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  1. Part of the problem is that almost no one really knows what "went down", other than some general combativeness, but nothing I saw was out of scale to what I've seen there many times before - and I saw a few comments about a user calling people soy boys. But, I do know 32,500 subscribers got punished for the actions of apparently a handful of individuals and some drama around them, as well as IMO some overreaction on the part of the mods. At the end of the day, JT took the sub down, so that decision rests on him and nobody else. So, I think closing the entire eero reddit with no warning and no explanation seemed impulsive and IMO was a bit of a mistake, especially over a squabble between a small handful of people in a community of 32,000+ inhabitants.

  2. I remember seeing RB posting that they had received some really nasty DMs - insulting and threatening. This was well before the latest bout of conspiracy theories and badmouthing of eero and the eero sub mods.

  3. It’s a shame, not to many forums where the actual maker is there to answer and support. When I first came to the forum I was surprised of the instant support in most cases. Most places now have this knowledge base stuff and a no good faq list.

  4. Thousands of forums are like this. Pretty much every small company. The weird thing is that when they became a BIG company (or technically a part of a big company) they didn't step up past the two guys in a garage level of support, especially online support.

  5. Basically reading between the lines, their was a lot of behind the scenes nasty stuff going on. It wasn't them being called out in the redit really as whilst some were complaining it wasn't nasty or insulting really. It was the private messages that made them all leave and understandably so. Best leave it at that really. I don't expect them to come back knowing this.

  6. Anyone who breaks Reddit rules in private messages gets banned by Reddit admins if it's reported. If three or four users were making threats or using hate speech or assaulting someone in private messages, the victim(s) can report it and they're removed. That's a higher level of power than any of us have and works pretty well. It's not a subredding-closing level of problem.

  7. This is still a place for troubleshooting, sharing experiences, and helping each other. We all know that eero support has a wealth of logs and diagnostic details they don't provide to the user until you call in for help. As annoying as that is, the wealth of knowledge from power users here or just general feedback can be just as helpful and allow us to fix our own sh!t a lot quicker sometimes.

  8. It'll be as good or bad, useful or useless as our contributors make it. All I can do is make sure we have a place at all. Maybe we need to post "Be the change you want to see in the subreddit." on the banner.

  9. This was the biggest value of the other subreddit I thought. Whatever the problem it was likely someone had the same problem before.

  10. I’ve gotten more help from your everyday user here than I’ve had with eero staff. While they provide a direct comms link with eero. They’re not really needed. Have an issue? You can call or email them. Most of the help replies were soft reset and then give us a call. While they did sometimes provide seriously in-depth info and very good info at that. I wouldn’t say they’re the missing link to form a great community.

  11. Sure, but the point is, the regular users have been able to help because of past interactions that have been kept in the collective brain with official eero folks and support interactions. With that avenue mostly dead, it’s going to get a lot less useful I’m afraid.

  12. I miss the detailed release notes and other helpful tidbits—that’s what I came to the subreddit for. With that user deleting their account,even the old release notes are gone. All of that is lost because some posters are jerks

  13. I think we have to approach this with an optimistic mindset. We still have users with networking knowledge who have so far been happy to jump in and help others. Eero staff have been publicly invited to join us - it's up to them whether they want to or not.

  14. I like your optimism! I’m just not looking forward to the big black hole of no information when the next update drops …

  15. I feel the same way. The reason I bought eero in the first place was because of the interactions of eero staff in the old subreddit.

  16. Same here. I liked the flavored official users. It wasn’t just a preference. I liked getting questions answered by official sources! And having folks directed to Eero support wasn’t bad. Eero support has ALWAYS solved my issues and has ALWAYS been good. EVERY call I’ve made.

  17. the main mod over there was very thin-skinned and got upset because people asked for features and when an eero employee chimed in, he acted like the users asking for the feature (scheduled updates) were dumb. Then got mad when people called him out (the mod) for giving eero special privileges and lying about it. Hence why we should never rely on 1 mod for anything. It is sad that everyone got punished for the actions of a few, but it seemed like there was more going on than just what the mods tried to do it as (since they didn't ban/block any of the "trouble makers")

  18. Define thin skinned. I haven’t counted, but update control is probably the single most repeated topic in the old sub. It’s been beaten to death. Explanations and discussions have been had, ad nauseum. It gets posted multiple times for every new eero update. Over and over and over again.

  19. I concur with the sentiment and I must vent. All the reassurances that somehow it’ll be better than before without the reps being around feel empty. I too am pissed and annoyed that a handful of redditors brought it all down, and utterly needlessly - and reveling in a pyrrhic victory isn’t going to prevent this from turning into a blind circle jerk. Anyway, good luck everyone.

  20. (1) Who has reassured you that it will be better than before? Where? I don't think that's a realistic goal because eero was deeply involved before and don't seem interested in supporting us (or users in general) on Reddit anymore. We're starting in a very deep hole. We didn't create this because we wanted to be "better" than the old sub. We did this because the old sub was GONE and they left us with nothing. If we someday get to half as useful as the best days of the old sub, I'd consider that successful.

  21. If you received actual help from Eero, anywhere, you were doing something good..The truth is that this $400 set of paperweights I have around my house are outperformed by $100 netgears..

  22. Agree 100% with the OP’s sentiments. We don’t need an “grousing about Eero” subreddit. We need a Eero subreddit dedicated to users of Eero products who want support, to post feature requests, to get information and, yes, to provide constructive criticism of Eero. By constructive criticism, I mean well-reasoned criticism grounded in consumer experience, not “Amazon sucks” or “Eero is shit” or “the mods are in the tank for Eero.”

  23. It seems that as part of giving eero accounts flair, it made them verified users. The stated reason was to make it easier for people to see who was and wasn't an employee, and prevent people pretending to be employees.

  24. I just realized that i was being ridiculed early in this post and you literally have only negative posts on the old eero board..did you think no one would simply see how hypocritical you were ?

  25. Catching up...Yeah it sucks. We were fortunate to have a direct line to folks and, well, humans are terrible.

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