Amex just cancelled my 2 active credit cards with negative balances and over $4,000 in cash back earned

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  1. Every story of this form I’ve seen posted on this sub eventually revealed they’d elided parts of the story like lying about their income, or manufactured spending, or dubious spending patterns, or defaulting on something, or bounced payments etc

  2. I had an airline refund $4k for cancelled tickets. I went on and requested a check for the credit balance. Same thing in previous years for other large purchases that had to be refunded after I have already paid off the card. Never had a problem with a credit balance. I don’t think a credit balance should trip any concerns as they are fairly common.

  3. There is no option to cash out your CB. It is paid out to you once per year. Not sure when with Amex.

  4. What's the full story? What types of transactions were you running through your accounts? What were the details of the payments you've made? Income? Any shady authorized users? Give us the details. We know that there is more to the story lol.

  5. Online retail transactions. My final transaction was an Xbox from BestBuy. No authorized users. Nothing sketchy. There honestly is nothing more to add to the story.

  6. As others have mentioned, you're obviously leaving out the important part of the story, which means anything people here tell you will be useless information.

  7. No, I have never done any MS or anything like that. All normal retail purchases. One card was my original cash back card. Since I was obv spending so much, I got the $99 a year preferred card for extra cash back.

  8. I’m going to echo a lot of the comments here. Amex has, on occasion, wrongfully shut down peoples’ accounts (see, for example, the recent spate of RAT closures of accounts linked to Adam and the Biz Plat). Most of the folks improperly targeted by the RAT eventually had their accounts reinstated. If you’ve done nothing wrong, that may happen for you as well. HOWEVER, even for the folks who used Adam’s signup referral offer in good faith, there was still an underlying reason it happened in the first place. To figure out why your accounts were shut down, the hive mind needs more than a cursory “they shut me down and stole my money!” post. What sort of spending went on your cards? Do you have a history of opening and closing accounts? How often did you use chargebacks (based on your posting history it seems like this may have been a tool in your everyday Arsenal)? This is all very pertinent information if you’re actually seeking a solution or if you’re trying to provide a data point so that other people can avoid your mistakes.

  9. I’m hopeful that I can still get help from AMEX as I don’t believe I have done anything shady whatsoever. Not one chargeback on these cards. Nothing shady. This post is a warning to others.

  10. At the same time why would you hold on to cash back rewards? I usually cash them out every statement. No need to hold on until they reach 4k

  11. My accounts did not allow me to cash out cash back. None of my cards do? My accounts have a yearly set time that the cash back is paid out.

  12. OP, did you, by any chance, do any manufactured spending? If that's the case, them closing your account is justified.

  13. If you’ve managed to churn $4,000 cash back in a single year, they probably simply don’t want anything to do with you.

  14. I don’t remember where, but I definitely remember reading about someone’s Amex being either closed or reviewed because of the negative balance. The issue that triggered the system was that they “paid off” their credit card without ever making a payment (through refund). Not sure if this is your case.

  15. Not sure why you’re downvoted for this comment lol. I appreciate the comment. Hopeful my case is similar. Can you remember if they were able to get the account back?

  16. Update on this. I called them again today as directed. I explained the situation again and and got transferred 5 times and then hung up on. I then called again and got transferred 3 times.

  17. But even paying the balance you could end up with a credit. I used an hbomax offer and forgot to see if it posted before paying the balance. Ended up with a $25 credit the following day when the offer posted. Tech wasn't an overpayment but you can still end up with a credit balance that's not from an actual refund.

  18. That is legit how it is currently looking. Based on the wording in the letter and how it states online that my account is in collections

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