Man fired from 7-Eleven for inviting homeless people to grab edible food that was to be discarded.

  1. When I worked at a coffee shop we would put the day old items in a clean plastic bag on top of the trash outside. Technically the items had been thrown out, just made sure edible stuff was not touching the gross trash.

  2. I hate how food businesses throw away perfectly edible food. Just donate it to a homeless shelter. You could tell the receivers to reheat the food/cook it (basically don't eat it cold or leave it raw). I really hate how America (among other Western places) handle this stuff. Like, no wonder we're suffering from so many shortages. We did this to ourselves. Terrible systems in place all in the name of capitalism.

  3. Nah man, this is the work of the government. It wasn't until last year they raised awareness about a liability protection law for food donation.

  4. I worked at a bakery in high school and did not like throwing away the donuts, so I got permission from my boss to set up donations to a local shelter instead. That was great! But even so, we gave them so much they eventually had to stop taking them each week. They were freezing things where possible but it was a one night per week shelter. If all businesses in town gave them leftovers they really would be over run with food.

  5. When I was younger I worked at a pretzel place , at the end of the night everything that had been made at the beginning of my shift was supposed to be thrown out. . Instead of putting it in the trash I would give it to the homeless that sat up camp by the Walmart .. anyway I ended up getting fired for this 🥲

  6. They view homeless like wild animals, you can't feed them or more will come and they won't learn to earn their own food.

  7. It’s incredibly fucked up. People become homeless for allll kinds of reasons: escaping abusive homes/housing situations, running away from cults, escaping human trafficking, couldn’t afford rent and outrageous medical bills, worked as contractors and never had insurance to begin with, cancer or rare medical issues that mean they can only afford their life saving medications and nothing else, even if they have a steady source of income.

  8. It’s such a bad way of thinking. I’m glad the guy that was fired realized as well, but it’s a shame he got fired over it. Something so simple as an old sausage can save someone’s life and get them back on track.

  9. For most places, it’s less about compassion and more about legal repercussions. Eliminate those and a lot of places would loosen up their practices.

  10. So it seems like you folks are all talking and wanting a solution. Here is the one, and only solution. People need the means to grow and produce their own food. That’s it. Before/if you respond, I implore you to think about what I’ve just said, with all its implications. The reason people are going hungry is the same reason why we have so much food. Food is locked away for profit. Until people can produce their own food, there is no solution, which is why the last ten thousand years of civilization has culminated into… this.

  11. Because laws were created to prevent humans from suing corporations if they get sick. What is actually sick is that corporations are more concerned about getting sued than they are about feeding humans.

  12. Idk, we have the same laws here and we can’t really sue people. When I worked in a supermarket deli the amount of food waste was disgusting, but it would all just go to the bin because it had been sitting out for 3 days. I wouldn’t have eaten it either. I think réduction in the amount of food we produce, and systems for people who need food are better than giving them expired food which could make them very sick. Which would be extra shit considering they likely don’t have access to healthcare.

  13. In the US there are good samaritan laws which prevent corporations getting sued for this kind of thing. But it's more profitable just to toss the food, so they don't.

  14. There is another reason: loss prevention. If the policy is that which is trash can be taken, then an employee could put good stuff in the trash to collect it. Can't have that!

  15. So make the homeless sign a waiver? That they accept full liability? Can't be too hard. I'm sure most would accept

  16. It would be nice to see some sort of law passed, making it so unless negligent they cannot be sued if someone gets sick with donated food. It would be nice if these business were mandated to actually work with food banks and homeless shelters. There would be enough volunteers to pickup food I'm sure, and its not like they were gonna buy a $6 7-11 Sammy.

  17. Damn what a reason to fire someone.. I hope anyone else who want to do this, will take the food to a location away from their work. Bless this dude..

  18. This stuff makes me feeling so fucking depressed every time. why are we throwing away so much good food while so many people starve every day 😭

  19. Dumb asses at it again on social media. Would have been a whole lot smarter if he just did it via word of mouth. Doubt it even got to the people thr post was intended for.

  20. It should be illegal for companies who mass produce edible products like this to just throw it away without first giving to those who can benefit from it.

  21. I know there’s an app where people can buy mystery bags of food from restaurants that was going to to be thrown out even though it’s still good. Please refresh my memory about the app’s name? I found out restaurants in my area don’t participate and promptly forgot what it was called.

  22. the restaurant i work at uses it! it's nice because we mess up orders here and then & instead of dumping it we just package it for the app!

  23. A lot of people in the OP are saying that this dude did it for attention and that’s why he said his name. I think he was taking a stance and being brave by publicly associating with that stance. But I’ve had a shit day so maybe I’m just hoping that not everyone sucks lol.

  24. Maybe if he was discreet it would have been all good. But instead of doing it out of kindness, he's doing it for social media clout.

  25. Sometimes social media can be good in this case to show people ideas of how to make things better that they may not have thought of. But it’s a good example of what you’ve gotta keep in mind when you’re thinking about how to share that information with others

  26. If you’ve ever had food poisoning from spoiled ham you would know why. Next time open the packets and send the compostable content to a compost facility not landfill. Forking hell humans!

  27. They aren’t wild animals, they are people in shitty situations that need HELP. Who the fuck cares about a multimillion probably billion dollar corporation giving out a few sandwiches? Like seriously?

  28. same thing at rite aid. stuff would need to be thrown away because “almost” expired and we could not for the love of god take it home/give it away because it’s a loss for them. makes no sense.

  29. The dude knew this would happen from the second he showed his badge, but also knew that an act of martyrdom was a far more powerful tool in the fight than anonymity

  30. It is some one can get really sick you can't control the temp of the food in the trash when that happens bacteria grows on the food bacteria thrives in stuff that has moisture like that fucking wrap that could potentially kill some one


  32. Now this pisses me off. So much edible food goes to waste. My local supermarket has a fridge and shelves by the exit with food that about to expire but is still edible (think yogurt that's on the expiry date, brown bananas, salad with wilted bits, day old bread). It's free for the taking. They also have a box of lettuce leaves, carrot tops, etc specifically for pet rabbits/ chickens etc...Feeding the hungry is encouraged.

  33. Yea this issue of not giving homeless people outdated food is more of a legal issue than a moral one for the corporate overlords who aren't the ones throwing out food daily. I work at Starbucks where the food waste isn't that much but it's still one or two bags a day. They probably just don't want any trouble regarding stale food or homeless people constantly hovering around their store.

  34. As I understand it, the rules to not share this food is to prevent staff from hiding the food they want until it expires, and then eating it when it instead could be sold.

  35. I completely disagree with this happening, but they are almost obliged to do so, to avoid getting sued. Over the years, many homeless people have sued from receiving leftovers or donations, winning hundreds of thousands/millions of dollars in the process. They thought if this is how our kindness is repaid, then we will forbid handing out leftovers, and other companies followed suit. It is unfortunate that every level of society is riddled with greed

  36. I work at a college. They throw away thousands of lbs of food weekly. It's ridiculous. There's so much that can be donated but they say it would cost them too much. Literally organizations would come pick the stuff up if they were willing to give it away.

  37. I worked for a little shop that had sandwiches like this, our owner let me take sandwiches to a local womens shelter, homeless shelter whatever. They don’t have to be like this. It’s trash

  38. Why not just feed them instead of recording yourself to make yourself feel better now they ruined it for the lucky few who were able to get it

  39. Where I am, there are organised charity group who collect the left over and send them to the poor. We dont hv many homeless. Tonnes of raw veggies considered 'bad' are disposed daily. These bad veggies are actually good, just appear not fresh visibly. Some restaurants leftover food are also distributed.

  40. My main concern is that the food is now sitting out, unrefrigerated, with things like mayonnaise that can spoil easily. It’ll be fine for someone who comes by in an hour or two, but maybe not the next day. Should’ve gone immediately to a shelter or some place where it could be distributed properly— now it’s a foodborne illness risk.

  41. I worked in grocery store , we had our own bakery and made our own fresh bakery products every morning.At the end of the day we had to throw out everything that was left , we weren't allowed to take anything bcs if we would we would be fired for stealing.It's just stupid thing to do and massive waste all over the world.

  42. I hate food waste as well, but businesses that throw it out aren’t just greedy. If a homeless person eats it but gets sick or dies the business can be held responsible (not that this practice is acceptable)…

  43. In high school I was a busboy at a Mexican restaurant downtown by the river. I knew I was poor but understood that’s why I had to work. Till one day I saw a dad feeding his entire family out of the dumpster… it thought me that I wasn’t poor. I just turned around and let them continue eating… Sometimes it’s not easy when you lost everything to try to keep back on your feet. But you do what you have to so you can survive.

  44. Question for any legal experts out there. Is there any liability for the store if they give out the food and someone gets sick off of it? or is the store not responsible for whatever happens after because they didn't pay for it

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