How do you stop being the go-to fixer of problems who saves everyone from themselves once you're already it?

  1. Once you're it you're screwed. You gotta find a new job, because if you stop being the fixer you're gonna get written up and lectured and whatnot just because you're suddenly the same amount of productive as everyone else.

  2. Stick a copy of your job description to your office wall. If a task is not on there, it’s not your responsibility. Remember that you’re only paid to do the things on there.

  3. For every problem someone brings you to solve, solve it. But then go back to them and call in your favours with interest. Once people realize that throwing work to you means you throw it back too, they'll start being more thoughtful about when they ask for help.

  4. Honestly you have to learn to be a bit of an asshole. Good people want to help and it's hard to say no to coworkers that you like or have helped you, but you'll just become the fixer at the next job if you don't learn to tell people "no that's not my job".

  5. If you like your job I’d start tracking the amount of time you spend doing this and try to use it as leverage for a raise / promotion if your boss ever does those things. Sounds like you’re not the type to just start shrugging people off. Maybe you could lean into it a little and make it work for you? It’s just a suggestion.

  6. It’s a skill to work in a team and tell people with work ethic and body language that you aren’t there to do their job.

  7. I had to leave my old position because I was the same, I was propping up 8 other people. Management didn't fully grasp how much I was doing until I started to give back my responsibilities to them.

  8. Set up a personal ticket system; have everyone write out what they want you to do above your job description and keep them on file, then do them in the order you got them.

  9. Try this:. "I'd love to help you with that... as soon as I solve my own show stopper. Have you tried this or that? Maybe ManagerPerson can help you while I'm on this issue? Let me know how you solved it!"

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