Close below $10

  1. If they are trying to get us to sell it will never happen at those prices. I'll take my shares to the grave. Never leaving

  2. Yah the same thing was said about AMC going below 9.. then below 8.. and ape below 6, 5, 4.. but nothing happened. Also heard when market crashed AMC would go up because of negative beta.. I believe it's just b.s at this point .. and just wait and see how things move.

  3. Is it the total of the two or because both are below 10. They need a shit ton more collateral. After split they were two independent stocks.

  4. Yah, i dont think its a singular entity, but two, so they should hypothetically need double margin amounts.

  5. They don't care anymore. Criminals and especially sociopath don't care. They continue crime until caught. Madoff 2.0 can't wait until Ken Griffin is arrested and charged

  6. I agree the $10 hover is likely to be a thing but that we will see one gain a little and the other drop. I plan to add more shares for a combined cost average on the new acquisitions for under $10 by simply buying whatever is dipping lol

  7. It's long dead. They run from country to country now. Nobody wants these losers! I finally figured out Ken's Florida move. 1 he thinks he can hide his money in real estate and not have it expropriated, 2 he's closer to the Caymen wen he runs and 3 he didn't want MSM to find out Citadel had mass layoffs in Chicago. Likely NDA signed by staff with buyout.. That's why Iron Mountain was there shredding documents and the offices were being disassembled.. Like how is all or majority of staff going from Chicago to Florida, they aren't... Someone fly a drone up that office in Chicago I bet a lot of empty desk... He thinks he can fucking fool us. Why was his plane in Quebec City, Mob Boss land , getting cash from Europe via Canada to stay liquid? My tinfoil Armour and I will stand in a lightning storm to the end. Ken Griffin is a piece of shit and needs to go to jail forever

  8. I still don’t understand how the original lenders of the shares are demanding them back from hedge funds by now. They watched it go from 72-8 in well over a year. Are they just content with it going to 0 and losing what they lent out?

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