The fact that avocados with bread are seen as an extravagance shows just how bad young people have it

  1. It's a lightning rod issue - a rallying cry, of sorts. It's not about the avocado specifically, it's the condescending articles talking about how to scrimp and save a few bucks to save up for a house that is far beyond reach.

  2. Damn. Home Depot did the same. Hired someone loser from Walmart and what little shitty benefits we had disappeared within a month. Gosh I hate Walmart.

  3. I worked for MSFT after the Yammer acquisition...I'd like to think Yammer helped bring back some of the glory from the old days of MSFT, but I didn't stick around long enough to really find out.

  4. Express scripts. My husband’s insurance demanded that we use them and get 90 days. But I was trying out a few different medications and didn’t need/ didn’t want 90 days. It was a nightmare.

  5. My local store tried covering up a sexual assault that happened in their store. They fired the poor woman and didn't give her severance or anything. No idea what happened about that case either, I overheard one of the head managers trying to keep it hush hush real fast over the walkie and the phrase "no cops involved" was said twice.

  6. Company I worked for did this too. They had fruit delivered every week. Just a small basket of plums, bananas. peaches, you know, whatever was in season and everyone would nosh on it over the week.

  7. This is what Blizzard did as well, they convinced people to work for them because "it was the disney of developers" and they had less pay but more time off, better offices and more fun tasks.

  8. pretty sure they also got easy access to cheap/affordable housing at almost any and all locations wanted due to the population being so low.

  9. To be fair, and I understand that poverty is a hole, I believe the reference of avocado toast comes from the fact that some over the top restaurants overcharge for a really simple, cheap, low effort product. People pay exorbitant prices for it indicating a lack of planning ahead to save like half the cost buying an avocado and bread.

  10. I figure if I stop buying starsbucks the 1 time a month I do, cancel my HBO, and I since I don’t even like avocados, I should be able to buy multiple houses soon

  11. My uncle (early 70s) use to tell me that I was broke pocus because I treated myself too often. If go to a movie once a month and get a .99 fountain soda here and there. Since I've been little he'd go out to lunch (and often breakfast or dinner) daily. He was an insurance salesman and taking clients out for a meal was almost a daily thing. Granted, he could write a lot of it off as a business expense, but not to the extent he "treated" himself.

  12. Ah, i see the problem. You mention bread, but it's actually electricity heated bread. Young people have it all. If they would cut the electricity, they would be able to afford those bootstraps boomers talk about.

  13. In 17th century England the nobility used to rent pineapples to show off to their friends. So I guess we should be grateful we get bread with our fruit.

  14. If time travel was a thing, it would be hilarious to go back to then with some pineapple and "be so 'wealthy' you can actually afford to eat it."

  15. Indeed, my parents are the tail end of the Boomers, and they got an orange every Christmas as a traditional extravagence. I think by their time it waa only 'kinda expensive', but was a tradition from their parents when a winter orange was a costly treat.

  16. This is also why a lot of old times wallpaper featured pineapples on it, as a signal of prosperity.

  17. Boomer "logic" starts with the desired outcome, and works backwards to find the justification. My working theory is because they grew up on so much formulaic TV, where the outcome in 30 minutes was always known. Their brains literally can't process cause and effect very well, AND they assume that the world will magically fix things - after all, it always has for them.

  18. I think there has also always been a generational "If you saved your money instead of buying X you could afford Y." thing going on. Like you are wasting money on something my generation didn't have or something that was much cheaper (because they don't factor inflation, etc.)

  19. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won't. And we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off.

  20. Don't forget all of the toxic lead that Boomers were exposed to from the womb until they were 8-24 years old (depending on where their birth date lands in the Boomer range). Lead makes people aggressive and makes them lack empathy. Most of the people running the world are in that category since they're mostly all Boomers.

  21. Boomers or any other group like that aren't the problem. They are just victims like all of us, it's just they were allowed a bit more from the owners, the people with the vast majority of power and wealth slowly sucked it away from them too.

  22. They were born after the war and experienced steady economic growth throughout their life. This resulted in a complete loss of any sense of “social solidarity.”They enjoyed prosperity with minimal effort and became entitled. They praised capitalism and the free market for this prosperity and vilified any form of socialism without actually paying attention to what’s was happening.

  23. If we aren't eating just raw rice, wearing rags and toiling at three jobs a day then in the eyes of boomers we aren't even trying. (They didn't have to anything near as hard as that and they would STILL probably find a way to demean us)

  24. They'll still demean us. I eat almost nothing but PBJs and microwave burritos and people still find something to be resentful about. It's not about actually trying to help us buy homes, they just want to constantly bitch about other people and portray themselves as the real victims.

  25. YES! Also, if I have avocado and poached egg on toast for breakfast it fills me up until the evening, so I can skip lunch.

  26. Dice up the avocado, add a bit of olive oil, some fresh basil, and some diced up bacon and spread it over poached or fried egg on toast or an English muffin. It's amazing! I treat myself once every few months to this and I always want more. It's so good.

  27. My brother in law used to be a pool guy in Miami. He's Hispanic, and loves avocados. He used to note how often he was at pricey homes with avocado trees in the yard with the fruit falling in the ground.

  28. That fruit attracts rodents, raccoons, possums, skunks, and various other denizens. Our neighbors had avocado trees. Our cat dealt death to their rats.

  29. Late-stage boomer here. For many of us, avocados are subconsciously classed as a rare and fancy food. I grew up in a small town in the Midwest in the 1960s, and I was in my 20s before I ever saw an avocado. Grocery store produce departments are full of things that simply were not available when I was growing up. We had bologna and ketchup on Wonder Bread.

  30. If a modern parent fed their child bologna, ketchup and wonderbread they would be villified for feeding their child unhealthy food.

  31. I had always thought the attack on avocado toast was because of how overpriced it is at brunch not that boomers don't know what it is

  32. The truth is we are all products of our time, and most of this sub who are on the younger side will be the same one day in their own way. It’s just inevitable. A significant percentage of Boomers came up in the 60s/70s, which was an age of awakening and revolution, yet we don’t think of them that way today.

  33. That's very much a regional thing - my Boomer relatives are all from the West Coast, and I can't remember a time we didn't eat avocado. It was dirt cheap in our area, maybe because it couldn't ship much elsewhere.

  34. Indeed, acacado's ain't that expensive, but 'avacado toast' is the kind of dish that, at least in my area, represents modern upscale restaurants so I grok someone means "paying $20+ for a breakfast" when they say 'avacado toast', but there's no "Starbucks means paying $5+ for a coffee flavoured milkshake", just "coffee" too many people make at home for 50 cents/litre, so it has to be "take-away coffee", "Starbucks", or "Timmies" - but 'avacado toast' automatically imples restaurant.

  35. I mean, even the most inept person above 60 has to realize that supplychain and modern transportation equals cheaper «exotic» produce. Right?

  36. As what you younger people label 'a boomer', I support your fightback against the established elite. Don't give up. Change the whole structure of society so you can enjoy your life instead of spending it feeding the greed of people who do not appreciate the value of life. You deserve better than this total disaster that people of my generation have created. It will not be easy but stick to your guns. You will win.

  37. If you aren’t already, please say this to the people of your generation too. You talk like you’re already part of the past but your generation still mostly runs the world. Politicians listen to you the most, powerful news organizations listen to you the most, etc.

  38. God are boomers still going on about that Avocado toast thing? I figured all the ones that deeply believed that died in the pandemic or moved onto some other pointless bullshit.

  39. Reminds me I forgot to buy new avocado's yesterday, man I love advocado. Put some salt n pepper on it and you have a snack

  40. “Why did you buy $18 avo toast” Why did you create a market in which it’s necessary, or even acceptable, to charge $18 for a single breakfast item

  41. The working class shouldn't enjoy things, and they want to broaden the concept of working class to anybody working, just to make sure people don't get the idea that they should have nice things, or enjoy themselves, or god forbid catch a break.

  42. Its a coordinated propaganda campaign pushed by corporate media outlets to convince the public (and the boomers who still consume mostly corporate media) that the poverty the younger generations are experiencing because of late-stage capitalism are instead personal failures of responsibility and a lack of character instead of policy decisions that were made while boomers were in charge and electing 40 years worth of reaganites who dismantled every new deal era program that enabled their generation to have such a high standard of living.

  43. Semi related: I've been in a few discussions about raising my own chickens, goats, sheep, rabbits etc for meat because food is so expensive. These discussions are always with vegetarians/vegans and I always ask how they think people can afford it because where I live an avocado is 4.99/each (for the large ones). And they're response is, "You just picked the most expensive thing as an example". Well, yes, kind of, because I feel like we should be able to eat healthier and have it not break the bank. Besides, an orange bell pepper here is 2.99 so it's not like other things are much cheaper in comparison. Their response is to just eat lentils and rice all the time.

  44. Bruh. Sometimes I get 5 avocados, stick em in a bag and go to the self check out……..and only punch in that I have 4! I get such a rush

  45. Not to mention it’s not even a treat, really. Avocados are quite nutritional, it’s not like it’s some superfluous filler food, it’s actually healthy for you. Yknow, like the boomers keep telling us to eat?

  46. This is it. Boomers destroyed their health by living on processed corn oil products and corn sugar products. When young people are eating healthy and delicious fresh food, they feel threatened.

  47. Don't you know if you just forgo anything that makes you even slightly happy for 10 years you too can afford a cookie cutter home.

  48. I get diet off brand soda in cans and the price doubled recently, so I can afford it but now diet off brand soda is a luxury… I recently paid $4.50 for 12 cans

  49. Isn't the same people who think avocado on bread is a luxury items the same ones who think Instagram followers are friends?

  50. Ok, I’m a millennial and I think you’re missing the point of the “avocado toast” thing. For a while, at the height of its trendiness, there were coffee shops and similar places selling avocado toast for over $10 a slice, for a very small portion.

  51. Yep and also the whole avocado toast thing was absolutely crucified when it came out 5 years ago. Like most people don’t actually think that, the only reason the comment even still exists in our public consciousness is because it was ripe for memes.

  52. It shouldn't take this long to find the comment that accurately describes this phenomenon. No one views it as a luxury, it's just yuppie garbage people overpay for while wearing their stupid wide brimmed hats at shitty brunch restaurants.

  53. The way I look at it is that the people that started to propagate that idea knew damn well it wasn't true, but idiots picked up on it and just rolled with it which has perpetuated the stereotype.

  54. It shows marketing more than how bad young people have it. My old ass would pay the same but I realize it's ridiculous and can make it myself for a fraction of the price.

  55. And how disconnected from reality pundits and critics are by advocating that cutting back on those items will save us the equivalent of our rent payment.

  56. I’m better than all millennials because I don’t even like avocados. My bank account is fat because of it.

  57. Let us not blame Boomer generation, let us blame politicians. The elected officials who should be working for the public's best interest.

  58. Excuse me? 50 years of dog shit voting, and a populace happy to march along with the war on drugs, the crack epidemic, a 20 year imperialist campaign to kill brown kids, etc. I do not forgive my parents generation, and heres a hint. America will never recover from all this. The downslide is only just starting

  59. its just a political slogan to make boomers feel superior to their children's generation, which they continue to screw over.

  60. Avacados and bread arent an extravegance. Rich folk found another way to get money from the gullible. I buy avacados and bread,i can make avacado toast for 10 people for less that 15 bucks. You want to spend 20 bucks for 2 pieces at a foo foo restaurant? Thats your dumbass problem.

  61. As a latinoamerican, it's so weird to me this is concidered a luxury, and avocado sandwitch is like one of the most basic sandwiches you can have

  62. Well you can't really believe it's about those two things. Twenty years ago I remember Scotiabank in Canada came out with 'The latte effect' and demonstrated how much of a better lifestyle you could have by cutting out on your frivolous latte.

  63. I know in Australia specifically there was an Op Ed written that was universally mocked, that specifically said that if millennials eat less avo on toast they’d be able to afford a house. The point they were ~attempting~ to make was that “young people” eat out to much and need to cut back on “luxuries”. The point they actually make was that they had absolutely no idea about the reality of life for many young people.

  64. I just looked up the menu to the place I'm headed to this weekend, so, data point of one. Spending $18 on avocado toast IS dumb af.

  65. Boomer here who has avocado and toast every morning for breakfast. I've always advocated having a small allowance to blow. I suspect no one in real life has brought it up with you. I know people who are addicted to coffee desert drinks, which looks disgusting, but it's up to them.

  66. I can make myself avocado toast for like $3, it's the dumbest go-to extravagance but people still use it as if it means something

  67. Exactly, you can make it yourself at home with a $2 avocado and a slice of bread. Going to a coffee shop and paying $17.50 for a coffee and avocado toast is ridiculous.

  68. This will be an unpopular reply, but I think "avocado toast" is a proxy for "your generation is spending outrageous amounts of money on take-out luxury you could make at home for 1/10 the price"

  69. How do you save enough up when inflation rises faster then our wages? Saving literally does nothing when our economy is built so poor people can't save money.

  70. That was the point the original guy was making, a newspaper columnist in Australia where 'Avocado Toast' was apparently a popular restaurant item:

  71. To be fair, Avocados are actually luxury goods in terms of spent resources. To produce 1kg of avocados (2-3 pieces) you need about 1.000L (about 264 gallons) of water. For 1 kg of tomatos you need only 180L (47 gallons). And Avocados are mainly produced in very dry areas where the use of natural water sources for Avocado farms in return shortens available water for entire villages.

  72. Exotic food (whether you can also produce it locally or not) was always a symbol of luxury. Pineapples, caviar, clams, even Greek yogurt.

  73. Oh stop this. It is in no way, shape, or form an example of how “bad” we have it. It does, however, show how astronomically susceptible we are to marketing. Just like every other generation…

  74. To be fair, avocado has never been the cheapest fruit, even in México (Unless you live in Michoacán I guess), and when you consider you have to import that from elsewhere, I think it is reasonable to see it being much pricier than other fruits.

  75. Funny, but as a cusper between the hippies & genX, I remember stuff. Boomers should 🤬… Hippies invented shit like avocado toast because it was dirt cheap & fit the beansprouts and tofu lifestyle they were pushing before they ditched it all to become yuppie scum

  76. Due to the vast amount of water avocados need, they have a huge impact on the environment. Too many people here have no clue.

  77. The key to homeownership is to have bought a home when the market was affordable. (It hasn’t been affordable since the late 70s, just less unaffordable)

  78. The average price for a slice of avocado toast is about $7. Yes, that pretty extravagant for a slice of bread smeared with fruit. Before this recent bout of inflation, that $7 would have bought a complete breakfast at McDonald's. Or a family size box of cereal at a supermarket.

  79. I live in Canada and folks are complaining about the price of avocados, citrus and other fruits…no shit Sherlock! They are grown in tropical climates and shipped here. Change your habits to support small local producers. It’s the Walmarts of the world that normalized all of these off-season “luxury” items though forced labour and “optimized” supply chains. I have nothing against avocados but I do have a problem with a market that makes it possible to fly veggies around the world. If that is happening someone is getting screwed…the producer, labourers, transporters or the environment. Same goes with coffee. It shouldn’t be cheap…it’s hard to grow and comes from a long ways away. If it’s cheap (and it is) someone is being exploited ( and they are)

  80. Young people get shit on for eating avocado on toast. Shit on for being frugal and only eating only ramen. Only eating fast food. Coming up with food hacks (because $1 spaghetti with basic tomato sauce gets old).

  81. This meme is a bit misguided. They're only expensive because buying them from a cafe means wages and overheads have to be paid for someoone to make it, and if avocados are out of season. They can actually be dirt cheap at the right time, in the right place.

  82. You know what? I do NOT appreciate you coming for me today LMFAOOO. Everything was A1. Avocados are expensive out here, okay? 🙄😂😂 and it’s not just ANY bread, it’s Dave’s Killer and that shirts like $5 a loaf. So.

  83. 50 years ago the people who was 20 to 30-something was buying houses and gigantic gas-guzzling land-yachts they used to call "midsize sedans". Now this same people can't see us having avocados and an Uber ride.

  84. Avocado’s are about 1/3rd their normal price in Australia at the moment. I believe they were dumping them too. Massive harvest.

  85. My mom use to say I was eating something weird every time I ate and it was literally just lime a vegetable. Sorry your generation was sold frozen plastic trays as luxury and bought it wholeheartedly. Thanks for the disordered eating though

  86. I've always wondered the same thing... it's not like avocados are expensive or anything... I live in the Northeastern US, abd they regularly go on sale for $1 each.. and bread is, well... bread.

  87. it's a luxury in the same way a $10 salad is a luxury. doesn't cost that much to buy your own avocado, slice it, and put it on toast, but if you buy it from a restaurant, you are paying more for the service than the actual food. people who buy avocado toast have money to throw around

  88. I lived in San Diego for a while where you can get a whole big ass bag of avocados from an elderly Mexican man who didn't speak a lick of English for like $5. Houses there are on average $850,000.

  89. I breed specialty avocados and my wife works part-time at a day care for migrant farm workers. Why can’t we meet our $3.2 million budget to buy a home?!?!

  90. Hell, in the 80s an automobile was considered a necessity. They tried really hard to convince everyone we needed to have a car.

  91. Avocado isn't even expensive, especially considering its considered a healthy food. You are talking about less than $1 a day to have avocado toast every day of your life. Even if you are extremely poor, from a food perspective its not an awful choice. Bread is filling, avocado is good for you. Win/win. If you are literally homeless, spending $1 a day for avocado toast isn't a terrible idea...

  92. Am I missing something? I eat avocado toast several times a week, but I think it is pretty fucking extravagant to order it in a restaurant where it sometimes cost $10-$15.

  93. The generation that made fast food what it is today, and cheaper then a mere piece of bread and fruit is upset when we eat healthy at home. But hey if we eat fast food everyday because it’s the cheaper option fuck us if we can’t afford the medical bills that come with that kind of diet! We should have eaten healthier.

  94. Honestly eating what you want any time of year is an extravagance. But that has nothing to do with our nations housing crisis.

  95. It also implies that people are only living correctly if they're eating cheap, low quality food and devoting every last penny just to have basic shit like a place to live

  96. I don’t think it’s the avocado on bread that’s the problem. It’s the fact that restaurants charge $20 for something that isn’t that hard to make at home. Anyone with zero culinary skills can make it. The argument is that millennials go to restaurants to eat avocado toast. It boggles my mind when I see people ordering it at restaurants. It’s highway robbery. That said, can’t make it at home if you live in your car, so there is that.

  97. I thought it was because millennials went to brunch and paid $20 for some fucking avocado toast. I know in my area I’ve personally seen avocado toast with maybe a bit of flair on a menu for around that price which is insane. I didn’t know or see where it was implied buying avocados and bread to make it at home was considered the luxury part. If someone is saying buying avocados and bread is luxurious I would hope they are being sarcastic.

  98. You think all fruits are created equal? I agree, splurging $5 a day on some fancy fruit isn't going to add up to a down payment on a house anytime soon, but if you are the kind of person to splurge there, it probably correlates with other splurging.

  99. It’s not the actual item. It’s the fact that people pay a relatively large amount of money for a very non substantial meal. And they are not talking about making it at home. they are making fun of paying 5,99+ for a piece of toast with a thin layer of avocado at a coffee shop or restaurant.

  100. Half a tempura fried avocado at the restaurant in town.....12.99. I had to ask if when it came to the table the avocado performed a reach around🤷

  101. You are right it's not about the item, before the boomers would shit on anyone buying $5 lattes then suddenly that changed to avocado toast for some reason.

  102. Which is hilarious because it’s healthier than eggs and toast, but they are essentially the same thing, protein with bread.

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