[AMOL Epilogue] What's up with *that power* at the end?

  1. I thought it was Rand achieving the enlightenment Herid Fel was so close to I shrugged and said cool, remembered Fel and just went on crying

  2. Yeah I just smiled and thought "yeah right that makes sense", but a second later I was like wtf just happened

  3. My personal theory is that after battling the Dark One, he can weave the pattern itself. Also, I’ve seen theories about him being the Creator’s avatar, a counter to Moridin as the Dark One’s.

  4. Was there supposed to be more? From my understanding Brandon Sanderson finished the series based on all of RB’s notes. I know Brandon Sanderson said that Robert Jordan wrote that final bit with rand. He said that was always meant to be the ending and he wanted it to be a bit mysterious.

  5. If RJ had been able to write more with Rand, I bet we would have seen some limitations on that power, if he can just weave the Pattern like that. I bet he could only use it in small ways, or he just wouldn’t use it for big stuff (fair enough, he just saved the world, he deserves a break).

  6. If he can weave the pattern himself then he therefore is the creator. This would then make the entire story one big juxtaposition. That in my mind means it can’t be the answer as it nullifies the story.

  7. The Aiel have said it time and time again. This life is a dream. Rand just realized that for realsies, more than anyone ever has, and put it together that TAR rules apply.

  8. so in the end WoT was just a prologue for Richard Bach's Illusions, and Rand takes the name Donald William Shimoda after AMoL? i like that

  9. Lots of debate on this as said. I tend to think if there’s the True Power from TDO, a ‘neutral’ One Power, it stands that there’s a power from the Creator, the yin to the true power’s yang.

  10. This is where I end up. So much of WOT is about how perceptions create/limit your reality. I think the whole saidar/saidin/channeling thing is one such limitation. Rand learned that you can make your own reality and thus there is no need to “channel” any more - and by extension, the rigid gender-based divisions are also a limiting perception of reality. I think the Dragon Riders potentially introduce a whole new magic system into Randland.

  11. I’m thinking this as well: a “thank you” from the Creator, or the power to bend reality after he has touches the infinite beyond the Wheel.

  12. I’ve always gone with what others are saying. He learnt to wield the pattern itself when battling the Dark One literally creating whole new realities, so I think he retains some of that knowledge and ability. Just like Nakomi.

  13. it's a good guess. also I forgot about nakomi, I guess it was her the one who talked to Rand before he fainted after defeating the DO, but I really have no clue who she really was

  14. I'm pretty sure it's Rand just straight up controlling the Pattern at this point. Without the need for Saidin, Saidar or True Power. Which is pretty neat

  15. My theory is that during the battle worth the dark one, he looked forward in time at every instance where he'd want to change something, and changed it ahead of time.

  16. Oh its simple, just everyone who says it gets hunted down and killed. All it is is YEAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH

  17. I always read it as one of the women lit it for him... he is still bonded to three of them (two of them channelers and nearby) and they could tell he wanted it lit. In hindsight.... it doesn't specifically say that.

  18. I like this as the most boring explanation. Hell, they could even have been watching him from the third person omniscient sky-gateway.

  19. I was confused as well. Now I think on it, I wonder if this power comes from The Creator. We know about the two sides of the One Power, we know about the True Power from The Dark One. Nothing mentions the power of The Creator. Don't think we have any solid mention of it actually existing and being more than a theory.

  20. I agree with the consensus here that he learnt to weave the Pattern itself in the waking world during his battle with the Dark One.

  21. My theory has always been that Rand essentially is the creator at that point. To defeat the dark one he had to exert his will over it (the DO). When Rand steps out, he enters a world that is the physical manifestation of his own will. Because of that he retains the power to control certain aspects of that reality.

  22. I DMed Brandon about it once. He said that I was the third person to ever guess it. Rand had attained a state of enlightenment as seen in Eastern faiths and had come to Understand that the waking world was only a reflection of the world of dreams and not the other way around. This is why he can control the waking world the way a dream walker can control the world of dreams.

  23. Didn't Brandon and Harriet both say "That specific thing wasn't in the notes so nobody will ever know?"

  24. I wonder if that means he can shift through the world the way you can in TAR? Probably would make it a lot easier to be there for kids by three different moms, all in different parts of the world doing their own thing. Drop in on Elayne in Andor to hang out with the twins, nip over to the Waste real quick to say hi to Avi and her gaggle, pop over to Seanchan to chill with Min.

  25. Life is a dream—that knows no shade. Life is a dream—of pain and woe. A dream from which—we pray to wake. A dream from which—we wake and go.

  26. OK, this is huge: have you ever made a post about this? I feel like we've been talking about this for a decade, and you actually have an answer!

  27. My interpretation has always been that whatever the Dark One did to him in their battle over realities stuck around. He wasn't channeling in that fight. Losing channeling didn't make him lose whatever that is.

  28. It mentions that he is just Rand. The pattern made him ta’varen anymore and can’t channel. Brandon Sanderson said that Robert Jordan specifically wrote this ending without really explaining it. But it makes sense, when he fought the dark one he stopped channeling and was bending the pattern to his will to create different realities, like the reality without the dark one or evil. It’s a bivalve ending that Rand gets to be free from ta’veren but still gets to bend reality slightly as a reward.

  29. Nobody knows. It's never been revealed to anybody, and Sanderson doesn't know. Everything else is speculation

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