Which version of my Patch Cat do you all like better?

  1. Starryai. This took sooo many attempts and failures. But I finally got some results that I'm happy with. I still have some adjustments to make, but I thought they were pretty cute. 😄

  2. 1 The first one looks like a cat looking down it’s nose at you for disturbing it’s night time ramblings. Very much a real cat caught in a real moment. The second one reads for mystical. Catching a cat in its secret identity as a mysterious and powerful being. Like in the next second it’ll turn to smoke before our eyes.

  3. It's not really "yours" so much as it is the combined work of all of the artists' images that the AI pulled from as well as the coders who created the AI. Shady.

  4. I love them both for different things! First would be an art print I'd keep up all fall. The second would be October only

  5. I love both! I think I personally like the first slightly better because the cat's eyes are more expressive.

  6. Yeah, both. Do you know those pictures with the plastic on top and they change when you move it from side to side. I think that’s what it needs to be.

  7. I'm going to be real here: version 1 is pretty good; version 2 looks like a not-so-good AI tried to mimic version 1 from a text prompt.

  8. one is the kind of thing you’d put up for halloween, 2 is the kind of thing you’d keep up year-round because of the vibe

  9. Oh my gosh, I love the first one! It reminds me of that 90's black and white cartoon intro or commercial that was hauntingish... like there was a woman over a tombstone and a creepy house! But number one reminds me of the vibe!

  10. Second one. But it needs the black in the eyes. I like all the pumpkins in the background of that one

  11. I like one more, but 2 tells me strange things my soul knows that true, things quiet that only those who have passed on know, things forbidden, and powerful.

  12. I like the 2nd more as I think it better shows you individual creativity. You made bolder decisions with it. I'm also biased toward the ooky spooky stuff.

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