poor for a very long time with disproportionate audits. It's only fair, gotta even that shit out.

  69. Damn, let me play the worlds Tiniest violin for those poor rich people . What could we do as a society to help those poor rich people ?

  70. They are not targeting them. They are going after everyday people. Imagine the amount of lawyers that would bog down the irs. They don’t have the resources to fight them all. But everyday normal people??? Yeah, they don’t have the resources to fight back. I don’t believe her ass for one second.

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