They stopped her??

  1. Similar thing happened at a mass ski race in the Alps (i. e. Hundreds of people starting at the same time a few mins apart instead of single runs down the hill).

  2. i just don’t understand how its an issue- like even if she got mixed in with the men they’re still in separate devisions. shouldn’t the race show a cyclists real time without external influence?

  3. The reason for stopping her at that point is understandable, however unfair to her - they didn't want her to get the advantage of riding in other cyclists' slipstream and therefore illegitimately increase her lead over her competitors. It's to be fair to the women she's racing against.

  4. Female athletes have literally been forced to take performance dehancing drugs like anti-androgens because they were deemed too much better than other women. Even if there's a valid reason in this case, a woman being physically stopped because she was starting to catch up to the men is a great analogy for understanding why sports shouldn't be segregated in the first place.

  5. I know nothing ab competitive cycling but like I don’t get why it has to be gendered? Same for like all non-contact sports

  6. Thanks for the explanation! I know very little about cycling besides how much I try to keep cyclists safe when I’m driving around/near them.

  7. I agree in general. The only point I’d like to add is that it sounds like you are assuming this is a time trial, in which case it’s surely possible that the fastest women would be faster than the slowest men. That obviously depends on the length of the course. However I’m pretty sure this is a road race ( bunch race) not a time trial ( individual competitors, no drafting allowed). Sometimes in road races no one goes hard at the beginning and the whole group bumbles along and basically waits for a sprint finish. So if the mens race did that, and the womens race kicked off from km 0, they would easily gain time. So… yes it’s poor planning, but it’s not about individual performance comparisons, it’s about the dynamics within each group and then how those two groups interact. And yes that means there is a sexist assumption that the womens group wouldn’t catch the mens group for 10 minutes if this scenario played out. Hopefully that clarifies the nuances of road racing

  8. Thank you! Why couldn't the divisions have raced on different days? Different tracks? Or at least not 10 effing minutes apart. Like, sexism aside, that's just hella poor planning.

  9. The expectation that no woman would catch up with the men is probably based of statistics, but indeed it's the organization that makes a huge mistake here, they should have kept a much larger gap between the two groups racing. As it is we see that mens speeds and women's speeds are getting closer together, so I hope this trend continues and we can do away with the separate events and just have one race, (and no more discussions about trans women competing against cis women).

  10. This was terrible planning on their part. Can’t have two separate races at the same time on the same road, but letting her catch up would give her a huge advantage. Riding alone out front is much harder than riding with a group. If she was alone there would be a good chance she would fall back. If she caught up to other riders, especially the other race’s peloton she would have had a much easier time staying out ahead.

  11. Hang on, can you explain that one? Just because I'm interested in how that works? Why is riding with a group easier, you'd think it would be the other way around.

  12. I only knew this concept cause I grew up in a conservative nascar house, in stock car racing it’s a bump draft, and why stock car racers have “partner” divers. I got so many funny looks in the car with friends when I’d say “go on and givem a little bump draft” behind slow driver.😂

  13. Sexism isn't that she was denied to catch up to man, but the terrible planning. 10 minute is a small margin and of course a smart athlete would go: "The men probably didn't start strong or a bunch are left behind. If I catch up to them and stay with them I should compensate for how fast I had to go to catch them, take advantage of being in the group for as long as possible saving a lot of energy for the rest of the race."

  14. For the person who asked, Simone was railroaded CONSTANTLY for being too good during the Olympics. She was so good, they actually had to put a restriction on her trick abilities because they thought the other girls would be dumb enough to try it and kill themselves accidentally.

  15. This happened to me in cross country in high school. Well, with one school in particular. They didn’t stop me though. I beat a good half dozen of their guys with the staggered start.

  16. Im actually glad now that my MTI’s created a bet on me if I’d catch up to the brother flight during a mile and half race that we began later than them. I did catch up to them and outran a lot of them. It was a great motivator that the MTI’s told me there’d be consequences if I didn’t outrun them, but I’m glad they believed I could do it and cheered me on rather than doing something like this.

  17. Or just let it happen. The race rules had the men starting 10 minutes earlier, all the other women knew this and could have taken advantage too.

  18. There's also the problem of having less wind resistance of your cycling behind someone, which would give her an advantage if she caught up.

  19. They're different competitions, simply running on the same track. I'd assume the problem is that they do not want to mix competitors from the two separate races on the track at the same time. If that is the case, the poor decision was only having 10 minutes in between.

  20. They're different races, if she caught up to the men she could put herself directly behind other cyclists and wouldn't have to deal with air resistance. Having to deal with air resistance on your own instead of rotating who takes it is the main disadvantage in taking a big lead in cycling, and is considered an essential part of the sport.

  21. Pretty similar to to the story of the first woman to run the Boston marathon. Had to use a disguise and shit to finish lol. Fucking badass ❤️

  22. I learned recently this is the real reason women’s sports were created. When women started beating men at a sport, they’d create a league or whatever for women. It was never to “give women a chance.”

  23. To anyone who’s wondering why this is wrong, she was stopped and allowed to resume after five minutes, ruining her routine thus ending up 74th. They sabotaged her just because she caught up with the men’s race.

  24. "Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to stop. You have to be demonstrably worse than men so we can justify discriminating against you."

  25. I remember in high school I threw the discus, and was really good. The boys’ discus was standard, like the ones used in college or the Olympics. The girls’ discus was heavier and smaller (less surface for air contact) and thus the girls always threw shorter than the boys. I asked why, and was told that if girls threw farther than boys, it would hurt their egos. And we can’t have that.

  26. Weird because High School Boys throw a 1.6kg discus, NCAA Men throw a 2kg discus, High School Girls throw a 1kg discus, and NCAA Women throw a 1kg discus (weight does not change).

  27. How dare she?! That little lady has to learn to stay in her lane and not threaten the frail male ego. Just who the hell does she think she is?

  28. Reading comments about other female athletes catching up with men has brought me to the conclusion that the organizers should follow the "ladies first" mantra.

  29. Of course they had to stop her. She might have slipped on a fallen male ego. Nasty things, those. Cause a lot of problems. Most of the problems, in fact.

  30. Afiak they were seperate races and they decided to take her out of it because she caught up to the slowest people in the first race and therefore mixing it up. The biggest mistake was assuming that 10 minutes head start was enough to keep them completely seperated

  31. Seriously, she should have been allowed to just break into the men's and compete in both simultaneously. Can you imagine starting the women's race and finishing in the men's? What would have happened if she ranked in it?

  32. If she wasn’t stopped she probably could have gotten to the higher ranks in the race (on account of probably being the literal fastest in the women’s) but would’ve plateaued at maybe the top 3 or 4 (because they’re only slightly slower) sorry if this is inaccurate idk how races work

  33. That can't be right, last I checked the races are run on different days. If it's the one I'm thinking of at least. Like there's a different day on which each of the Tour de Flandres are held, for amateurs, men and women. I'd know, I live near one of it's main cities. There's three days of racing, no chance of interference. Unless it's a different race, with presumably poor planning (not surprising in Belgium) that shouldn't be happening. And even if it does, so what? It proves how good she is, why stop her?

  34. The men's and women's events are separate, but using the same course on the same day. The organizers decided ten minutes was enough separation. It wasn't, and they threw a fit and changed the rules mid race rather than let her take advantage of how they'd written them.

  35. This happens infrequently but regularly. It’s very frustrating. If this does happen, despite “best efforts” shouldn’t the shower men be culled rather than the slowest women held back?

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