Roast my kit (don’t hold back) constructive criticism is also appreciated

  1. If you wanted feedback on your kit you could have searched for the roasts of the other six thousand people running this exact same multicam kit

  2. I mean an lpvo on a 10 inch barrel is perfectly fine honestly. A simple 1-4 or 1-6 will reach out to pretty much the maximum range of the rifle irl.

  3. Im a bit new around here, what does cut the optic in half mean? Bc im sure you dont mean actually cut it in half but i cant think of anything else it could mean

  4. We have a creepy geardo in a dark room. Hope you can afford your dental bill. Also why does you gun change color from picture 1 to putcture 2. It still looks like a m4.

  5. Only thing needs tasting is that 2008 camera and the photographer who can't make it focus... Swear the first iPhone took better photos than that

  6. Your kit? Broo first of all go learn how to take pics 🤣😭 also bro fr full multicam kit, how cool! It’s not like you’re a carbon copy! And size down your trousers game, they look like hot air baloons.

  7. If you’re going for a real milsim look, you got too much. Real infantry keep their shit to a minimum. Only carry what you truly need for the mission. Some things can be added like 2 or 3 chemlights, a multi tool and take to fix gear, etc. Keep your kit light so when you make movements, you can move fast and eliminate as much noise as possible

  8. You look like those "airsofters" who make videos on tiktok on generic trends and doing dances without actually going to a single Airsoft game in their life

  9. Literally every special forces wanna be. This is why I went for Russian gear instead sick of seeing these copy paste kits.

  10. Sweet kit bro. My suggestions would be make sure you have medical in your IFAK, AND you have taken a TCCC/stop the bleed and know how to use it. Baofengs get the job done, but aren’t very good so that’s an option. (I still run one, looking for an upgrade myself). And lastly NODS if you don’t have any, I see the mount but no tubes.

  11. Wait so I'm gonna be roasted for wearing my issued multicam ?🥲 I did plan on just making a OD green Civil unrest kit and carrier that I'd rock with just solid color clothing though or BDUs I got from my uncle when he served.

  12. MP7 side arm? I love it, I want to get one for my secondary with my DMR. Multicum is way better than Edgy Urban, def look operator

  13. Please use lower face pro dude, it might not be comfortable but I've seen ppl get their teeth shot out and we don't want that happening so get a dye mask or something

  14. Buddy you said constructive criticism about that last photo made me want to put it in a movie please tell me what gear all of that is

  15. Bit generic kit but it does look cool, and those guns are gorgeous my guy! Only thing is better eye pro and a face mask, or just something that's gonna soak the impact a bit more, I've had two teeth shot out and trust me it's just not worth it at all!!

  16. I’d love to roast your kit if I actually could see it, invest in a flashlight or get a better phone bro.

  17. You look like every Multicam-wearing milsim player combined into one. To be completely honest though, it's a pretty well put together kit.

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