Am I wrong for wanting my Friend to leave his Pregnant Girlfriend?

  1. Honey this is an abusive situation and we all know you can't save your friend. I saw somewhere it takes the average victim seven tries to escape.

  2. NTB. Holy shit, Diane sucks. You're right to try to get your friend out of that situation before it gets any worse. The last thing he needs is to be trapped with her because of a baby. Hope that you can end up getting him out of there

  3. I'm hoping I can convince him. I can't do anything about the baby already existing. He will have to communicate with her because of the baby now no matter what I say. But if he stays he will let her quit her job for the baby and he will start to feel obligated to stay because she doesn't have an income. He'd never not take care of the baby, its just not who he is. But I know he isn't happy and I don't want to keep watching him make the same kind of mistakes his parents did. It left them unhappy about wasted years and living alone in their 60s.

  4. You're not wrong in the slightest... but holy fuck the drama is exhausting just reading what I can guess is just the cliffs notes version. She's a sick POS. He's an idiot.

  5. You are probably right. Trying to advocate for him and keep the friendship hasn't worked. I'll probably have to just put it all out there and let it be.

  6. Honestly it’s gon hurt for u to read this but, I think it’s best if you cut him off for your own mental state. He constantly goes back to the manipulative bitch that has on multiple occasions sabotaged his chances of having a genuine relationship with someone and according to you also attempted to hurt some of them. Basically what I’m trying to say is you need to make a detailed message to ur friend that if he doesn’t manage to free himself of she who shall not be named, that you will leave and never look back.

  7. NTA I can understand wanting to help your friend. Just remember and be forewarned that he will probably not listen. Thank you for being a good friend!

  8. He hasn't in the last near decade of this. I'm lucky Diane hasn't run me off with how adamant I have been. If he didn't agree at some level he'd have told me to leave.

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