…what do I do now?

  1. Exactly, it took me 20+years to read. I read them all when they came out from Dragon Reborn on (91) In those 20 years I read books 1 to 8 about 5 times each. And 9 to 12 at least twice. I've only read A Memory of Light once when it came out, I have not gone back. I still dont think I'm ready to read it all again.

  2. So many little things missed the first, second, third, fourth and fifth time around. Even beyond that each time I do a re-read I find something new that I didn't notice before. This is why this is and will always be my favorite series.

  3. Come have a seat with me on the couch. I just finished a week or so ago. We can have a cold beverage and reminisce. I'll order pizza.

  4. Exactly! So many nuances you pick up on your first reread (there are more literally every reread). Especially when there are certain things that are going to happen and you get the anticipation starting. Second read is almost better than the first. . . . Maybe it was better. .

  5. I prefer starting with Mistborn. It's a complete trilogy (and the second set of books will be completed in November), plus there are connections in Stormlight that you'll appreciate if you've read Mistborn first.

  6. Only Dalinar/Kaladin arcs relate to Wot for me. Not saying it’s bad, I like the books a lot, but as a rebound series, i’m not so sure.

  7. Hi - speaking from recent experience: existential crisis on whether to read all fourteen books again or start one of the other hundred books you put on hold to finish WoT. Buy the prequel book. Read it in days. Buy companion book. Think, “this is helpful, I guess I have to reread it now.” Begin rereading EoTW and stubbornly admit every single person on here is right that there is so much stuff you catch the second time around. So…. You need to accept the inevitable and crack book one open again. 2022 is the year of WoT for me I guess.

  8. I could have written this word for word😂 Also, all I want in the entire world is to convince ONE friend or family member to read it (been trying for 15 years) so I could finally talk to someone about it. I swear if I ever run into another one of us in the wild I will immediately be their best friend.

  9. Reread some of your favorite story lines. That's what I always do when I'm in a lull on other books. I reread perrin's defense of the two rivers often. Just read the POV chapters relating to that story from the middle of dragon Reborn through end of Shadow Rising. Or Mat in book 5 and 11 or Perrin again in book 11 or just a read through of rand only chapters.

  10. Deatwatch and Tuon discovering the band’s camp and being afraid of Mat, Rand at Maradon and the last ride of the Malkiery at the Gap. At least once a month.

  11. This is what I did, I'm on a re-read of Jordan, while I wait on the Sanderson books from my local library. I'm currently on the great hunt, while I wait for alloy of law.

  12. Agreed. I am listening to them for the...I don't know how many times I've listened to them. They're so good though and I get to relive the books without putting other reading on hold! I still catch things that I missed previous times. So awesome.

  13. Highly, highly recommended! I read WoT after Malazan. While I enjoyed them both in different ways, Malazan is in a league of its own.

  14. Ooof I felt this... You could do a reread, listen to the audiobooks, or start another series. If you liked the last three books, check out Brandon Sanderson. I'd recommend the Mistborn trilogy to get a feel for his style, or if you really need to scratch the epic fantasy itch checkout the Stormlight Archive

  15. To all of you who suggested stormlight archive, it’s on overnight shipping, it’ll be here by 9am tomorrow :) I can’t wait! And all of you who had other suggestions, they all went on my list. This is a whole new genre for me that I always labeled as “boy books” when I was a kid (cuz King Arthur was…confusing to my young mind and that was my explanation), so now that I’ve discovered them I want them all. Gimme all the battlefields and monsters and magic and fancy swords, I’m about it!

  16. How are you with shit like Got? Darker universe stuff? If uou like the hardcore magic systems you could always check out the Dragonlance books. They are shockingly decent and there are like.... 50 of them.

  17. Start the series over so you can spot all the foreshadowing and clues you missed the first time. It's like seeing things from an entirely new perspective.

  18. Or do a reread while listening to the WOT Spoilers podcast and hear about all the foreshadowing and clues you missed the second time too.

  19. I feel this. Been a while since I was there but I remember that gaping hole in my soul when I closed book 14.

  20. I always pretend that each read through tells the story of a new third age. So, everything I had missed on the previous read through comes across as a total surprise.

  21. Start again but this time try to keep track of all the prophesies and Min’s visions. I enjoyed seeing how early that came up once I reread the series.

  22. Listen to the original audiobooks, then try the newer ones if they all get done, then re-read the series, then become a novelist and write a series of your own, then do a re-read.

  23. You are the first one to suggest discworld and I love you for it! I think I’m going to do stormlight archive next cuz it’s new to me and then go back to discworld for something more familiar, and then probably into a WOT reread

  24. I feel it similarly to when someone dies or a breakup I guess but just on a smaller scale. It definitely feels like a loss but also…I mean it has to end sometime, doesn’t it? It’s bittersweet but I think it’s healthy to let yourself experience little losses to practice coping for the bigger ones. I find that if I start reading something new right away, I feel better, but I also feel like I’m missing closure, so I try to sit with it for a little bit. Couldn’t do it this time tho I just picked up something random and started reading to fill the hole in my life lol

  25. I was totally going to suggest this. While not quite on scale, I think Brown does as good of a job fleshing out his world.

  26. After I finished the series for the first time earlier this year I re went through EOTW and found it quite enjoyable. Since then I followed Brandon Sanderson to his Mistborn series and have been really enjoying it!

  27. Take some time to reflect on the series. It’s good to take a breath. If you want to get back into the series then now is as good a time as any to start rereading or start the audiobooks. There are so many references and layers of foreshadowing that you miss on your first time through the series.

  28. I needed something lighter after finishing. Arcane ascension of exactly what the doctor ordered. Great story, fun, light.

  29. No one has recommended it yet, but Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings series is fantastic. And long!

  30. I’m almost there and I’m panicking about what to do after this. I started the series about 15 years ago and only got about half way through before. It’s the first time I’ve done any real reading in years and I don’t want to lose the motivation after this story is over. I’m a book and a half away from having to find another series.

  31. I finished WoT in July. I have since read four horror novels and have begun The Faithful and the Fallen series by John Gwynne. So far so good!

  32. Wait a year or two. Then re-read the series. For successive re-reads you can wait more or less time as fits your tempo.

  33. Check the link in the sidebar titled "Suggested reading after you finish the Wheel of Time", it's got a whole bunch of ancillary content that's really worth checking out.

  34. Personally, I read a book series that was only okay (for me it was The Cycle of Arawn) as a pallet cleanser to remind myself that it's okay that other books aren't going to hit the same. And then I started back on book one and just looked for all the foreshadowing I could find.

  35. Start from the beginning. There are no ends to the turning of the wheel. Maybe give the audio books a shot, Michael Kramer and Kate Reading do an amazing job.

  36. Read Sanderson. Start from the beginning just so you can appreciate his growth as an author. Trust me when I say that The Stormlight Archive is truly amazing.

  37. Just finished a month ago, started the Mistborn series by Sanderson. Good so far and it’s Michael Kramer reading the audiobook which makes it kind of familiar. Will definitely do a reread but need a few years in between.

  38. Start over again, binge Deep Space Nine, play Mass Effect or Skyrim, or read the Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold. Any one of these will suck you in.

  39. Perfect time to start this amazing series I've read a few times by Robert Jordan. It's called Wheel of Time, you should check it out!

  40. I’ve actually been sitting outside reading in direct sunlight and just not noticing myself sweating for weeks, so I think I’m actually gunna spend some time in the shade 😂 I got very sunburned reading chapter 33 of AMoL

  41. Reread bahahahahaah. I actually listen to the audiobooks to help me sleep at night now. It's books I've already read and love so it's soothing to me.

  42. I would recommend the Stormlight archive by Brandon Sanderson (the guy that wrote the last three WOT books) and/or A song of Ice and Fire and The Witcher books. I recommend those two because they are really good and they are written by Robert Jordan's contemporaries. I find they have very surprising similarities and interesting differences.

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